Fucked in a Japanese Love Hotel

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NSFW: yes

Hubby can get horny at some really weird times. We were walking the Tokyo streets one holiday when he tells me he needs to fuck me. Not sure what turned him on (maybe it’s the cute Japanese girls) but it’s such a bliss to hear that despite being married for awhile.

So there we were, checking in to a nearby Japanese love hotel, rented for 2 hours. He took the keys, went to the room and started taking my clothes off. Throwing me to the bed, he turns on some Japanese porn. He finds an actress he likes. He’s gonna her fan meet the next day. Hahah.

His cock already hard, he slides it down my throat, mimicking his porn. He’s shoving it down my mouth, using me for his pleasure. Fucking my mouth as he pulls my hair. Mmm. I’m liking the porn he chose. His cock tastes so good in my mouth. It’s getting so wet covered in my saliva.

He takes it out of my mouth and turns me over. Fucking me like a naughty dog. I see his porn and she’s being fucked just the same. He’s treating me like a naughty, slutty, fuck toy. His pounding gets more intense and I begin to moan louder. From pulling my hips into his cock, he grabs my boobs and arches my body back while thrusting deep in me. Fuck! It feels so good.

He pulls out and throws me to my back, shoving my legs into the air and slides his cock inside me again. He keeps up his deep thrusts and my pussy walls are just swallowing his cock in. I’m getting so wet and loud from this. His thrusts start to get faster and faster, when he takes it out and quickly comes over to slide it in my mouth. A gigantic load erupts that hits my throat and fills my mouth with his yummy cum. He pulls out and his cum drips from my mouth. I swallow the load he’s given me and hold his cock to lick off any remaining cum from it. Polishing it clean with my tongue. I love unexpected treats. Mmmm….

We then go off to dinner for some A5 grade Japanese beef because that’s the only meat that can top off a yummy cock.

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  1. mypostingemail246

    Apparently during the fan meeting, he tells her how we had watched her video and she was like “You and wife?!? Thank you for bringing me into your life”.

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