FWB teased me so bad that I came from the bumpy road on the way home


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I have been sleeping with the same fwb for years because he’s the only one that I enjoy sex with. The sexual chemistry is so insane that as soon as I show up I’m already getting soaked before he even touches me and then I’m begging him to put it in right away. We don’t even do foreplay cause I don’t need it to get wet and it makes me so horny that I just need to feel him inside me ASAP. Sometimes before we have sex I’m just grinding my hips on him in silence and we’re both getting so turned on that we’re squirming. We have such good chemistry that we’ve held hands in a car and it was highly erotic. On the flip, it’s so comfortable that I’ll be stroking his dick and it’s not even in a super sexual way. I love giving him head cause it’s so intimate and I feel so connected to him. Like I’m having the best sex that anyone has ever had, I swear. One time I came over and he started sucking on my titties for about 10 seconds and I said “Okay, that’s enough. Stick it in please. Please stick it in. I need it so bad right now.” I have never even come close to having an orgasm with anyone else, didn’t even feel good. And tbf, I didn’t have one with him for about a year and a half. Anyways I got upset cause I have mega feelings there and he asked me over for a quickie, I said no because I am tired of this being just about sex. So the next time he had me over, he was teasing me and touching me and then he just stopped and said “We’re not having sex tonight cause I’m gonna prove this isn’t just about sex.” He said he wanted to show me, but also test it himself. Anyways, I said I believe him and then begged him to fuck me because I needed it inside me so badly. He said no and I left, but I was so horny and swollen and sensitive that I was sitting in a small puddle and when I drove on a bumpy road, I ended up coming just from the movement on the car from my swollen and sensitive pussy. Then walked in to the apartment with it dripping on my thighs. (I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but I really do have the wettest pussy on earth. Even on psych meds. Lmao.) Also, one time he pulled out of me and asked me if I was in love with him. And he brings up babies at all times, and asked me me if I’d convert to Catholicism if he asked me to? So I think he’s feeling a little sentimental too.

NSFW: yes


  1. hotslice4

    Fuck yeah, reading this has pushed me to the edge!!

    When he said no, how much more did that make you want him??? Would’ve been unbearable!!

    Also loved your line about feeling so connected to him when you’re giving him head, I always feel the opposite when receiving it, like I’m being a selfish lover, why do I feel that way?

    Maybe I need to change the way I think about that..

    Great post!

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