From grossed out to her new fetish.. [M 24/F 24][Watersports]

I have all the time had a thing for piss. The hot liquid, the feeling, all of it. With that said, NOTHING turned me on more than the wondered of a woman struggling to hold it in before losing control and wetting her panties. I never quite understood why, but something about that was sexy in a manner that I couldn’t even describe.

My girlfriend wondered that was… gross. For lack of a better term. She didn’t figure out the appeal in that and found it frankly strange that I would be into that. However, no harm no foul and we just never really ventured into it. Until one day…

It was Halloween and we had gone 2 hours up the road to a neighboring city to celebrate. After hanging out all day, it was getting late and she whispered in my ear that the sooner we got home, the sooner we could fuck. Of course, this is music to my ears so we got back on the interstate and began the drive home. Around 10 minutes from home, she began squirming in her seat and groaning slightly.

Somewhat concerned (she sometimes would get carsick) I asked if she was okay. “Yeah yeah.. I just really have to pee right now” she said as she struggled to get comfortable. She unbuttoned her jeans to take pressure off of her bladder and it revealed a sexy pair of black panties.. my favorites on her and ones that all the time get us in a sexy mood.

Absolutely throbbing from the panties and the eroticism of knowing she needed to piss, I looked at her with a slight smirk and slid my right hand over and into her jeans, letting it come to rest against her panty covered cunt before applying light pressure. “Oh that’s definitely uncomfortable.. here let me help you hold it”, I said with a sly grin as I looked at her.

“Babe what are you doing you know I’m not into watersp… ohhhhhhh godddd” she groaned as my hand pressed against her panties. “Fuck that’s…. different” she said as she squirmed against my hand.

“Want me to take it off?” I ask inquisitively. She closes her eyes and bites her lip. “Uhhhhh… I.. I don’t know…” as she pressed her hand against mine and held it tighter against her panties. “It’s just… ughhhhh”.

“Hmm.. well tell me once you want me to move it”, I said before I move my fingers slightly up and start massaging her clit through the panties. “FUCKKKKK” she hissed as she spread her legs wider, closing her eyes and moaning. “God it feels so wrong to be enjoying this pee is gross and I don’t want to ruin your seat!!!”

“Well good thing for you we’re home”, I say. I remove my hand but not before pressing on her bladder. “Go to the bathroom and let’s fuck after”, I say as we go inside. After we get in, she goes to the bathroom and closes the door, but only a few seconds later opens it in just her panties and sheepishly looks at me.

“Actually I uh… I don’t wanna piss.. I’m enjoying this too much”. She says. “Oh really now?” I ask as I walk over to her, once again sliding my hand against her panties. “Why did you think I was weird for liking it then?” By this point, her panties were beginning to get soaked with her arousal and her losing battle against her bladder.

“Because it’s gross but god it feels so different and I want more..” She moaned. I start rubbing her clit faster while my other hand pushes against her bladder. She begins to breathe faster and begins shaking. “UGH fuck fuck AAAHHHH”, she lets out a nearly inhuman scream of pure lust as she finally loses her battle and piss explodes from her, instantly soaking her panties and pouring down her legs as a pool forms at her feet. She finally composes herself.

“Seems like you’re my piss slut now” I say. “Please yes.. please please please.. I have never felt this good before..”

“Good!” I look at her with a smile before pulling her into a deep kiss.

“Uggghhhhhhh” – another moan escapes her lips as my tongue hungrily explores her mouth, her knees weak as I slide my hand inside her dripping panties and start playing with her soaked clit.

“Fuck..” she whispers as I continue to tease her. “I drank so much that I’m already starting to feel like I need to go again”

I stop kissing her and move my hand up to her chin, moving it to where she is staring up, directly into my eyes.

“Well, you’re not, because I said so. I push her onto the bed and pull down her panties. “You’re going to sit on my face while I taste you”, I say.

“What.. are you serious?” she stammers, turning bright red. “Absolutely. Now Get on my face”. I lay down on the bed and she positions herself on top of me, her cunt directly over my lips.

“OH MY GOD!” she screams as I grab her legs and pull her onto me, my tongue hungrily tasting her cunt. “BABE.. FUCK” I hear as her hips start to gyrate. My hands pull down on her legs even more as I feel my cock throb and become as rock hard as it ever has. She notices it too, as she leans over and slides my underwear down. My heart skips a beat as I feel a warm wetness encase it, her tongue sliding up and down my shaft as my hands grab her ass and spread it aside and pull down, forcing her deeper onto me.

I feel my cock tighten even more in her mouth and know what’s about to happen. I clench as hard as I can and try to delay it, but this blowjob is far and away the best one I’ve ever gotten and I know I’m gonna cum. I start to rock my hips as well as the pleasure begins to create, and a moan escapes me as I keep hungrily eating her out.

It continues to create and create, and the pleasure is so overwhelming I grab her ass and pull her down onto me with even more force. I hear a muffled scream and her body begins to shake as a thunderous orgasm overtakes her and she once again loses control of her bladder, exploding in piss all over my face. This is too much for me, and I feel my cock explode as gigantic jets of cum rupture into her mouth, which is still wrapped around it. Hot piss has filled my mouth and soaked every part of my face and chest, and I eagerly swallow it all.

“Fuck.. fuck fuck fuck fuck” she repeatedly says, still laying on top of me in the puddle of our liquids the night has built.

She finally rolls off of me and collapses next to me onto the bed. “That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done”, she moans. “But that was so unbelievably hot. Every time I fuck now I’m going to be thinking about this”, she mutters. She falls off to sleep, not even recognizing the piss soaked sheets we’re laying in.

And that is how a brand new piss slut was created..

NSFW: yes

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