Fucked sisters ex husbands new wife

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NSFW: yes

So basically this dude was a fucking dick to my sister the whole time they were married. They ended up divorcing about 2 years ago and he married some new chick. What he doesn’t know is I use to fuck his new wife back in the day. One drunk night I decide to message her on Snapchat just to see what could happen. Started out as casual catch-up then to flirting then to her fucking herself with a giant black dildo in their garage for me. We made plans for me to come over the next morning when he went to work and I did. She missed my cock so bad and I guess his wasn’t doing it anyway. From the second I walked In she was ready. She opened the door in nothing but a robe and dropped it when I walked in. We went to their room where she sucked my cock as she bounced on her dildo. She flipped over and stuck that fatass in the air and I jammed my cock deep in her wet stretched pussy. She moaned and called me daddy the whole time and the noise she made when I came deep in her pussy almost made me bust a second one. We plan on doing it again soon.


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