Fuck the sickness away

I have been under the weather for a couple of days. Most people want to just rest all day, recover & drink lots of liquids. I on the other hand am the horniest when I’m sick and the only medicine I need is vitamin Dick.

My partner knew I wasn’t feeling well. We initially were cuddling & watching a movie. I didn’t want to get him sick, but it doesn’t help that I’m half naked and he’s already having his hands all over me. His hands are like magnets to my body, touching my bare breast, making his way down towards my ass, grabs a nice handful & a nice slap. & of course the place he wants to play with the most, my pussy.
I at all times joke & say I’m his fidget toy, cause he can play with me anytime he wants.

He proceeds to play with my pussy, granted I’m already wet & ready for him. I may not be feeling well but him slowly rubbing my clit and slowly putting his fingers in and out of my pussy & as deep as he can, my mind is in bliss I forget I’m sick.

By the time I know it, he slides his fat cock inside of me. Having me laying on my stomach on part of my side,with one leg up so he can still grip my neck when he wants to be rough. You’d think he’d take it easy on me being sick. Nope. Think again, my baby pounds me away, at all times testing me. But I love it, the way he grabs my hips, holding me steady at an angle so he’s getting deep inside of me. I’m just constantly cumming over & over again. Shaking from all of the sensitivity but it feels so fucken amazing.

All the dirty talk, the ass slapping & choking just turned me on so much, I was gushing all over his cock. Which covered his cock so well, he used my juices as lube and slid his cock inside my tight asshole. If you have read my previous stories, anal is my favorite. So I was excited & could not wait to feel him stretch out my ass & have him fill me up.

He took his time, slowly going in and out. He holds my body down, while I arc my back up, ass in the air, give him a very nice few of his cock and my ass just nicely gripping him every thrust. Even when he’s going slow, it feels so amazing that I can’t help but shake just a little, like little burst of jitters/electricity running through my body. He then starts to pick up his rhythm, knowing by my moans, he knows to go a little harder. I love how I don’t need to tell him to go faster or deeper, he just knows by my body reacting. At one point I think it felt so good I literally dug my face in the pillow trying to cover my loud moans so the neighbor wouldn’t hear, feeling him rock hard in my ass at an angle just made me feel so good, the deeper he went the more I was just turned on and didn’t want him to stop this gorgeous feeling. It’s the accelerating feeling when you’re in the top of a drop of a rollercoaster, feeling the wind, the vibrations and speed of the ride, a new sort of high you want to capture & hold onto.

Not sure how long this feeling was going I swear I almost blacked out, in a good way of course. But then he tells me he’s gonna cum, & I beg him nicely “please daddy give me every drop” he fills my asshole so nicely, I feel him throbbing & I’m at such a high orgasm I cant help but have little spasm running through my body, shockwaves. No joke, best medicine to have when you’re sick. I prescribe 3x or more a day. 😉

NSFW: yes

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