Fucked my crush at an engagement party.

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Recently fucked a MILF that I’ve had a crush on.

Little backstory. My name is Ryan 24 from Liverpool. Recently a member of my family got engaged and at this party there was a friend of the family that I’ve at all times got on with and had a thing for the past 4/5 years we at all times had a flirty relationship and got on extremely well.

Party starts and I am doing the rounds thanking people for coming and telling them to have a good night. I have a few mates with me at the party and we are having a couple beers and playing pool. About an hour into the party the family friend comes in let’s call her Sarah.

Now me and Sarah at all times got on well and like I mentioned I’ve had a big thing for her for years. Now she’s dressed in this satin orange dress and was looking unbelievably gorgeous. I left the lads to go and say hi gave her a little hug and kiss on the cheek and we started having a laugh and flirt. I took her to the bar and we had a drink. She then went to mingle and I went back to my mates.

About 2 hours goes by we see each other at the bar and round the venue and keep making eye contact and touching as we walk past. It gets to about 9pm and she goes to leave and comes up to me to ask me to wait outside with her for her taxi.

We go outside and are waiting and it was a cold night so I brought her close to me and made a opinion that she looks good on my arm and should stay there she laughed and moved closer. I noticed her running her hand up my torso so I placed my hand on her lower back and moved it down to her ass. Now Sarah was one of those that kept in good shape and has an amazing figure. I decided to just go for it and make a move and I pulled her in for a kiss as her taxi arrived and told her that she should stay with me for the rest of the night. She replied by telling me to come with her.

I didn’t even have to think I jumped in the car with her and went back to her place. Whilst in the car her hand stayed on my thigh making it close to my dick and then back again she was teasing me and she knew that I couldn’t stand it. We get back to her place and make our way to the living room and carried in where we left off I picked her up and sat her on my lap and started kissing her and undoing the zip on her dress she stood up let it fall to the floor and got in her knees and started to suck my cock. It was like a dream she sucked my cock like a pro sucking my balls with a hunger in her eyes.

I couldn’t take it any longer I dragged her to her feet and threw her on the couch and started eating her pussy I lifted her legs in the air and started eating her pussy like my life depended on it I then started eating her ass the moans just got me harder and harder. She was begging for my cock to fill her. I decided to tease her and make her beg even more I ran my cock up her Pussy and down to her ass she started begging and tried to grab my cock and take over but I took control and slid my cock in slowly to enjoy it.

I started slow just to tease her a little more. Sarah then asked me to fuck her harder I smiled and gave her what she wanted I started fucking her like I at all times imagined I spread her legs and sped up sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy. I flipped er round and started fucking her in doggy so I could see her fat ass bounce I grabbed her ass and slapped it hard like she wanted I could tell her shaking and her pussy grabbing on my cock she was moaning making me harder and go harder. I stopped and put her on her knees and told her to taster herself on my cock she took it to the back of her throat looking at me with that hunger in her eyes I then started face fucking her for a good 5 minutes loving every minute the wondered of finally getting to use her like I’d dreamt of just made it better

I let her back up to her feet and she climbed on top and started riding me. At this point I was fighting the urge to cum I couldn’t hold on much longer I told her I was gonna cum and she smiled and carried on riding my cock I felt my cock twitch and I came inside her she stayed on top riding me a little Ionger before getting off and lay next to me both panting she looked at me and said that was fun we need to do that more often. I ended up spending the night the next morning when I woke up with her next to me I couldn’t help but smile. We fucked again that morning before I left. Now we keep messaging and sending each other pictures. My family are away this weekend so she is coming to spend the weekend. Can’t wait to see what happens.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know😉

NSFW: yes

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