Fwb tricked me into sloppy seconds


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Hooked up with my fwb last night. She came over a little late but we work so I wondered nothing of it. Once things got sexy she blew me like she all the time does and I went down on her like I all the time do. To my surprise she tasted a bit odd, then I see cum drooling from her pussy. I stopped and asked her if she fucked earlier and she giggled saying yes.

Not too stoked on tasting another guys cum and a bit shocked she tricked me. I know she gets around and ive fucked her sloppy seconds a few times but never got tricked into licking cum. So I stopped eating and shoved my dick down her throat face fucking her for punishment. Turned her around and plowed that cum filled pussy until I released my load into her. It was a creamy mess down there which was a turn on but I couldn’t stop feeling a little disgusted she tricked me like that.

I took my semi hard dick, wiped some cum up and made her suck it offthen i asked her how she liked the taste of 2 mens cum from her pussy and she blushed turning away from me with a gigantic smile. She fucking loved it so now idk how to punish her since she gets pleasure from my misfortune

NSFW: yes

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