Fucked my friend’s girlfriend on a camping trip Part #1 [MMF]

It’s fall, the leaves are changing colours and falling down. Walking under trees when the leaves fall down makes it feel like, that there are sheets of gold falling down. I’m not sure why, but the wondered of camping, it was just so appealing to me right then. Maybe it was because, the one time that I had gone camping and it was a blast. Honestly we didn’t really do much; we just walked around and hiked up some trails then relaxed with the glow of a bonfire. Then appeared a gigantic brown bear, it roared and then charged at us! No, that’s a lie. That would’ve been horrifying though and traumatizing to say the least.

Anyway, so the dilemma was finding others eager to take a chance on the probability of feeling a bit dirty and being smelly for a bit. Because there might not be showers and things may get a bit funky. When in the wilds, anything can happen really, who knows.

I hit up everyone to see if they’d be interested in camping for a weekend or not. Unfortunately, most of them weren’t too keen on the idea, which wasn’t too big of a surprise. I did set my expectations low, just in case things didn’t work out. However Brian, Luna, Amy and Zeke were keen for a weekend in the woods. Only catch was that, Zeke would be joining us later on the first day and leaving early in the morning, this was because of his job. This didn’t seem to be too much of a bother and with that, it was set.

I didn’t know any good places to go for camping, fortunately Brian did, he knew a great spot that’s secluded and usually looks gorgeous year round. Also it had a stream or creek nearby, not many people knew of this place apparently. So we shouldn’t be disturbed by others, if that’s what we wanted. This all sounded great, unless suddenly a massive brown bear comes charging at us…

On the day of our trip, I was driving them all to the campsite, excluding Zeke. I felt that it was only fitting that, since I did bring up the idea of a camping trip, I ought to drive us there and they weren’t too keen on driving anyway. This wasn’t a issue, because I do enjoy a nice drive. On our way to there, we were happily jammin’ out to the radio. It’s the usual most famous songs on repeat, fun fun fun. Something caught my ear and eye. Amy and Luna were chatting, while Brian was telling me something about a chain of blocks or something. I honestly don’t remember. That’s not essential, what was, is something that I heard Amy say, it sounded rather odd. I’m driving with music playing and listening to Brian, while trying to listen in on Amy and Luna, this was hard for me to do. When the radio took a break from playing music, I heard Amy ask Luna if she wanted to distribute a banana, Luna gladly accepted it. They must’ve seen me looking at them through the rear-view mirror for a bit too long, and they said “hey, this is for girls only, no boys allowed” while giggling. I wondered it was a bit weird and didn’t linger on it too much, as people don’t enjoy having their conversations listened in on. I went back to nodding and say oh that’s interesting to Brian, it was just going right over my head honestly.

We arrive at the camp site, unloaded our gear and set our campsite up then went to discover fuel to burn for our campfire. We ventured around to get familiar with our surroundings and take in the view. It was starting to get dark. Campfire time, let’s fire it up, naturally! I tried to light it with a flint and steel, it wasn’t going too well. Brian asked; need a light? Me getting fed up, with it not getting started, graciously accepted. Now, let’s burn! It starts to give of some good heat. Ah, that’s the stuff.

With a fire going, we cook up some food and toasted some marshmallows, while telling some stories. Zeke arrives and joins us with the campfire fun. It’s the usual trying to scare each other and so on. Zeke decided to be a bit cheeky and drop a story about some crazed rapist once lurked through these woods nearby before, and then ends it with descriptions of Brian. Being a good sport, Brian doubles down on the joke, and retorts back; well you’ve heard the stories; now you get to experience it for real, don’t run away now! The group boos at him and threw our empty plastic cups jokingly at him. People who you can joke around with and not take things too seriously are great to have.

As we threw our cups, I’m not sure, if it was the alcohol talking or not, I noticed Amy looking at me for a bit longer than usual. I’d like to think it was the alcohol talking. I’m not super with close Zeke or anything, but he’s a good guy. Even though my feelings towards Amy had been growing lately, I just couldn’t justify hitting on her. It just felt wrong, I dislike those who cheat and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. So friends we will remain, until we’re both single. I’m not gonna wish they’d break up, so that I’d have a shot at dating her, this seems like a waste of time and bad vibes overall.

Luna offers everyone moisturiser, because the campfire dries up your face. You need to moisturise, to keep it looking healthy, also don’t forget to drink water, stay hydrated cuties :). I learned something new that day, then off to bed.

Woke up to a chilly morning, but it wasn’t too cold, just enough to be enjoyable. I wondered that I’d have a nice stroll in the cold weather, taking in areas beauty and enjoy the feeling of cold air going in my nose while walking. It was nice, after a short walk, I hear some odd sounds. I put on my detective cap on and went exploring. Seeing some movement ahead, I go in for a closer look. I see Luna with Brian in front, she was blowing him. They were partially behind a tree, Luna sees me, but Brian didn’t. This was the second time I’ve seen them doing something. I was stunned, not sure how to proceed. Luna gives a big smile and goes back to blowing Brian. I leave before it got any more awkward.

While walking back I see Zeke packing up and Amy not looking too great. Apparently she ate something that didn’t agree with her and it showed. They decided that, it was for best that they left after having breakfast. Brian and Luna came back to us having breakfast. Brian announced “Good Fucking morning Boys, good fucking morning Amy! How are we doing today, we Gucci? Amy was indeed, not Gucci. After having breakfast, Luna told me; there’s no need to be shy. Next time, if you want to join, just join us. She ends it with a wink. Damn, if she didn’t look so adorable with her cute beanie on and innocent looking face. I probably would’ve given her a proper answer, rather than be stammering like a fool trying to say something. Luna just walks off, as did Amy and Zeke. Before Amy left, I had to give her a hug. I felt bad for her; she was so looking forward to this trip and for it to end with something making her sick, it just felt like such a letdown. The hug was nice, warm and comforting, it probably lasted for a bit too long, but I didn’t care. Though I knew it wouldn’t look too good, if we just stood there together. Amy was with Zeke after all.

We ended up day drinking, not getting totally drunk, only enough to have a buzz gonna help with fishing. We ended up catching a few fishes. They tasted ok, not great, but not terrible.

We set up for a bigger campfire, as night approaches. It was the last night, let’s have some fun? It was something smaller than a bonfire, but larger than the standard campfire. Brian and I were cooking some steaks. The smell of cooking food over a fire is so satisfying, the aroma of the food and the added smoky flavour it gets, divine. Yeah the char isn’t the best for you, but sometimes you just have to treat ‘cho self. While this is going on, Luna puts on some music and dances like she’s at burning man or something. This makes me begin to get hard. Damn, Brian is so lucky to be with her! They really do complement each other very well, personality and all.

She hands me a Tic Tac, I’ve had Tic Tacs before and it feels good to dance with and feel the music while having a minty fresh breath. I took it, just for the sake of other you know? I can not be having some dank mouth odour when you’re with business. We had dinner and waited for the minty breath effects to become apparent. Feeling good, I went to dance with Luna, I couldn’t dance even if my life depended on it. Dancing with friends is different, not having others judge you for how you dance is nice. I was mesmerized by the beauty of her body moving, her golden threads of hair just grazing on my arm as she twirled around. The feeling of this was indescribable with a fresh breath. The warmth of the fire and the crackling fire only added to it. I feel the blood quickly rushing to my hardening cock from the view. She must’ve seen it, Luna gives me the unmistakable lust filled smile, this I’ve seen so many times before. It was similar to a Cheshire cat smile and a succubus, not sure where they’d lead me, but it’d probably be a good time. I’m feeling tired, I went to sit down next to Brian, Luna continues dancing.

Brian and I chatted as we admired how much of a free spirit Luna is when she’s dancing. Suddenly the cloud blocking the moon, it moves for the moon to say Hey! And shone down a beam, it looked like the moonlight was shining down on her twirling like a ballerina and Luna’s hair whirling around her; they seemed as if they were fine threads of gold swirling around her. It was positively captivating. Luna definitely looked like the star of a show and it was her time to shine. Brian nudged me; I was in a trance, probably gawking at his girlfriend. Honestly it was pretty damn hard not to. He asked, if I liked what I saw? Confused, are we not looking at the same thing? It’d be pretty stupid of me to lie having seen me completely entranced by her seductress methods, answered; most definitely. Brian follows it up with, so Luna told me that you saw us earlier, would you like a try? I had no guard up, only just rolling with the emotions as they flow in my mind. Respond with; only if you’re ok with it bud. He chuckles, telling me; “this is normal for us, I want to see her happy, as does she. Seeing her make someone happy, fills me with joy and it doesn’t even matter if I don’t join in on pleasing her or not”. No wonder he looks at her the way that he does, He’s just enjoying life with someone who fuels his passion for them, which is to be happy. And in turn she just loves him back, with just the same passion.

Brian calls Luna over. She bounces over to us, looking all giddy like. She asked if there was something she could do for the two fine gentlemen like us? He just, says; we’d like our cocks tended to please. The look on her face was priceless, as she uttered “finally!” and clapping her hands, like some kid who woke up on Christmas day, ecstatic to just tear in to their presents.

Sorry to cut it off here, but the next part will be worth the wait trust me! Stay tuned for the next instalment of the Banana saga.

NSFW: yes

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