Fucked in the park xx

It was 10pm and we met at the park. I didn’t wear underwear and he knew that. We stood under a rotunda and kissed for a while before he unzipped my jeans and exposed my pussy for him to touch. I kept watch as he sat in front of me and played with me. A jogger ran passed, but they couldn’t see us because of how dark it was.
After a while, we went for a walk, but he told me to leave my pants unzipped and my pussy exposed. I got so wet with the cool night air blowing against me.
We soon found a tree with some low hanging branches for cover. I stood up against it with my ass out and he pulled my pants down to my ankles and slid his cock inside me. He pounded me in the middle of the park and I tried not to make any noise.
After we came a lot, he fingered me one last time before I pulled my pants up and we left. So hot!

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NSFW: yes

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