Fucked on my roommate’s (F20) bed

I (F21) posted the other day about my date. On Saturday, the guy (M23) I went on a date with and I hung out at my place. We were getting handsy until the point that I’m giving him head and he’s playing with my hair. He put his hand on the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth. After I have him head, I took my skirt off and he started to eat me out. I squirted on his face. After I squirted, he pulled me towards him and he started to fuck me. We moved over to my roommate’s bed to fuck. I couldn’t stop coming. I had squirt after squirt. It felt like I was Adriana Chechik. He eventually came on my stomach.

Before he left, he took my bra that I was wearing that day. We have a date on Thursday. I can’t wait!!

NSFW: yes

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