fucked my gf and her mom in the same night – Short Sex Story

For backstory my gf lives with her mother who is a milf. I got a great relation to both of them but ive allways felt like her mom is into me. Her mom is divorced from her husband and lives alone in a pretty big house.

One night i was staying over at my gfs house and we were fucking like allways. I fucked my gf doggt, missionary with legs over shoulders and she rode my cock, it was great sex like allways. After the sex i allways feel dirty and need a shower so i leave her room wich is in the basement to go uppstairs to the second floor where the big shower is. I wondered nobody was home so i didnt care to lock the door. I begin showering and then hear someone going into the bathroom. I wondered it was my gf so i just pulled the courtains away and was ready for round two in the shower. To my suprise it was her mom and she just looked down on my cock (keep in mind i got a 7 inch cock). I pulled the courtains back to cover my body and just peeked out with my head. She did not seem that botherd of my naked body and instead started undreasing. She told me to get back to showering and dont mind her. She started giving me the best blowjob ive ever gotten. Then she told me she needed my cock inside of her and bent over. I started fucking and was hoping my gf would not hear anything. I got to finish in her mouth and she swallowed my cum. We have never talked about that night, its been a few weeks.

Im sorry for bad english its not my prime language

NSFW: yes

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