From her point of view(m39 f39)

I joined him in the shower.
The water was really hot at first, but it was nice to stand under the water with my arms wrapped around Daddy. I washed his back for him and then he did the same for me, pushing me against the wall. My breath caught in my throat and my pussy clenched at the roughness of it, but he didn’t touch me where I desperately needed him to touch. Then, he gently washed and conditioned my hair. When he got out I was a dripping mess, not from the shower, and I couldn’t wait to climb into bed with him. I finished my shower and then went into our bedroom to crawl into bed. Daddy was lying on the bed, naked, waiting for me. I grabbed my rainbow teddy bear and climbed in on my side of the bed. Almost instantly, he threw his arm out and said, “Come snuggle with Daddy.”
I scooted across the bed and curled up into his protective embrace, I felt like his special little girl, safe and protected. He turned the TV to some show that was easy to ignore. He rubbed his hands up and down my back as we snuggled. The action all the time sends tingles through my body and it makes me want to snuggle deeper into his embrace. Suddenly, he smacked my ass and my pussy clenched in anticipation. He did it again, a little harder. After a few more swats, I rolled over onto my stomach to allow him a better angle. As I moved, Daddy leaned over and grabbed the belt off the floor.
The first swat stung painfully, but it created a deep burning desire. He gently rubbed the belt over the sore spot before he swung the belt again, a little harder this time. He swung again, and again, and again; each time rubbing the sting away with the belt. I looked up into his eyes, so full of desire, and kissed him as he swung the belt again and again. My pussy was dripping wet and I couldn’t sit still anymore. I needed his dick in my mouth and I needed it immediately. I pushed him onto his back as I got up and crawled between his legs.
I licked from the tip of his dick to the base and back again before I leaned farther down and sucked his balls into my mouth, nipping with my teeth a little bit and burying my face into him. He moaned when I released his balls with a pop and quickly shoved his dick as far down my throat as I could. I held that position for a second before I lifted my head with a gag. I immediately put his dick back in my mouth and started pumping slowly up and down. The slow movements were not enough for him and he wrapped his hand in my hair which allowed him to push my head and control the tempo. My head bobbed as fast as it could. I moaned with my mouth still wrapped around his dick. I could feel him growing longer and harder in my mouth. “You like sucking your Daddy’s dick, don’t you?” he asked, moaning as he pushed my head faster. “Daddy’s good little whore.” I pulled his dick out of my mouth, took a breath, relaxed my throat, and jammed him as deep into my throat as I could. I held it there until I started gagging. My pussy tightened at the sound of Daddy moaning as I released him. When I came up for air, I sat up on my knees and re-tied my hair that had fallen out of my ponytail. I looked at his hard dick in front of me, my own juices running down the inside of my thighs, and all I could think of was impaling myself on his dick. All I wanted in that second was the pleasure that came from riding Daddy as hard as I could. Daddy all the time gave me everything I wanted and I knew if I asked he would give me that as well. Then, I looked at him and the lust in his eyes had me sliding his dick deep into my throat until I gagged. I continued to suck his dick and he grabbed my head again, increasing the speed. I relaxed and gave control to Daddy, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. With each bob of my head the speed increased and my desire grew. Daddy’s moans of pleasure sent waves of need rippling through me.
Daddy relaxed his grip and I sat up, breathing hard. My legs were shaking with the need coursing through me, I need Daddy. I forced myself to look away from his rock hard dick and into his eyes. “Please?” I pouted. “Can I have it, Daddy?” With a smirk on his lips and a glint in his eye, he said, “Let’s get to it, then.”
I was smiling like a kid in a candy store that’s just been told they have no spending limit. I quickly hopped over his leg and got down on my hands and knees, laying my head on the bed, with my ass in the air, waiting for Daddy. He positioned himself behind me and gripped my hips, pulling me closer to him. He rubbed his dick between the folds of my pussy drenching himself in my hot juices. He positioned himself at my entrance and slid inside of me. I moaned at the full feeling, then gasped as Daddy hit my cervix and an intense wave of pleasure washed through my body. He withdrew and I braced for the next wave as he slammed himself straight back into my cervix; I cried out. My brain was in a fog as he continued to send me through wave after wave of pleasure. While this is, in itself, an amazing experience, I was chasing something much more. I lifted my body up off of the bed and Daddy put his hands on my shoulders, pulling me into him as he pounded into me. I moaned and wiggled just an inch higher, which I knew would make Daddy put his hands around my neck. “Yes, yes, yes….” I repeated. “Right……,” I breathed. As his hands gripped either side of my neck, he rammed the head of his dick directly into my g-spot, sending me over the edge “…..there,” I screamed.
“Is that what you wanted?” he moaned behind me. Daddy pounded my g-spot over and over and over, harder and harder. A haze of pleasure took over my body and I saw stars as Daddy freezes, pushing his dick as deep inside of me as he could. His cum hit my g-spot at full force and I screamed out clenching around him pushing my ass towards him, trying to get him as deep as feasible. His dick pulsed, sending jolts of pleasure with each twitch.

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