From Neighbor to Summertime Fling (Part 3) [F/M 30s][Cheating][Long Read][Multiple Chapters][Buildup][Oral]

Wow, the messages have been really inspiring, especially the ones in which some of you want me to write a specific story. I will consider it, but there is so much more left to this one that by the time I post this I have already started part 4. But if you haven’t read the others, check my account for the other two.

The next morning, Marc woke up a little early before anyone else to check his email, get ready for the drive home, and just take off to work the next morning. Making his way over to the coffee pot, the morning ritual began. Whoever was the one who didn’t scoop the grounds into the machine typically woke up within a few minutes to the aroma of a fresh brew spreading in the cabin. Marc sat down in the chair, clicked on his phone, and began checking emails for the trip.

As expected, about five minutes later his wife popped out the door and was soon followed by Carrie. Being the first time he saw her roll out of bed, he still wondered she was stunning. As they were pouring their own mugs of the caffeinated goodness, Marc let out a massive sigh. One of his emails read that he was gonna be needed for most of the week and had to stay overnight a few extra days. This new position and traveling was getting to him. The money was out of this world and he loved the job, but the countless nights in hotels these past few years were slowly draining. When he accepted the position, it was with an understanding that he would get one final big promotion and then it would be easy street.

Marc’s wife sat down on the couch, “Ut oh, that doesn’t sound good.”

He delivered the news, “Yeah, now I have to stay until maybe Thursday or Friday now, this is such bullshit.” He was visibly upset as he walked outside to make a call to confirm the bad news.

“Well, looks like you’re staying up here a few more days huh?” Marc’s wife said.

Carrie blew some steam off her coffee, “Mmm, yeah well, I would love to, but I have so many appointments this week, the dentist, the gyno, and just some other stuff I have been putting off for months.”

By now the troops had slipped out of their sleeping bags and in a collective groan were upset that their week was coming to an end.

“Carrie, since they’ve been so awesome all together, I don’t mind if they stay up here until I come back home mid-week, you can hitch a ride with grumpy pants over there,” she thumbed over her shoulder through the window at Marc, his hands flailing around while talking on the cell phone.

There was quite the encouragement from the peanut gallery after that conversation. After some more discussion back and forth, the ladies agreed and Carrie went into the back bedroom to pack. Marc finally came back inside, it was official, another three days added to the trip. He validated it to all by giving the cell phone a big middle finger.

“So, I am going to keep them all up here again until you get back, Carrie has stuff to do back home so she’ll ride with you,” his wife furrowed her brow jokingly, “and please, let her control the radio some time.” It immediately dawned on Marc that he would now be spending three hours, alone in the car with Carrie. Part of him excited at the wondered, and partly terrified at what could transpire.

“Fine, she can get one song an hour,” he laughed, heading down the hall to his room to pack up for the ride. He looked into Carrie’s bedroom from his own across the hall. She had heard footsteps creak on the old wooden floor and perched the door open a little to peek out. Once realizing it was just him, she opened the door a little more. There she was standing, totally naked again. Marc watched as she pulled up only a pair of shorts and tossed a ratty thin Red Hot Chili Peppers concert tee shirt over her bare torso and quietly whispered into his room, “This is going to be so much fun,” and closed the door, her eyes laser beamed towards his crotch.

There was no escaping anything now. The car ride would be very interesting. Marc gathered his clothes and phone charger from the bedroom, the toiletries from the bathroom, and set his bags next to Carrie’s near the front door. After a few minutes of goodbyes and thank yous, Marc grabbed both sets of bags and walked them out to the trunk of the car. He started the car, turned on the air conditioner to cool it off and made one last visit to the cabin, checking he got everything and one more goodbye to everyone.

Carrie walked out to the car first, sat in the passenger seat, immediately changing the satellite radio station to one of her choosing that was hopefully amenable to Marc. She heard the pop of the car door as he sat down next to her. He looked so good to her in just his traveling clothes, a plain bright white tee shirt and his normal shorts. Carrie decided that she was gonna be a little flirtatious but was gonna try her best to not make the first move. She at all times had this unfulfilled desire her entire life of being submissive and succumbing to a man’s wishes, hoping he would take all the signs in the next few hours. He already knew that she would be sitting in the car just like the dock last night wearing nothing underneath, giving him all the access to her he could ever need. Carrie hoped it wouldn’t take very long before parts of him were on parts of her.

The only sounds during the first thirty minutes of the drive getting from the cabin to the highway were that of the music coming from the Lexus’ speakers and the roar of the tires on poorly maintained roads. Once positioned on the interstate, it was another two and a half hours of driving. Carrie had taken the opportunity to stare out the window, viewing all the sights of a place she might not see for sometime. She had a half smile the entire time, simply waiting for him to say something or touch her body in any way.

When they were driving on the highway for about ten minutes, Marc finally broke the silence, “So, are we going to talk about last night?”

With a coyness in her voice she shot back, “Sure, what about it?”

“Well, everything I guess,” he looked over at Carrie, her shirt now bunched up at the bottom exposing some of her stomach, her short legs stretched out with feet resting on the dashboard, “what happened to the quick lapse of judgment?”

Carrie repositioned herself sideways, sitting in almost a fetal position resting her head on her hands, looking over towards him, “Yeah, that. Well, you told me that I was always sexy, always had been and that sort of set something off on me. How long have you actually been checking me out?”

Marc laughed, “I don’t know, can’t say I was keeping track. But, I am not blind, you are pretty sexy, anyone would ‘check you out’”

“Come on, I’m so different from you wife,” she sounded very serious now, “she has more in one tit than I have in my entire chest and then some. I also think she is way prettier than I am, blonde hair, sexy body, I am just a plain woman with a flat chest and not much going on.”

“You’re selling yourself short,” he assured her.

Carrie beamed a smile at him, “Am I, tell me more,” looks like we’re gonna have some time for you to butter me up,” she pointed to the wall of red brake lights ahead of them.

Marc slowed down the car to a near stop, “I don’t think the same.”

“Uh huh,” she paused, “well that’s a very basic answer.”

He took his eyes off the road and locked them in on her legs, “For one, I can’t get enough of these legs.” She followed his eyes to her legs, then sat in the seat normally, placing one knee on the door and the other on the console in the middle of the car giving him a better view.

With legs spread open, her shorts bunching up as far as feasible she asked, “So, you’re a leg guy then?”

“I guess, sure. Legs and butts are 1A and 1B. I’d be lying if I haven’t stared at both of yours for the past ten years”

Carrie felt a tickle in her body, and put her legs back straight before turning away from him. She pointed her butt right at him, “Wow, I would have never known. So you like this tush then?”

The traffic was only moving a few miles per hour so it was easy for Marc to look over at the familiar cheeks spilling out the bottom of her shorts. He took his right hand and gave the perfect bottom a little smack.

It startled her slightly but sent fireworks coursing through her body, “Mmm,” and laughed in a little sexy voice. She pulled at her waistband, sending it halfway down her butt, the soft skin now exposed “here, take a better shot.” Marc took full benefit of the situation in front of him and gave Carrie another smack, this time leaving his hand there to firmly squeeze the cheek.

Carrie rolled her body more away from him in the seat, giving full access to the entire soft skin in his grip, “Well Mr. Ass Man, it’s yours, anytime you want it, just take it.” She felt him squeeze her a bit harder after that opinion, wanting him to pull the car over in the breakdown lane and just have his way with her body.

Marc removed his hand from her body, looked over towards her hips and simply told her, “Remove ‘em all the way.”

She had a slightly shocked look on her face, “Right here? In this traffic?”

He shook his head yes and watched as Carrie wiggled her body to remove her tiny shorts, and crossed her legs. Marc put his hand on her thigh, pulling it towards him to uncross her legs, “Show me, I want to see it.”

Without speaking, Carrie turned, reclining the seat slightly, moved sideways in the chair and rested her back on the car door keeping her knees together, feet planted on the seat. She slowly separated her knees, sending them towards the front and rear of the car.

Marc watched through the slowly moving traffic as Carrie slowly presented herself to him. If anyone was to attempt to describe a perfect pussy, it would resemble something very similar to the prize in front of him. Just like everything on her petite body seemed to be crafted to perfection, so were all the lady bits between her legs. Before she spread open, there was very little to see, just the smallest peek of her inner labia was visible next to her outer lips. Those weren’t super puffy either, but just flowed right into the muscles of her inner thighs. He saw the tiny bit of fuzz at the top and then moved his eyes down, locking on her clit. Everything was so symmetrical and from the looks of things in her current state, he had no idea how he managed to squeeze his fingers in last night.

It was so clean, nicely manicured, and already Marc could see some arousal fluid staring to make her opening glisten. He walked his eyes up over the old concert tee and looked at her eyes, “Rub it for me.”

Without hesitation, Carrie licked two fingers and began to caress her clit and Marc joined in by running a hand up and down each leg. In a few moments, he could see how everything was pulsing due to her self arousal. She hadn’t felt this excited since her teenage years, a time when something as random as someone brushing up against her chest or the seam in her panties riding up her would get her getting excited. Usually it was followed up by sneaking away for a few minutes for a release. Her libido hadn’t changed over the years, she just learned to resolve it in many methods.

Carrie took her foot and ran it on his groin, poking all around until she felt it get excited, “I wanna see it again,” she said rubbing away on herself.

“OK, but we’re going to play a little game,” Marc smiled over at his half naked partner, “I will say a letter and we’ll go back and forth naming a food item. When one of us can’t think of one,” he put a few fingers on her opening and tickled her for a few seconds.

Fuck,” Carrie shuddered, “OK I think I got it.”

Marc started, “OK, I’ll start with the letter A, apple.”

Carrie quickly fired back, “Avocado!”

Next up he shot off, “Asparagus.”

She sat there for a few seconds, spread eagle, still rubbing but unable to think about something that started with A. Marc interrupted her, “Hurry up, 3, 2, 1,” making a buzzing sound when the countdown finished. Carrie looked over between his legs, the space between the steering wheel and what she was about to dive into had plenty of space due to the length of his legs.

Carrie shut her legs, got on her knees, and leaned over the center console, “You know, you shouldn’t have put anything on under these,” as she began to struggle pulling down the waistband of his shorts and boxer briefs until she saw it. He was already getting hard as it flopped out and pointed upwards. She didn’t see any hair on his shaft, only some trimmed short growth towards the bottom.

There was his dick in all its glory and she was more than willing to finally get her hands around it. Everything looked so delicious, his head was just a bit wider than the shaft, but as it went down to his balls, everything remained the same thickness. In Carrie’s eyes, it was gorgeous, so smooth and just irresistible. She didn’t like the look of a guy’s dick that was all veins, it reminded her of old lady hands, kind of grossing her out.

She hadn’t had too many lovers in her life, the first being a high college sweetheart that broke her heart before heading off to school. That was the first one she saw and touched. Of course she had a few drunken experiences in school herself, randomly hooking up with guys that to this day she couldn’t remember their names. There was one serious boyfriend before she met her husband. They still remained friends to this day even though he was also married probably because he had topped the department of man parts she ever saw, until Marc sprinted past him now as an undisputed new favorite. All in all she could count the penises she played with on both hands with a few fingers to spare, but none of them even compared to the thickness of Marc’s. Without any type of measuring device, she estimated it was somewhere between six and seven inches long, but as she first put her hand on it, the fingers of her tiny little hands didn’t reach all the way around it, “This is so nice.”

Marc immediately got more excited as her velvet soft skin wrapped around him. She slowly began moving up and down, watching the skin get tighter as he kept growing. Letting go for a moment she ran her nails down to his balls, everything felt so warm and inviting. Quickly getting back to company she squeezed midway on his shaft and moved down, pulling with a firm eagerness before wrapping her other hand around the top. She rotated her hands back and forth in opposite directions to a few subtle grunts from the married man she was jerking off, using her thumb to stroke his sensitive frenulum.

Carrie picked up the pace but didn’t stop, “So what’s the next letter, B? I’ll go, banana,” and laughed at the innuendo.

Struggling to pay attention to the road or to the alphabet food quiz, he mustered up, “Broccoli.”

She went faster, “Yeah, I can’t think of anything. Oh well,” and Carrie licked the entire length of one hand and put it back on Marc, resuming to pump away again with a lubricated hand. Each subsequent letter she played the same game, somehow forgetting that there were things called carrots, dragon fruits, or eggplants. Make no mistake, Marc was like a steel beam at this point, his cock was bright red and she felt the blood causing a pulse of its own in her hands. That was the last point of playing the game.

“Oh that feels good,” he mumbled, “so good.”

She just wanted to keep playing with him for the rest of the trip, toying with him until he couldn’t hold on any longer, but she had to see him explode and hear his manly grunting. Carrie took her hands off and sat back against the car door, “Ever have this done before,” she took her left foot and held his hardness upright and followed it up with her right. She stroked him up and down in the arch of her foot, it felt even softer than her hands.

“Not like this,” Marc moaned and watched as her feet worked him up and down between him and the steering wheel, like her arch was designed for this task. After a few minutes of this she wrapped all ten of her toes on each side and stroked a little more. Marc was in heaven.

Carrie smiled, “First time for everything then,” she slowed down her feet now and stood one foot up next to his pulsing shaft, “Wow, look, it’s longer than my foot, and, uh excuse me, what is that?” She got back up on her knees and brought her face closer, seeing a tiny drop of shiny wetness pooling up at the tip, “is that a little precum, hmmm?”

Marc didn’t answer but something came over Carrie as she saw the transparent liquid sitting there, bending over a little further she licked the top of his head and received a quiet moan for her efforts. What started out as licking turned into one of the most memorable blowjobs he would ever have. Initially, she simply kept licking up in single slow strokes, working to ensure that her tongue made contact with every single piece of him, coating every inch. Carrie was more than enthusiastic, her licks were followed up by grabbing him in her hand and running it all over her face. Marc was loving every minute, patiently waiting for her lips to open and take him in.

She took a hand to dig down under his balls, pulling them out, admiring them, and proceeded to suck and pull them one by one. Carrie dug her nose in and got her tongue down as far as she could. Every time Marc looked down he could tell by her eyes that she was smiling while moving side to side covering her face in her own saliva. She wanted to make sure that he lasted long and enjoyed every second.

Moving up she wrapped her lips halfway around his shaft right above his balls, sucking and flicking her tongue on that one spot for what felt like an eternity, listening to his breathing and seeing his entire dick constantly twitching. She moved up a little and repeated the oral masterpiece inch by inch until hitting the most sensitive spot right under his head. Puckering her lips, Carrie ran her mouth up and down repeatedly, his pole was totally drenched from her mouth. Another drop of precum oozed out and she licked it up quickly, causing Marc to accidentally hit the gas pedal harder for a second.

Marc was in ecstasy, her mouth all over him, and his hands running up and down her back and ass until Carrie was ready for him to blow. She opened her mouth wide, slipped her tongue out to prevent her teeth from scraping him, went down as far as she could without making contact, and then closed her mouth.

“Jesus, fuck,” he groaned.

With a godlike precision Carrie moved up and down at an incredibly slow pace, tasting every bit of this new man in her mouth, admiring it all as the corners where her lips met were put to their limits. She was getting wet herself and sneakily began rubbing herself quietly, this scenario too intense to neglect it. Up and down she went slowly. She felt every little bump and ridge in her mouth, Marc feeling every little bump on her tongue guiding him in and out. Carrie could feel him pulsing around. She turned her head sideways, pushing the tip of his cock into her cheek, never allowing her tongue to stop working. She could tell he was almost there.

Feeling like being a tease, Carrie removed him from her mouth, hovering right above it letting several drops of drool escape down from her tongue down, “Want me to keep going?”

Marc balled up her hair and wrapped it in his hand, she knew exactly what he was about to do. He waited for her to get in position, opening her mouth, and pushed her head down. She stayed put in that position until he pulled her head up and then guided it back down. He could feel her moaning, causing a vibration on his dick that drove him wild. Marc kept increasing the intensity as he was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

He felt some resistance as she pushed her head up to speak, “You can go harder.”

Taking the initiative, he pushed her head down hard, hitting the back of her mouth. Carrie let out a moan that resembled, “Yum.” Gripping tighter now, she didn’t need to use any of her own strength as he bobbed her head faster. Carrie’s hands were now thrashing between her legs, but in no way did she indicate he was being too rough. Marc pushed hard, this time feeling his bulbous head going its farthest yet, past the back of her mouth and into her throat. She didn’t cough, flinch, or gag in the slightest.

Ripping her head off him, “I’m getting close, where do you want me to cum,” he asked.

She moved a hand back on him, stroking it furiously. Then, through her watery eyes and wet lips she smiled and informed him, “Wherever you want.”

Marc felt his body on fire. She opened her mouth again and he pushed her face down, her cheeks indented from the hard sucking she was performing on him. He was going fast now, one hand wrapped up in her hair, the other holding on to the steering wheel for dear life. “I’m close, fuck, really fucking close.”

When the time finally arrived, he pushed the hardest yet, sending his cock piercing through her head. Then Carrie clenched her throat around him, it felt like there was something being shoved down to her stomach as his balls stiffened and the first shot splashed against her tonsils. She resumed the long moaning hum, “Mmmmmmm, as Marc held her there, only his body causing quick jolts making his dick move inside her. She lost count of how many times she felt his warm liquid leave his body, she had never felt someone pulse so hard or fast in her mouth. She felt his hand ease up on her head and she resumed sucking under her own strength, wanting to get some of him on her taste buds until eventually relinquishing him from her mouth.

She put her head on his lap, kissing and licking him to clean up anything that snuck out. Marc brushed the hair off the face and mouth that gave him complete pleasure, tucking it behind her ear, “That was amazing,” rubbing her check next to a beaming smile causing her to feel all warm inside. Carrie continued using her mouth for the next few minutes until wrapping her hand around him one more time, squeezing hard and pulling up a final time to get that last drop of the white treat.

Taking one final suck, using her tongue to paint the tip and tasting him one last time, “Yum,” she laughed licking her lips until sitting back up, watching Marc tuck his semi-hard and wet member back in his shorts, “amazing huh, we’re just getting started.”

Marc began to see some familiar road signs, “We’re about a half hour away.”

She was relishing at the wondered of what she just did, “Well time does fly when you’re having fun.”

Carrie felt his large hand grab her left leg, reaching down as far as he could, and pulled her leg over the center console. She twisted back into position against the door, waiting for his hands to touch her between her legs. Instead, he did something almost as good, placing her heel on his chest.

“You like your feet played with huh,” he asked.

Carrie nodded in agreement, “‘Like’ is an understatement,” looking at her toes starting to disappear in his mouth. There was something about her being incredibly ticklish, that on the super rare occasion that she was on the receiving end of this treat, it felt like her whole body was being absorbed and touched all over. It was hard to explain. With her left leg stretched out and in his mouth, she lifted her right leg and curled it in the seat, beginning to rub herself again.

“Did I say you could do that,” looking down between her legs.

She heard the change in his voice and melted, immediately withdrawing her hand from her aching body and just sat there, watching him roll his tongue between each toe, “No you didn’t sorry, but you don’t know what that does to me.”

They were now only a few miles away from their exit. Marc grabbed her other leg, placing both feet on his chest and alternated up and down her feet. Her nipples were like rocks now, Carrie’s whole body was in full desire mode. He ran a hand up the tops of her legs, squeezing hard where they met at the hip, and moved towards the center to rub over her little patch of pubic hair. Grabbing it between his thumb and pointer, he tugged on her hair, then slid his thumb down between her closed thighs finding her clit. Marc pushed into it, wiggling side to side while biting down on the top of her foot.

He felt her squeeze her thighs on his thumb as they pulled off their exit, “Fuck, were not going to have enough time.” Their two homes were only about a three minute drive from the offramp. Marc stopped playing with her and put a finger over her mouth to shush her and kept driving.

On the road right before their turn, he moved her legs away from him, reached down in front of her and grabbed her shorts, stuffing them into the space of his door, “Hope he’s not home yet,” he said as the turn signal went on. As they pulled into their street, Carrie’s house had lights on, her husband was in fact home. Marc passed right by her house and hit the garage door opener, pulled up his driveway, pulled his car in, and closed the door as he shut off the engine.

He opened the door, making sure she saw he grabbed her shorts and without getting their bags out of the trunk, simply walked into his house. Carrie, now needing her shorts to walk home, opened the door on her side, stepped out barefoot into the garage, and rushed into the house, pulling down her shirt to cover up.

Once inside she saw him waiting in the kitchen on a chair that was flipped around from the table, and he had the shorts tossed on the counter. Thinking he was being the normal jokester he at all times was, Carrie walked in front of him, reached to grab her shorts and heard him loudly say, “Stop!” She froze dead in her tracks facing away from him.

Marc slid the chair close to her and began to run his hands up the backs of her legs until they reached the bottom of the shirt, lifting it up to her head, “Marc, no, behind us, the windows.” It was as if he didn’t hear a single word and did not stop until the shirt was off, balled up and partnered up with the shorts on the counter.

Moving his hands down her back, he cupped her ass for a few squeezes, and turned his hands down to push her thighs aside, “Marc, no, we can’t, what if he walks….,” she was cut off mid sentence as he stood up, firmly pushing her body over the counter, now bent at the waist. Carrie being the height she was, was now forced to stand on her tiptoes as he pushed her legs to the side again.

Marc inched closer, leaning into her bent frame he moved his hands towards her pussy, not actually touching it, only teasing all the sensitive parts around it. Carrie began to moan quietly as she felt the hands being joined by a warm breath. He kissed the bottom of each cheek crease, ensuring to slowly move his face between her legs, letting out a slow, pointed breath. She felt his finger reach her entrance, making a motion to slip a finger inside, but backed off. At this point, Carrie was absolutely putty in his hands.

Finally, his big hands were planted on her ass and she felt him spread them open. She felt his warm breath get closer, he was right there. Marc took it all in for a moment, her glistening lips only a few inches away. She smelled and looked incredible, the drive pooling up all of her wetness for the taking.

He started with a single lick from behind, extending his tongue up from her clit, rolling alongside her lips, stopping right outside her tight pink hole. He repeated the same movement a few more times before now extending all the way to her asshole, stopping to roll his tongue through the tight little ridges, “Ohhh fuck Marc,” he poked his tongue in, “its been years.”

After a few seconds, Marc ran his tongue, mouth, and nose straight down her crack until making its home on her clit. Opening his mouth he took it in, lapping away on her, feeling how stiff he was making her little button get. Carrie was absolutely leaking, holding true to the fact of her wetness. He lapped her up with slow licking from the bottom to top every chance there was as she writhed around in sweet agony. He was firm enough to be felt, but soft enough to be a tease, extending the session on.

Knowing that it was purely feasible that a certain someone might have seen the car come down the road, he began to go in for the kill. In a perfect world, Marc would have kept her on the edge all night, but brought his thumbs inward to spread open the folds between her legs, giving pause for another quick cool breath on her swollen lips. He was a machine, almost perfect in technique, rivaling her best vibrator as he let his tongue loose to explore all of her, going from gentle to erratic and rough.

Had Marc’s face not been completely buried between her enjoying himself as much as Carrie was, he would have noticed that her head was no longer planted against the cold marble counter, arching her back as she approached the point of no turning back. She bucked her hips back at him, “Fuck, you feel so good.”

He pulled his soaked face away for just a moment, entering her with a finger, massaging the inside of her walls, hitting her pleasure zone for just a moment. Marc could see that her body was sweating slightly and rocking back on his finger. Running his hand up her sides, feeling for her chest he grabbed both nipples in his hands and tugged hard, “You ready?”

Feeling the sensations of his fingers pulling hard, her body aching for more licking, she told him, “Yes! Fuck, please make me cum Marc.”

Marc gave her only one more lick, “I can’t hear you.”

Carrie’s body was an inferno, “It feels so good, please, please, please, make me cum on your face,” she yelled.

Marc dove his face back in, pulling her hips towards it using the leverage from her chest. He pressed his tongue hard into her clit, applying the perfect amount of pressure and movement. Her body roared to life rocking into him as the moaning increased. He pulled away just for a breath, “Then I better hear it,” and went right back to the deed. Marc could feel the starting of her contractions and sucked harder. Almost there. He was pleased to know how much pleasure he was putting her through. Her thighs began to quiver as the muscles around his face began to tighten.

“Fuuuck, Marc, yes! Keep going, I’m going to cum,” she screamed. Had it not been for the trip to the lake house, the windows most likely would have been open, letting the sound of her screams travel to the neighboring houses. She began to cum and it wouldn’t have mattered in the least if her husband was standing at the window watching, she just let it go.

Marc’s nose and upper lips were drenched, the sounds his magical mouth was making on her just added to her release. Then it happened, “Fuckkkkkkkkkk, oh my god, yes…yes…yessssssss, pleasssse, pleassssse,” each S hissed from her mouth as if she was possessed. Carrie’s toes curled under quickly, causing them to crack as her legs started the normal shaking he enjoyed seeing.

“Ohh, ohh, fuck, yes, yes, I’m cumming, I’m….,” Carrie screamed even louder, her body stiffening, torso practically bouncing on his countertop as her pussy flooded and caused her brain to go totally mush. He expected her legs to kick straight like the night on the dock. In preparation, he grabbed the front of her thighs, lifting her entire lower body up to place them on his shoulders. She was parallel to the floor just in time for the inevitable reflex. As soon as it happened, her thighs smothered his face as he continued to plow his tongue against her. Marc let go of her chest, wrapping his arms around her waist to keep him planted against her pussy.

Carrie’s feet were flailing behind him, her ass muscles so tight now it caused ripples in her cheeks. He didn’t let up, kept sucking and licking furiously until she loudly begged, “OK, OK, OK, fuck, oh fuck, you’re making it too sensitive, I can’t.”

Marc lowered her feet back to the floor as she resumed the random twitching, seeing the mess left in front of him, he began to lick his remnants off her thighs. Carrie, already more sensitive than she could remember, spun around still shaking and said, “No, no, no. It’s too much right now.” She brushed away the hair stuck to her flushed red face, her breathing taking a few extra moments to return to ordinary as her entire body continued to maintain that warm feeling, her fingers even tingling. She rested her naked body against the edge of the kitchen counter, feeling the dryness inside her mouth from the rapid breathing, “Wow, just wow,” she spoke after a long exhale.

As she rested like she had just ran a marathon, Marc stood up and walked into the garage. Carrie heard the sound of the trunk close and a few moments after he reappeared with both bags. Not remotely caring about keeping track of who came more, she was ready to rip his shorts down again, lower her naked body down to her knees, and suck him dry on the kitchen floor. Instead, Marc dropped the bag down, kissed her forehead, and told her, “I’m going to shower, you probably should head home now,” and walked up the stairs, leaving her alone to get dressed.

A part of her was absolutely aroused at the fact he just ate her out and disappeared. Another part thought what was going on in his head and if something she did made him upset. Hoping he was turning into that dominant man she at all times desired and not being one to give up that easily just in case. She zipped open her travel bag, dug through the side with her dirty clothes retrieving her pink thong, and wiped the mess he made between her legs. Even her own touch caused sporadic jolts of post orgasmic sensations. After tossing it up on the counter, she got dressed, grabbed her back and walked home with a pep in her step. She was satisfied, but not fully satiated, not yet anyway.

Part 4 in the works already 🙂

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