Fucked my friends sister


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This was recent I feel bad about it yes but it was so good. My friend invited me over to stay the night. Nothing too interesting happened until about 2 am my friend had fell asleep and I was still awake I was chilling on my phone when my friends sister walked in. She and I were already friends and she asked what I was doing I said just on my phone nm

She went on to ask if I wanted to come chill e her and as she is hot I was down. I went in she lsyrd on her bed and told me to do so aswell. We was just talking for about 20 mins but then it took a turn and we started lipsing after about 5 minutes she grabbed my cock and I grabbed her ass. She pulled my shorts done and started sucking my cock I rammed it down her throat hard. Soon after I flipped her over and started fucking her in missionary she had a fight pussy and my dick was feeling so good. I made her cum and she told me to get her in doggie so I did I pounded her fat ass and she was trying to be quiet. After a bit I picked her up and planted her on her desk and started pounding her pink pussy as hard as I could. Then when I was going to cum I put her on her knees and came over her face and tits.

NSFW: yes

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