From Neighbor to Summertime Fling (Part 9) [F/M 30s][Cheating][Long Reads][Multiple Chapters][Sexting][Pool Sex]

Well here is part 9. Sorry it took so long, I ended up with COVID a few weeks back and have really been tired. If you are new to this story‘s series, you can begin by reading the previous chapters [Here on my profile]( Enjoy!

When Marc got back home that evening, he took the time to walk through the entire house, ensuring that there was nothing out of place for when his wife came home the next day. The two houses had been known to throw a fairly large party on the 4th of July. While they combined their two homes, the guest list was pretty straight forward, and oddly enough everyone had slowly become friendly over the years. Marc would have a few of his work colleagues stop by early on. They were mostly stiffs and would end up leaving before it got dark. Carrie had her ordinary family come during the afternoon as well, but her old school roommate would stick around until the last drop of alcohol was gone. Her husband, being a loner and antisocial in large groups, would mostly sit inside watching whatever sporting event was on at the time, while Marc’s wife would fill up the remainder of the party to hobnob with the local political guests.

While the party was looming in his head this weekend, Marc started his routine of cleaning up the house. The state of the inside was all the time fine, but he made sure to bring out the trash and throw a quick vacuum over the floors. Tomorrow morning he would do a few things outside, focusing mainly on the pool for the arrival of the families.

It was still light outside as he sat down on the couch to watch some television. Marc was having a hard time focusing on the screen, each minute he was flashing back to his afternoon with Carrie. Eventually, the time ticked to around 7pm and the nightly baseball game came on. Just as he had done a thousand times, by the end of the 4th inning, he was doing more watching the backs of his eyelids than the game. He had started to wake up as he missed the end of a facetime call from his wife. He looked over at the phone on the end table and waited a bit before sending a message back, letting her know he had fallen asleep in the chair and to ask what time they would be coming back tomorrow.

Before he knew it, the game was over and it was past 10 o’clock. He was grabbing a bottle of water and about to make his way up to bed as a text message came through. Walking back to his chair, Marc picked up the phone. It was a picture message from Carrie.

Next door, Carrie was mostly doing some of the same couch potato activities. She had been scrolling through the channels, not finding anything to really focus on. Her mind had also kept wandering back to the way she was manhandled in her bed and the dirtier passionate moments in the shower. Mostly just staring through the television and not actually watching it, she had unknowingly dropped her hand down over her shorts. While thinking back through the day, she was gently dragging her nails over the soft gray cotton between her legs. Her entire body became aroused, it was as if she flew back in time to a horny teenager again, the slightest wondered of sex was now sending her body spiraling. Knowing that her time with Marc was gonna be a lot more infrequent, maybe even non-existent, she had one final plan before the arrival of his wife tomorrow.

She made her way upstairs and into the bathroom to start her nighttime routine. Her husband had been in bed for over an hour now and as she walked by him. From inside the bathroom, she stood frozen looking out toward her bed. It was hard to not think back to her naked body being sprawled out right where he was snoring, it made her current situation a little worse. Standing at the sink in the bathroom she washed her face and began to brush her teeth. After lowering her shorts down to hug her hips and rolling up her shirt, with the toothbrush in her mouth, she grabbed her phone and took a picture through the mirror and sent it over to Marc with the caption, “Would you still take me to bed looking like this?”

Marc had opened the message with a smile before replying back, “Well, might not make it out of that bathroom but absolutely! But what are you doing, brushing away the last bit of evidence?”

It took a moment before she realized the joke, “OMG, you are so bad,” and then spit the toothpaste into the sink and took another photo of the blueish-white foam bubbling towards the drain, “but the coast is clear now.” She washed out the sink, turned off the light, and got into bed. Her husband all the time slept on his side, his back typically facing her, and it was the same tonight as she pulled the covers down to slip in. Lying in bed, Carrie pulled up her shorts as high as she could, exposing her silky legs and giving a tight outline of her pussy. She snapped another shot from the waist down and sent it over to Marc.

Marc found himself tugging away at his shorts to adjust himself as he saw her gorgeous thighs and calves pop up on the small screen in his hand. Before he could even send a reply, Carrie had sent over a short video. It began with her biting her lip, then panning over to her sleeping husband before she ran the camera down to her legs. She ran the bottom of her toes up and down the side of her other leg before connecting the bottoms of her feet, causing her legs to spread. She tapped between her legs softly and ended the video.

There was something extremely arousing and naughty about sending him her body while laying inches away from her husband. She finally got a response from Marc, “Take the shorts off.” Immediately she felt her bare nipples stretch against her tee-shirt. Carrie tugged down at her shorts, getting them to about her knees before firing up the camera again. She recorded slowly pushing them down inch by inch with her foot before focusing the attention on her panties. Carrie pulled them up hard, causing the fabric to split the lips between her legs, almost making them disappear. A small hazy circular spot had formed from all her mischievous thoughts.

This made Marc crazy as he watched a few times before asking her, “A little wet under there?”

“I have been nonstop wet for the past two weeks,” she followed it up by grabbing the side of her panties and pulling them apart. In her next video, Marc watched the wetness stretch and fight like soapy bubbles sticking to the center of the wand as she separated them from her body.

He had slipped his hand underneath his own clothes now before telling her his next wondered, “Mmm, now lose the shirt.”

It was too hard to video the shirt removal, but Carrie was so tiny any movement in the bed barely shook the mattress. She removed the shirt and with her best attempt to squeeze her chest together with her biceps, she stuck her tongue out and gave him the view she knew he wanted.

Once again she was turning him on. Not being one to want to stop the show, the final request came through on her phone, “You’re making me hard! One more piece to go, you know what to do.”

Her light pink panties were so tight on her hips and now damp, the only way to successfully remove them was to roll them down her legs. Once they were on the floor next to the bed, Carrie pulled her knees to her chest, placed the rear facing camera between her legs, and took a shot of her most naughtiest of places.

The pristine image came over and there was no denying Carrie’s current state of arousal. There were the smallest droplets of her wetness that had set up shop right at the bottom of her opening. It was silky, clear and all Marc could think about was how he wanted to taste it again. Trying to type with one hand now he told her, “Such a shame to let those delicious drops go to waste.”

Carrie ran her hand down over her stomach, passing by the perfectly trimmed patch of hair before digging two fingers down to touch her wet spot. She tapped away at it, letting it stick to her fingers as she pulled away. The transparent string of wetness didn’t release until her hand was about six inches away. She brought her hand to her mouth and sucked the tips of her fingers. All of it was captured on her phone and sent away through the Internet to Marc.

“Oh good girl, you got me stroking away over here. You should do the same.” Marc had now removed his shorts and his bare ass was on the couch as he began to tug away at his cock while watching her videos over and over.

Carrie began to roll her fingers over her clit, each time she felt herself getting wetter inside. She held her phone with one hand between her legs, showing him what she was doing. Every few seconds she would stop, letting her pussy and ass pulse for the camera. Each thump kept pushing more and more of her juices out of her tiny little hole, turning them from clear to white.

Marc was extremely greedy right now, “Keep going, I want to see it all.”

Of course Carrie was gonna keep it up, but wanted something from him too. She slipped her middle and ring fingers inside, letting them go in and out a few dozen times until pulling them out to let her clit rub between them, tugging up at her ever-stiffening nub. She sent it his way as well, but with the caption, “Let me see how hard you are.”

He slid down in the chair slightly and gripped his dick, it was already stretched to its maximum. Marc raised and lowered his fist repeatedly, going fast until the slightest bit of precum snuck out his head. He let go, pulsing his muscles to show Carrie it flexing up and down before rubbing his thumb over the head, spreading the precum until it was shiny. After shooting that clip over to her, she told him she wanted to see more.

Marc stripped totally naked and moved over to the couch, stretching down flat. Taking his phone with one hand he got his entire body from head to toe in the shot, his hand returning back to work between his legs. After asking if this was what she wanted to see, there was no response. Hoping she didn’t get interrupted by someone rolling over, Marc couldn’t stop what had already begun. He watched the last video she sent and then closed his eyes to imagine himself back in the shower with Carrie.

It was about five minutes before he felt the phone vibrate again. Excited for another photo or video, he opened the message. Again, she had told him that she wanted more, but this time it was accompanied by a picture that shocked him. Carrie had gotten out of her bed and was now sitting naked on the walk-in steps to his pool. The lower half of her body was submerged in the water as she held up the rest of her body by placing her elbows back on the top step.

After the first video that Marc sent her from his chair, she couldn’t take it anymore. Sure it had only been a few hours since he was thrusting himself into all of the places that he shouldn’t, but she needed to feel him again, not knowing after tomorrow when the next time she would violate her vows with him. She heard the squeaky grind of the sliding door open on the other side of the pool. Carrie saw Marc emerge, standing in the doorway naked as his thick rugged cock was at full attention.

Marc reached inside the house, turning all the exterior lights off and flipping the switch to prevent any motion from causing the spotlight outside to reveal their naked bodies. He then turned on the underwater lights in the pool and stepped outside. Taking a few steps out and towards the edge of the pool, Marc felt the warmth from the day’s sun still trapped in the stone patio on his feet. Without speaking he approached the edge of the pool and stared over the twenty-five feet of calm water towards Carrie. She did not move an inch. Marc dove into the pool, swimming under the water until reaching the side with the steps. He emerged between her legs, kneeling on one of the steps to put him face to face with his naked swimming guest.

Carrie felt his hands traveling up her legs as he moved in closer. She had a smile extending from ear to ear as she revealed, “I’ve never been fucked…,” before she could finish her wondered, Marc went up another step. In one smooth move he had leaned into her, the contrast of the heated pool water on his dick was rapidly washed away by the warmer and silkier wetness inside her, a feeling that caused them both to quietly moan out in the darkness. Marc slid in, letting her take his entire length before she finished, “in a pool.”

She leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck to devour his mouth. There was nothing either of them could see beyond the pool, the waning crescent moon barely lit up the night sky. At this point, everything was just feeling. Marc grabbed her ass, sliding her body off the fiberglass step and moving back into slightly deeper water. Using his hands, he raised and lowered her perfect body vertically as they began, the buoyancy of the pool made her feel like a feather and movement completely effortless.

“Oh I needed this again,” Carrie moaned, “and I don’t know if I can ever stop Marc.” She now took over the motions, no longer needing his hands to coax her body on him. The water made for interesting sensations, both of their bodies submerged from the neck down, but she only needed the feeling of his penetration and his mouth.

“We have to be quick,” continuing to rock her body faster in the water, “I don’t know if he will wake up.”

Marc put his hands behind her again, helping her to speed up her delicious hips as he did the same. He stumbled towards the edge of the pool, feeling the polished stone dig into his back while Carrie gripped the edge. Things increased in speed and remarkably there was very little noise or splashing, all the action happening quietly below. No longer able to focus on his mouth, Carrie totally focused on the pleasure, placing her head on the top of Marc’s shoulder as she felt her body start to take over.

“Make me cum Marc, make me cum one more time before they all come home,” she started pulling at his hair, teeth finding their way to his neck before mumbling, “one more time, once more, please.” He could feel her body starting to stiffen and helped move her closer by moving up into her as she rocked down.

“Same time then,” he said, “I’m almost there too.”

Carrie didn’t answer immediately, simply shaking her head quickly up and down. Marc slid down against the pool wall a few inches, the change of position hit her just right inside, “Uh huh, hurry, hurry, I’m right there, so fucking close, keep going just like that!”

Marc moved as fast as the water would allow. She had stopped moving as her thighs stiffened straight to the side, holding on to her orgasm as long as she could. He was grunting, thrusting as fast and hard as he could. The sounds coming from his mouth and the way his biceps flexed holding on to her were not keeping her pussy contained from its orgasm.

“Almost, almost,” he grunted, concentrating on his own release, feeling it only seconds away as the rush overcame him. Marc felt her insides clench up and get tighter, everything was rubbing his dick perfectly like a vice, he finally let go and told her, “Yes, fuck, cum for me, cum right now.”

Carrie’s body went as stiff as a board, her head left his shoulder as her back slumped into the water. Despite being submerged in the pool, she felt the initial flick of his cum splash deep inside. Her chest rose slightly to expose her nipples into the warm summer air. She grabbed his head and pulled them towards her chest, desperately needing his mouth to suck them. As she began to shake the water started feeling cooler on their bodies, every inch of Carrie’s skin erupting with goosebumps.

In those handful of seconds, her mind flashed back through every single one of their intimate events, his hand on her leg in the living room, the dock, the car ride home, and all the sneaky sex they had, it made this moment more intense. Cumming on top of the water was a first and she couldn’t move, Marc felt so incredible, she could spend the rest of the night mounted on him in the pool until both of them became like shriveled prunes. As they both came down from their blissful high, she grabbed his face and began to kiss him. It started as typical, but as she lazily rocked her hips against him while he rested against the wall of the pool, Carrie found herself licking the side of his face, neck, and trying to suck the tongue out of his mouth.

“Still want more,” he asked.

“No…I mean yes, but I just want to feel you inside a little longer.”

Under the water, Marc just let his hands roam freely up and down her back and ass. They slowly bounced back to the entry steps, Marc sat down while Carrie had dared not let him slip out yet. Through their continued kissing, she was still rocking on him, unconsciously picking up the pace.

“You sure you’re all done,” he joked.

Carrie answered with her body, lifting up on his entire length then, planting her feet on the step until her body dropped completely on him. She continued for a few minutes rising and falling, the dimly lit pool lights that switched between all the colors gave Marc a great view of her body. As her legs began to burn on the step, Carrie re-positioned her body, letting her knees swap places with her feet, and slid to the sides, slipping back in completely. The water trickled off her naked flesh, dripping into the pool as she grabbed the base of his dick and removed it from inside.

She made eye contact with Marc, her wet hair, the few droplets on her eyelashes and the reflection of the lights against her blue eyes exploded in the night. Carrie moved her hips forward a few inches and the tip of his cock slid back between her cheeks. Now fully prepared on how to handle his thickness, she squeezed him hard and pushed it inside her ass, the extreme tightness causing them both to moan in pleasure.

“Mmm, one more time. I don’t, shit that feels too good, don’t know when you’ll be in there again.”

Sitting there, Marc was not gonna complain as he felt her push all the way down. She tossed her hands on the tops of his shoulder and smiled as she clenched her asshole a handful of times with him fully extended deep inside her. His grunts of pleasure indicated his approval and Carrie repeated her flexing a few more times. Marc rested his head on the entryway of the pool steps and returned the favor back at her causing his own flexing to thump around.

She reached back and grabbed her ass, spreading it wide as she grinded on him, “Fuck, never, never, felt so good.”

Marc decided to take things to the next level. He took his right hand and pointed two fingers at her before sliding them into her pussy. Curling them forward, he could now feel her bulby g-spot grind against his fingertips. Up and down she continued, keeping a steady pace as she controlled all the movements. It wasn’t until Marc reached his other hand up and held the side of her hip with his large hand, placing his thumb over her clit, that she lost it.

Carrie had now switched to a rolling grind, trying to fully satisfy her needs on his stationary fingers by flicking her body forward and back, needing to feel everything rubbing in and outside. Her voice had dropped an octave and the things she was muttering were barely comprehensible. Each time the backs of her thighs and ass smacked against the surface of the otherwise calm water, the popping sound got louder and louder. Now past the halfway point to her next orgasm, she put both of her hands on the back of his head and gripped his hair for leverage.

She pumped him harder and harder and finally compiled a sentence that Marc could figure out, “Fuck, I wish you had more hands,” and increased the pace. Looking down at the show between her own legs changed everything. Pulling his head forward she moaned loudly, “Look at what you’re making me do.” At this point, there was very little resistance and she was able to take him in over and over.

Carrie’s leg muscles were burning now, but she was approaching what she assumed would be the last orgasm she was gonna have for quite some time. She erupted into a completely different person, “Gimme that dick Marc, fuckkkkkk, this is my dick now!” She rocked and rocked on him until her body told her she was very close.

“Damnit, this feels too good, I can feel you stretching me out, I’m so close,” she screamed.

Marc finally began to move his hands and fingers, which did the trick. Carrie felt the shockwave of pleasure penetrate her entire body and the release began the moment she sat down completely on his hardness. She stayed there as her ass began to shake, his fingers wiggling on everything else.

There was no holding back her loud screeching screams now, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” If any windows in the neighborhood were even cracked in the slightest, they clearly heard her. Neither of them cared and there was no way to distinguish what woman owned that possessed voice yelling in the night. Carrie shuddered as her back arched up, the feeling inside her so intense she forced him out, not by choice. Still rolling through her enormous orgasm she could only grind her clit on the length of his dick before finally slowing down, panting and sucking on his shoulder.

Continuing to rub her clit on his dick, Carrie knew he didn’t finish that fast, but was gonna make sure he did, “Want me to finish you with my mouth?”

“No, keep going just like that,” he said.

The increased blood flow caused every nerve ending on her clit to become ultra sensitive, bordering on a little painful. However, the way Marc watched her lips wrap halfway around his shaft gave her all the motivation she needed to let him finish. To help him along, she dragged her nails down his chest, circling his nipples. Now, every exhale from his lips was emphasized by a grunt.

Carrie pinched and pulled hard at his nipples, “Mmm, come on baby, give me that cum, I want to see it explode and shoot all over your pool.”

“Keep going,” he muttered and she started to pick up the pace, “no, keep talking.”

Carrie practically had zero dirty bedroom talking experience, only gaining such expertise in the past few days, but the way he looked with his head cocked back, focusing on trying to cum again, she was gonna give it her best shot.

Gripping the top of his dick with one hand to squeeze, while her body took care of the rest, she gave him what he needed, “Oh you like when I talk like you’re little slut huh?” Marc only moaned, the feeling between his legs so intense.

“Yeah you do. Now give me what’s left in those balls I didn’t take yet, she doesn’t deserve it, it’s all mine. Maybe I should go back to my bed with it inside me, let it ooze out into my sheets, dripping out so close to him. His little pencil dick never satisfies me, not like this one,” she squeezed the upper half hard as Marc’s hands had made their way to her hips, pulling her down harder, “Mmm, that’s right, hold me down hard, use this body, your body.”

He opened his eyes for another look, “Oh, feels so good, I’m gonna cum.”

“Mmm, let me feel that thick cock throb. Now! I want to see it now! Give me my cum.”

At that moment he had his release, the white cream spurting out like oil trying to mix with water. Carrie rolled her body fast through the most intense parts, eventually down slowly, letting him finish his countless contractions until he regained composure. Her legs were exhausted, pussy sensitive, and her entire body satisfied. Giving him a final long kiss on the lips she told him, “I really got to go.”

Carrie stood up, giving herself a second to steady her legs. Marc ran his hands up and down the wet calves and thighs. She slowly walked up the pool steps with him beneath her legs staring up. For her final trick, she squatted over his face, it resulted in an upward smack onto her ass from Marc. She walked out of the pool, leaving her fellow adulteress on the verge of collapse as his hardness slowly went away. Grabbing a towel she placed on a chair, Carrie wrapped up and approached him one more time. He had not moved from how she left him, the small amount of stringy white mess floated to the surface. She knelt down, rubbing the side of his face, “Goodnight.”

She stood up, walking across the patio, and stopped at the gate. Turning around, she opened up the towel for a quick flash and a smile. Carrie waved one last time before going out the gate and disappeared from view into her own yard.
Marc eventually got out of the pool. It all happened so fast, he never had a chance to grab a towel. Instead, he just sat in a chair fully exposed to dry in the humid night’s air. Feeling exhausted and satisfied, he got up, went inside and made it up to his bedroom. Tonight, he just tossed the covers down and climbed into the bed without having the energy to put on anything. Tomorrow was gonna be Friday, everyone would be back home and things would surely slow down. At least that is what he wondered.

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