Fucked mt sisters best friend

At the time this happened I had been back from vacation a few months Ehere I had sex for the first time and had sex right when I got back. I felt like I was the king of the world having sex twice as a teen. I was hungry for more. One weekend my parents were gone to go see some old friends which left me and my sister home alone. She told me her friend was coming over. This particular friend was extremely hot. Posted hot pictures on the internet, wore revealing clothes, etc. To make it even better, ever since I finished puberty, I had gotten much more attractive and me and her gained a flirty relationship. A few hours into their hangout, my sister went to the store to go pick up some stuff. I wanted to be alone with her friend so I lied to my sister saying someone needed to stay with me cause our parents put cameras in the house ( sounds stupid but made sense because our parents were so overprotective) her friend quickly said that she’d stay with me. The trip to the store would be around 35 minutes because we lived in a wooded area further from the main parts of our town. Now me and her were alone. We started talking and flirting as usual until I got too hungry for pussy and I just snapped and said, “let’s fuck” she said what about the cameras. I said that was a lie to get alone with you. She agreed to have sex so right there on the couch we took off our clothes, we gave each other head. We fucked. then I came on her face. My sister came back as soon as we got everything cleaned up.

NSFW: yes

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