Fucked a grandma (56) when I was 24 and it was one of the best of my life

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NSFW: yes

Found out my girlfriend at the time had cheated on me so I went on A dating app and found an user account with no pic that said “mature looking for young stud.” Of course I messaged her and sent pics of my body and face (I was very muscular at the time) she definitely showed interest but I had to keep reassuring her that I like older women. She kept saying how she wasn’t fit or young and there was no way she could be my type. Little did she know I love cougars. I sent her a dick pick and told her it was hers to use and that set things off. She told me she wanted to see me the next day and I said ok so I gave her my number. After my ex went to work the next day I text my cougar and she was surprised I was still interested. I asked for her address and I saw she was only about 30 minutes away. I told her I was on my way and where do I park. She said she was married (her husband was out on company) but allowed to play outside of her marriage and I didn’t want to get her neighbors suspicious. She said “fuck it. Park right in the driveway and come in. I don’t care if anyone sees you.” And for some reason that made me rock hard. I walk up to the door knock and when the door opens there stands this sexy voluptuous older Granny with massive tits. Her cleavage was pooping out of her robe. I walk in tell her she looks gorgeous and give her a kiss. She closes the door and leads me into the rest of the house. I couldn’t help but look at her ass and grab it. When I did she gasped loudly and moaned. She turned around and dropped her robe to expose her great tits (definitely had a boob lift or something cause the looked amazing) obviously I begin playing with them and immediately started sticking my tongue in her mouth. She definitely liked it because she started sucking and licking my tongue back. I move down and begin sucking on her tits and she puts her hand down my pants and says “wow. Hard already?” To which I replied “I told you I liked older women.” Her hearing that set off a switch and and she immediately dropped to her knees and started licking my hard cock. She eventually started deep throating me and put my hands on her head as if to say “face fuck me.” I told her her to stick her tongue pie so she would lick my balls as I was shoving my cock down her throat. She did well and tried holding her gagging as best as she could but the hot spit running down my Shaft felt amazing. She leads me up stairs to her bedroom and lays me down. I noticed she was already watching porn before I got there so I knew I was in for a good time. She asks me if I brought condoms because she didn’t have any. I jokingly said “yes but I don’t want to use them. Her eyes lit up and she said “no condoms?!” I said “I hate them but don’t want to deal with stds or getting someone pregnant” she relies “oh honey, Im way past pregnancy and my husband is the only man I’ve ever been with.” That’s all I needed to hear She slides my cock inside her and rides me for a while and I then I flip her over into missionary. The feeling of her pussy gushing for me was surreal. After fucking her missionary for about 10 minutes I flip her for doggy and I spread her checks and begin pounding her. I could tell she wasn’t used to getting fucked like this. Her legs started shaking and she couldn’t stop moaning. She rolled back over and spread her legs and held them wide. This made me crazy. I started fucking her hard in missionary again while passionately kissing her. He started pressing my ass into her so I would fuck her harder. I get close to cumming and tell her. She doesn’t tell me anything so I kept fucking and I felt my load building with every stroke. After a few more pumps I begin moaning and she pulls her even further back and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I started nutting inside her. I was pumping hard so every stroke I was going hard and deep. I filled her up quick because she noticed my cum spilling out of her and she said “did you just come inside of me?” And I was barely able to get out “yes” and she started moaning even louder and said “oh yes. Fuck yes. That’s so hot!” If I had any juice left it was now in her. I pull out and I see my cum dripping out. She then scoops it up and starts rubbing her clit with it. I noticed the time and realized I would be late for work if I don’t leave soon so I told her I had to get going. She seemed disappointed but she was satisfied. I started texting her after I left and she kept thanking me for the sex and for making her feel young again. Before I could arrange a second meet up my ex cut off my phone. This happened years ago but I still jerk off to that older sexy woman

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