From Neighbor to Summertime Fling (Part 12) [F/M 30s][Cheating][Long Reads][Multiple Chapters][Confession]

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“Uhhhh hello, earth to Carrie,” April prodded, “get your head out of the phone and stop trying to change the subject and ignore me.”

Carrie was swiping, scrolling, and typing away at her iPhone, “I’m not, I’m not, just looking to see if I can dig around on here to see what Brian has been up to.” As April switched from her couch to Carrie’s, she found something, “Here he is! Well, looks like he got married, has a few kids, and according to his bio, is a swim coach at his old high school.”

April took a peek at the small screen, “Damn, all that dick for just one lady, such a waste. What does she look like?” The duo scrolled around looking for a photo of his wife and when it popped up, April made the opinion, “Well, well, well, she kinda resembles you a bit huh?”

“Well, he always liked me better,” Carrie joked. It resulted in a sharp elbow to the side of her arm, rattling around the hangover head.

Not a chance,” April argued, “unless he’s going behind her back, or has had a lot of other threesomes, he definitely still jerks off thinking about us both at least once a week minimum. So are you gonna fill me in about Marc, or do I have to go over there and ask him myself?

‘No, no, fine,” she began to explain, “thing is, I wouldn’t put it past you to actually ask him. It all started last month. Marc’s wife was out and I was watching everyone at the pool. I had to do a few things, so I went inside to grab him and he was asleep on his couch. I tried to wake him up from the other room, but I had to actually go poke him in the back. At first he wondered I was his wife because he grabbed one of my legs and then my ass.

“Oh now we’re getting somewhere,” April was at full attention now, shuffling around her position.

Carrie rolled her eyes, “Shut up. He apologized repeatedly, but,“ she paused for a few seconds, “I literally hadn’t been touched like that in months. I forced him to do it again and then the next thing I knew my shorts were on the floor and I was dry humping him. Then things got really heated but we were interrupted because his wife came home. I did take a peek inside his shorts and I really liked what I saw”

“Uh huh,” April wanted more, “so how did you go from a little lapdance, to the occasional road head?”

“After I left,” she continued, “I came back here and got off, made a mess on the bathroom chair, and sent him a pic of the wet spot. I thought to myself, we can’t continue this. So after I sent it over, I told him it was just nice to feel sexy again, but to delete everything and that it was a short lapse in judgment. That was it, I was good with it all, and he agreed. Then he told me in the next message that he felt I was always sexy or some shit like that, and after being ignored for so long, it just felt good to be touched and even more to be complimented. I had been wearing a few bikinis this summer after losing some pudge. He told me that he had been checking me out more or less. Then oddly enough, his wife invited me up to their lake house right after this all went down.”

“So she let the wolf in the hen house,” April exclaimed.

“She didn’t know I was a wolf. Wait! Screw you, I’m no wolf. It was just the wives at first, we actually had a really awesome time just the two of us, she is a cool lady. He eventually came up on the weekend. We were all sitting around the fire having a few drinks and when we were alone for a few minutes, I spread my legs across from him. He told me no, but for once I knew I wasn’t going to take no for an answer”

April was visibly shocked, “Wow you little slut, spreading legs, planning to corrupt him, well keep going, this is like a fucking dirty soap opera.”

“Ugggh, whatever, well after everyone went to bed the next night, he ended up fingering me on the dock, then we played around in the car ride home…”

“That escalated quickly. There was a car ride home?”, she asked.

“Yeah, I had to get back and so did he, but his wife stayed up there with all the little ones. We drove back, just the two of us and of course things continued in the car.”

“I’m sure they did,” April said sarcastically, “cars seem to be your new thing.”

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. I sucked him off and teased him in the car for like an hour, then we got back to his house and he ate me out over his kitchen counter and things just moved quickly from there.”

April needed just a little bit more to fill her curiosity, “Moved quickly you say?”

Carrie wrapped up the past month, “We slept together, I snuck in his house one morning, we fucked on his bed, my bed another time, his pool. But she’s home now, so it’s probably over now. Think getting caught is one thing Marc and I would both agree is a bad idea.”

“Probably huh,” April smirked, “yeah, the knobber yesterday really tells me it’s over. So, what is your plan? You guys gonna sneak away together and leave your spouses behind to live happily ever after? I mean if you want to be done with it all, I could just go fuck him and then you could go back to your boring normal married life”

April’s words cut through Carrie unexpectedly and she fired back immediately, “Don’t you dare!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, just joking, did I hit a nerve” she reassured, “Well, sorta joking. But wait, do you actually have feelings for him?”

It was the first time the wondered even entered her head. Did she have feelings for him or was it all purely physical? The wondered of her friend, who she shared Brian with for months, sleeping with Marc actually made Carrie unsettled. “No,” she shook her head, “well, uh, no, oh fuck, I don’t know.”

April stood up, “Well, you better sort that shit out slut. Sleep off the tequila, I’m going to head out. I’ll call you later but don’t forget, we have Tina’s bachelorette this weekend.”

Carrie groaned, “Noooooo, I’m never drinking again.”

“Yeah you are,” April gave Carrie a hug goodbye, “I’ll see you this Friday, we’ll drink and figure out what you need to do with your big-dick-slinging neighbor. You probably should shower too, you smell like shit.”

Carrie plopped back down on the couch, pulling the pillow over her head as April let herself out.

As the early morning conversation at Carrie’s house was just ending, across the yard in Marc’s house, his wife Jessica was waking up. She typically was aroused in the morning, so when she looked over at her sleeping husband, she quietly removed all her clothes. She was still attracted to Marc. Sure the days of just laying around all day and having sex were over, but they still managed to do it about once or twice a week. With the party and vacation, it has currently been much longer than that.

Jessica slid her naked body over next to Marc and peeked under the covers. Laying shirtless on his back as at all times, she pulled the covers over her head and slid down. Smelling the smoke from last night’s fire on his clothes reminded her that they both had a bit too much to drink and just crashed in bed. She began to trace around his sleeping bulge with her fingers, gently rubbing over his shorts until there was some growth.

Marc was beginning to wake up, the throbbing of his own hangover was beginning to drum a painful beating in his head. Closing his eyes, he gave it a good attempt to overcome the onslaught of pounding. By this point, he had noticed the shape moving under the covers. Before he could say a single word, his wife’s hands were tugging at his waistband and moments later her mouth had taken him in.

Out of view due to the covers, her gentle sucking began to wake him. At first she did not bob her head, keeping him in her mouth with closed lips, she simply sucked hard and rolled her tongue all around, feeling things growing against her pursed lips. As she was making him rise, Marc closed his eyes to enjoy the sleepy blowjob. He immediately had visions of Carrie doing the same thing the previous week, but after the countless times his wife sucked him off, he was very aware of her technique.

As she was face down on the bed, head between his legs, the slow rising and falling of her head resulted in the edge of the blankets being lowered down his body. He tossed them off to a familiar body, leg curled up and messy blonde bed hair rising and falling. He ran his hand down her side and over to her ass to get his fingers between her legs. She raised up her leg a little higher and he dove in. Her body felt hot from the night’s sleep and his fingers worked her up a decent amount.

Now knowing he was awake, Jessica began to rock her head up and down. She was totally oblivious to the fact that the last time she performed this intimate task on her husband up until this morning, there had been another set of lips wrapped around his taken cock. Carrie’s mouth had performed well in the car ride from the cabin and all the other times, but through the past decade, Jessica had learned the art of pleasing Marc almost down to a science. The way she pushed his balls up near her mouth to stick her tongue out for the random lick while swallowing him or the hard, rapid stroking she gave him when needed a breather would get him to the finish line faster than anyone ever had.

However, she wanted more than his hand this morning and flipped her leg over his chest, and lowered her hips into his mouth. Along with her ability to make him cum fast, she also knew how to slow him down. So as she ran her pussy up and down his face and wiggling tongue, she controlled the situation between his own legs. Throughout all the years, Jessica never tired of the way his oral skills pleased her. The way his mouth tugged at her juicy lips or the movement of his tongue from her clit to her asshole never seemed to get boring.

She ran her hands down his legs, grabbing around his shins to slide her body down. Knowing the other little humans in the house would be bouncing around asking for breakfast was gonna keep this morning session short. Raising her hips up, she reached between and grabbed him, then lowered her body until he had fully penetrated her. The first pop was at all times special and Jessica let it stay still inside for a few seconds before she started humping him.

Marc watched as her pussy made him fully disappear from her rising and falling. She flattened her entire body down, her teeth making contact with the side of his calf. With fast and short thrusts she began to breathe a bit harder, “Oh, it’s been too long, I missed this” she moaned softly. Knowing she was close and this would be a fast moment, Marc pulled her hips down, holding her body in position as she glided front to back. It lasted about a minute, before the tightness of her inside collapsed around him, forcing her ass to form a few dimples and shake on his cock as she came.

Continuing to slowly move up and down, Jessica let out an exhausted breath, “Oh, I needed that, that was nice.” She dismounted him flipping entirely around to kiss Marc, “Ok, you’re turn.” Knowing how he enjoyed the view of her backside, she got on her hands and knees, feet dangling off the edge of the bed as Marc stood up and got positioned behind her. Marc gripped her hips and began his own journey to cumming.

“Let me,” she whispered, then took over by pushing back against him. Marc closed his eyes, his headache was slowly fading, but another picture of Carrie entered his head. This time, the outfit she wore in her house was getting him closer. He opened his eyes, at all times enjoyed the delicate curves of her body, even the few stretch marks around her hips made her body ordinary and strangely enticing. Jessica lowered her body flatter, raising up her backside a few more inches as he watched her push back into him. Above her head, Marc saw her two fists clutching the sheets. He grabbed her hips, sliding his palms between the crease her thighs made against her sides and pulled her in then rocked his hips faster. The body in front of him became motionless as his wife began to cum again, a rarity these days. He held on just for a moment longer before having no more control and released inside her.

When he was finished, Jessica flipped over on her back, “Mmm, twice,” she moaned, “that’s what I call making up for lost time.” She quickly rolled off the edge of the bed and slipped into the bathroom. Before Marc had an opportunity to process everything, the door flew open and everyone was now begging for breakfast.

The rest of the morning carried on as ordinary. Right around noon, there was a knock on the back slider from the neighbors’ kids and it would be off to a day of swimming soon enough. It took Carrie a few hours, some more Advil, and a few cups of coffee before she would make the walk over to the patio. Marc was doing his ordinary chores around the pool when he was greeted by Carrie.

“Morning, or is it afternoon? I don’t know but my head is literally pounding,” she confessed. He looked up from the skimmer as the gate closed. She was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, her hair up in a sloppy bun, and wore her ordinary high cut shorts with only her bikini top visible, this time a simple dark purple piece. He tossed the pole horizontally on the hooks and walked around to the seating area.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one,” he laughed, “this heat and sun aren’t helping either.”

Carrie crossed her legs in the chair, rolling the bottom of her foot up the side of his leg, “Then does this help?” She then put her feet flat on the stone and separated her legs aside, underneath the matching purple was visible.

“Carrie, we really shouldn’t do this anymore,” he dropped the bomb out of nowhere without warning. Immediately it was as if there was a knife stabbing her chest as his words echoed in her achy head. At that moment, Jessica popped out the slider with a pitcher of drinks for everyone.

“What shouldn’t you do anymore,” she asked.

Thinking quickly on his feet, Marc let her know, “Drinking like we’re in our early 20s again. This morning has been brutal.” Despite the newly revealed reservation to continue their affair, Carrie managed to moan in agreement.

“Well, my morning wasn’t that bad,” she spoke with a smile and elbowed Marc quickly in the arm. While Carrie had at all times been reserved around others, Jessica typically held very little back and that included anything related to her sex life with her husband. The one-two punch of Marc and his wife was tearing Carrie aside from the inside.

As Jessica retreated back inside for some extra snacks, it didn’t take long for Carrie to ask in a disappointed tone, “So you fucked her huh?”

Before he could answer, she returned and joined them around the table. Tossing her feet up on Marc’s lap she now asked Carrie, “Any big plans for the weekend?”

She was in a daze from the past few minutes and from her hangover. Carrie couldn’t take her eyes off Marc’s lap behind the camouflage of her sunglasses, thinking that her legs should be dangling there like they had been there several times of late. Snapping to attention and grabbing an ice filled glass of lemonade she finally said, “I have a bachelorette party this weekend for one of my old friends in the city. Honestly, I don’t know if I can have two of these types of nights in one week.”

Jessica sat up normally, grabbing a plate for some chips and dip and a few berries, “Hey,” she looked at Marc, “aren’t you going to something this weekend in the city? You should go be her bodyguard, keep all the creeps in the bars away from them all.”

“I think that sounds perfectly hilarious, Marc. You can be the Kevin Costner to our collective Whitney Houstons.”

Jessica smirked, “Minus the affairs and the stalker and I guess it would be a riot. Wish I could be a fly on the wall.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Marc continued, “let’s not forget about Costner getting shot, I could do without that too please. I’ll check my schedule and if I can, I’ll meet you guys out for a drink. Just keep April and her tequila far away from me please.”

“Deal,” Carrie agreed then stood up removing her shorts and walked towards the steps of the pool.

“Marc,” Jessica whispered tapping his arm, “damn, look at her ass. Really, I wish I could walk around with that trailing behind me.”

She obviously didn’t know that he knew what it looked like without those bottoms, but he reassured her, “Your body is just fine, more than fine actually.”

Jessica smiled, rubbing the top of his forearm, “Yeah, I guess you didn’t mind the view of mine this morning. Phew, two times and no interruptions this morning, I can’t even remember the last time that happened.” She stood up to join Carrie in the pool before leaning over to kiss him on the cheek and follow it up with a quick grab to his crotch, “Play your cards right and I might just let you lay back again and give you two tonight, one with my lips and the other with the same view as this morning.”

The day carried on like any other hot summer’s day. They grilled up some food and eventually called it quits as the sun went down. After the kids were put to bed, Jessica got a call from her sister and they talked for a while. Across the living room Marc was watching the end of a baseball game and motioned to her that he was going up to shower after the last pitch. She shook her head, gave a thumbs up, and continued on with her conversation.

Upstairs, Marc gathered his ordinary items for staying in a hotel for a few nights and put everything that didn’t belong in the suitcase on his dresser. After tossing the remaining items in his bag and zipping up his suit bag, he stripped down and walked into the bathroom. Still feeling the effects of the previous night’s drinking, Marc aggressively washed everything and quickly shaved using the mirror suctioned to the shower tile. The hot water felt great cascading down from the spout, he stayed under the spray a few extra minutes before turning the water off.

As he had been doing since he was a kid, Marc pushed the shower curtain slightly to the side, grabbed the towel off the floor, and dried off inside the shower with the hot steam to stay warm. After wrapping up in the towel, he swiped some deodorant on, checked the status of his shave in the mirror, and opened the door out of the master bathroom to the bedroom. The lights were now all off and any glow from the hallway night light was held back by the closed door on the other side of the room. Once his eyes adapted to the dark room only lit up by the glow of both of their alarm clocks, he saw Jessica completely naked on the bed.

She rested her head in the palms of her hands held up by her elbows on the edge of the bed. On her stomach, laying perpendicular to the way one would sleep and with her legs bent up behind her, she barely whispered once he entered the room, “Come here.” Once Marc stood at the side of the bed, Jessica slid her fingers between the fold of the towel and his waist, pulling side to side until the towel fell to the floor. Flipping her head to the side and tossing her wavy blonde hair away from her face she grabbed his softness into her palm, he stepped forward.

Curling her tongue, she poked right under his head making it bounce a few times like fresh dough. Now flattening her tongue, she extended it out then back in her mouth feeling him grow slowly. Jessica truly enjoyed that after all these years her warm mouth could still get him aroused so quickly. She latched onto him, sucking his manhood tightly, and with every extension of her neck, her lips were forced to curl inward, making them disappear. Marc’s head flew back in the dark room, unable to see her below, or the fact that her hips were moving up and down off the mattress, grinding a single finger against her clit.

The subtle moans Jessica made vibrated throughout his hard thick dick. Once again, an image of Carrie flew into his mind. He tried to make it disappear, taking both of his hands and gliding them down her back until squeezing both of her cheeks in his hand. Like someone enjoying a melting popsicle on a hot day, the slurping sounds stopped for a moment, and with a loud sucking pop, Jessica removed her mouth, “Let me finish you first,” then resumed her bobbing.

She was at all times satisfied how long he lasted when they had sex, but something about her mouth just moved things along faster. The slightest movement in his own hips indicated only a few more seconds remained. In a single movement, Jessica flipped up to her knees and proceeded to furious suck up and down faster until the first drop of cum exited her excited husband. She pushed her head forward, keeping tongue roaming around his most sensitive spots behind her tight grip until he emptied everything into her mouth. For about another minute, she continued with some aftercare, kissing and licking him as he came down from cumming, and also to keep him hard.

Pulling away but remaining kneeling on the bed, Jessica called out to the Echo Dot in their room to turn the lights on. As the lights on their nightstands and dresser caused them both to need a few seconds to adjust from the brightness, Jessica lowered her back to the bed, sending her legs to his side. She pulled her body to the edge of the bed, the bottom of her ass hanging slightly over the side. They broke eye contact as she looked down between her legs, and slowly raised them up and spread. Marc saw her lips struggling to separate from the work she performed on herself while giving him head. He began to bend down to use his mouth on her but before he could even get halfway she said, “No, please just stick him in me again.”

Marc grabbed the base of his dick and took a half step towards her, aligning his head between her legs. There was no need for lube or spit, and he just pushed inside as she watched everything disappear. Despite the need to stay relatively quiet, after the first thrust Jessica couldn’t help but let out a long gentle, “Fuccccccck!”

It was either the angle or how wet she made herself prior that caused Jessica to hold him in place with the back of her legs everytime Marc pushed all the way in. It didn’t take long for him to catch on as he grabbed the back of her head, holding her in position to watch down below. After a few more times she began to whisper to him, “Harder.” A few more thrusts, “Little harder.” He kept the same speed pulling out, but was starting to push himself to the point where the mattress was moving sideways off the box spring.

She was now grinding back at him every time she held him in for a few seconds, then let up on her grasp. After another dozen times, Jessica ended up crossing her ankles behind his waist, and gripping the side of the bed with her hands until her own grinding resulted in an almost minute long shaky orgasm in which no words could leave her mouth. After the contractions ended, her legs just flopped off the bed, bent at the knees.

She let out a gigantic breath, “That was intense,” and rolled over, tapping the bed for him to lay down. Even though she knew her mouth was a quick way to make him cum, Jessica had one sneaky weapon in her arsenal to finish him off and that was riding him reverse. Once his head hit the pillow, she had her eyes on the hardness pointing up to the ceiling. She got into position and slowly lowered on him, allowing him the view.

Jessica raised and lowered a few times before sitting completely upright on him. She looked back over her shoulder with a grin and said, “Let’s see if you can make it a minute.” Lifting up her arms, she bunched up her hair, holding it all with one arm and wiggled down on him fully. Squeezing her muscles around him and giving him a view of her entire backside, Jessica just went to work. There was no ramp up at all. She whipped her body in short fast movements just enough to cause some tight friction where it counted. Knowing the view he was seeing was gonna make him explode. She rocked faster, arching her back towards him slightly making her puffy insides hit him just right. The combination of her body and ass jiggling to his willing eyes along with him between her legs moments ago, Marc didn’t hold back and true to form, came inside her in under a minute.

Jessica let her hair down and flipped around for a laughing kiss, “I still got it. Going to shower quickly, ya got me all sweaty.” Marc watched her ass shake as she walked away, feeling terrible and began to think about how he needed to end everything with Carrie and how he needed to get through the bachelorette weekend without any incident. He fixed the mattress back into its ordinary position and plopped down on the bed, falling asleep before Jessica returned from the bathroom.

The rest of the summer week carried on as ordinary. Marc had left the next day for another work trip and the two neighborly ladies shared lots of time around the pool. After days of text messages from April to Carrie leading up to all the hype of this bachelorette, it was soon Friday morning and Carrie found herself driving to April’s house to pick her up.

April loaded up the back of the car with enough bags to go on a trip for two weeks. She opened the passenger door and sat down for the ride. They were barely out of the driveway before her friend started to prod her about things, “So, did ya get lucky this week?”

“No,” she sighed, “nothing happened this week.”

“Well, cheer up,” April continued, “we’re going to have a blast like old times and drink until we can’t stand anymore.”

“Oh wonderful, just what I need, another April induced hangover. I can hardly wait.”

April played around with the radio, finding a song she liked and turned up the volume, “Oh you love me,” she joked.

They drove for about an hour and filled conversation about other unrelated things until Carrie mentioned, “I guess I should mention that Marc is around for work and his wife suggested he come meet us out for a drink later tonight.”

“That sounds like a terrible idea with this crew, but ce la vie I guess.”

Carrie stopped for gas about halfway into the trip. While she was outside the car pumping the gas, a message came over the speakers through the Apple Carplay, “Hey Carrie it’s Marc, I am not going to be able to get out of work until about 9 o’clock tonight. By the time I get back to my hotel and shower, I wouldn’t be able to meet you all out until very late, so I think I am just going to skip out and head home early in the morning. Sorry.”

After the message finished and the voice asked if she would like to reply, April immediately said yes and began, “Marc, that really sucks. I was really hoping to spend some quality alone time with you this weekend. I keep replaying the past few weeks in my head over and over. All it has done is keep me constantly wet thinking about it. I really hope you change your mind because I really need to feel you inside me again and your hands all over my body. I even have an outfit specifically for you to see that I packed.”

April sent the message, turning down the volume knob so it didn’t replay in the car. Just as the screen changed back to the music station, Carrie opened the door and they were on their way again.

About five minutes later the message window popped up on the screen and Carrie touched it to play the message from Marc. Both of the ladies heard his reply, “Wow, well I don’t know, this is really becoming a terrible thing we are doing. I will see what I can do and meet you guys. Just for a drink, even if you just made me really excited.”

Carrie looked right over at April who was staring out the window on the passenger side of the car, “What did you do!”

“Me,” she jokingly asked, “nothing, just, uhhhhh, gave him a little encouragement is all.”

She scrolled on the touch screen in the car, looking for the previous message and replayed what April had sent in her absence, “You’re an idiot, and I don’t talk like that.”

“You do now,” she reassured her, “relax will ya, fuck his brains out in a drunken stupor and maybe you’ll have a good time this weekend.” April responded again to the message, “Oh you’re excited? I think you should step away from work and prove it to me.” Before Carrie could cancel, April didn’t wait for it to read the message back and just hit send.

“You’re awful,” Carrie was starting to get pissed.

When the notification sound came through, April quickly grabbed the phone in the console’s cup holder. She stuck the phone in front of Carrie’s face to unlock it and opened the message from Marc. “Fuck, that thing is really nice Carrie,” she yelled.

“What? What’s nice,” asking to see what got her so excited. April turned around the phone and showed her the photo. Marc’s face wasn’t visible but he was obviously in a bathroom stall. His pants were unzipped and his hardness was poking through the opening.

April turned the phone back to take another look, “Damn, that has to be thicker than my forearm. So clean, so thick, and he probably beat off for a few to get it like that for ya.” She then reached over to the driver’s seat and tugged at the strap around her shoulder, “Come on, let’s pop your tits for him.”

Before Carrie could object or fix herself while driving, her entire chest was exposed, and her tight tank top was down around her waist as the photo was snapped. April attached it to the reply and sent it over with a message telling him to keep going. It took about five minutes for a reply to finally come through.

Marc had asked, “Who took that picture?”

As it came over the speakers of the car April asked her, “Should I tell him?”

“Fuck it, why not,” Carrie insisted, “and may as well send him your tits too since everything is out there.”

“Well,” April said with a smile, “if you insist.” She pulled her shirt over her head and started a video on Carrie’s phone. After panning the camera at her bare chested friend driving, she flipped the phone around to herself, pinching and tugging on one of her nipples before letting him know, “Marc, we don’t keep secrets between us. We’ll see you tonight.”

After sending the video off, they both covered up and laughed. Carrie was now actually looking forward to this weekend.

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