Fucked my besties husband

Two weeks ago my bestie and her husband decided to hit the bar scene in Vegas. I think it was the Ghost Donkey is the Cosmopolitan.

We had several shots and cocktails and 3am rolls around. We are stumbling back to the Venetian from our Uber and my bestie can barely master it into the elevator. Her husband is eyeing me up and down and my bestie starts making out with me. We hit our floor and exit the elevator. Ten seconds later the hotel room door closes and she’s already undressed.

But she’s way too drunk. The three of us hit the king bed and she’s almost passed out. She leans over and whispers to me in my ear, “he’s been eyeing you up and down all night. Fuck him and make him happy because I can’t tonight”. And she rolls over and goes to sleep.

I get up and look at him and slip my dress off. My nipples are rock hard. He’s looking at me not knowing if it’s ok and grab his belt and lean in. “She says it’s ok”.

We’re making out and fall into bed. He’s on top and slides inside me and I’m fucking my best friends husband and she’s right next to me.

I can feel how deep he is and I’m moaning louder. My bestie leans over, I wondered she was sleeping! and kisses my neck and said “I told you he was good”. She then rolls back over and goes back to sleep.

So we switch and I’m on top. I can all the time feel how deep they are in this position and I lean down and ask him , “can’t you feel that squeezing?” And I squeeze him hard with my pelvic muscles sucking the cum out of him with my wet pussy. He starts to moan loud and I tell him “Your wife wants you to cum inside me”
He finishes a load in me and is in shock we did what we just did. I took over and go to sleep immediately after with his cum still inside me.

NSFW: yes

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