Friendship Spiraling M33 F 24 [D/s, Mdom, Friends to lovers, cumplay]

I’ve been friends with Victoria ever since she moved in across the hall. She was finishing up her graduate degree at the nearby university and wanted to live away from the stress of campus life. She was in her early 20s and was very attractive. She dressed well, was very charismatic, and still managed to have fun despite a busy work and college schedule. I worked as an IT consultant remotely since I finished my degrees about 10 years ago. I stayed in shape and was known as the quiet neighbor in the building.

For whatever reason, we clicked quickly. It was easy to make jokes with each other and chat about our days; it was convenient and fun to have someone close.

We begin sharing more and more about our lives, our dating, everything in general. She was dating a fellow student in her program and constantly complained about how he was. Eventually she breaks up with him but our relationship stays just as friends.

This week is forecasted to bring the blizzard of the century – well maybe the last 50 years. The power manages to go out before the snow started falling. I begin a fire in the fireplace, one of the advantages of living in an updated 1800’s building, and pull out a book to begin reading by the fire.

Victoria knocks on the door sharply. I open the door and discover her wrapped in a blanket with a huff. “Why did we have to lose power… I was watching Netflix and content,” she whines as she pushes past me. She plops beside the fire and wraps the blanket a bit tighter. “Oh please, come right in…” I mock. “Bring the tequila, I don’t want to be sober for this boredom,” she says flatly.

I bring the bottle and sit on the couch, setting up shots on the coffee table. I get an alert on my phone warning of the cold weather on the way which I promptly ignore. We spend the next few hours slowly getting drunk and our conversation twists and turns until reaching sex.

“I’ve haven’t felt the thrill in sex for a while now, it always feels too calculated and safe,’ she admits, slurring her words a bit. I hold back a chuckle, “Oh? What are you looking for?” I ask with feigned-innocent tone. She grins as she takes another shot and shudders, ” I want someone to take control, to push my boundaries, to make me really feel submissive…” She states.

I’m a little surprised, while we’ve talked about sex before – she’d never talked about fantasies or desires like this. I taunt her a bit, “You don’t actually mean that… you always pick the ‘safe’ guy because that’s what you want. You hate the idea of someone telling you what to do.”

She darts her eyes back to mine, “I’m serious!” she exclaims. “You’re drunk,” I retort. She furrows her brow and crosses her arms. She goes into my bedroom and changes into one of my hoodies and a pair of my sleep pants, far too big on her. We move past the topic for a bit and talk about sleeping arrangements, “Do you want to sleep on the couch or the air mattress,” I offer. She gets on the couch and rolls up her blanket tight again as the fire crackles.

The next morning, I wake up first and begin figuring out a way to prepare breakfast. I make some espresso in a moka pot on the gas stove and make some eggs with toast on a griddle next to it. Victoria wakes slowly to the smell of the espresso, still wearing her blanket like a cape. The chill is more noticeable today – despite the warm fire.

“Good morning,” I smirk as she winces from the hangover. “I made some breakfast,” I offer as she stumbles toward the espresso. We chat quietly as we eat and talk about the snow piling up outside. She surprises me at the end of the meal, “I meant what I said last night, it wasn’t drunken babble.” I can see her blush just a bit as she says it.

She stands to set her dishes in the sink and I stand close behind her, trapping her wrists to the counter. I lean in to her ear and whisper, “This is what you want? To cede control to me and obey?” I can see goosebumps form on her wrists and hear her swallow hard from my action. She slowly nods, her eyes fixed to the sink. I spin her around gently by the waist and pull up her chin so her eyes discover mine – “I want to hear you say it.”

She tries to look away as she blushes intensely now but I don’t let her. She quietly murmurs, “I want to submit…. to you”. I pull her in to an intense, deep kiss and immediately feel her melt in in my arms as I do. When I finally break the kiss, she looks back up at me and bites her lip. I lead her back over to the fire and sit in front of it, “Undress for me,” I say as I look her over standing near me.

She rolls her eyes a bit, expecting something different. My hand handles her chin, bringing her eyes to mine again. “Now,” I say sternly. She swallows hard as she lets the blanket fall to the ground first. She pulls the hoodie off her slowly, exposing her waist, then letting her breasts drop from the shirt. She blushes, but I can see her breathing amplify. She loops the waistband and slides the pants down, leaving her naked in the kitchen. She brings her wrists to her sides, as if trying to show confidence. I smirk, “You can follow directions…” I tease.

She smirks and starts, “Is that all you’ve…” I interrupt her with a deep kiss. Her lips welcoming it immediately as my hands wrap around her waist. I reach for her perky ass and grab it tightly, feeling her whimper as I do. When I pull back from the kiss, she looked disoriented for a moment. She played with her hair as I grabbed my phone from the nearby table. “Blow me a kiss,” I instructed as I flicked on my camera.

She looked panicked, “Wait… no… I’m naked!” I look back at her with a stern face. She pauses and quickly relents, blowing a kiss as she blushes profusely. I smirk as I take the picture and show her. I see her gaze fall to my waist; naturally I had gotten hard looking at her and kissing her. I take her hand and guide it to my cock. “Are you going to be a good girl?” I tease as she bites her lip. She nods as I pull the pants down and my cock springs out.

Her eyes widen as I guide her to her knees in front of the big kitchen window. As she settles on her knees, she looks back up at me waiting for guidance. I step closer and she immediately kisses the head of my cock and takes the shaft in her hand. After a few kisses she finds my eyes and takes my cock into her mouth, sucking as she soaks my head. I can feel her neediness grow with each movement. She at all times mentioned that she loved giving oral, I finally got to test it. I guide her to take it deeper into her throat and feel her gag a bit. She keeps going, more and more enthusiastically as she drools down her chest. Her technique is fantastic and I can feel precum leak onto her tongue. She moans as she tastes it.

I stop her and bring her back to her feet. I look her over closely. The mess on her chin and chest, the hunger and desire on her face, her nipples hard as rock… “what a lovely sight,” I whisper into her ear, “good girl.” She grabs my phone and takes a selfie of her messy look and saves it. “I’m yours now,” she purrs.

I grab her tight and set her ass on the counter, lifting her right ankle onto the sink making her balance on her left. I grab her tight and line up my cock to her and press into her lips gently, teasing her with my head. She’s soaked. I slowly push in, claiming her pussy. Her face contorts in pleasure and a whimper escapes her lips. I can not hold back and begin thrusting, slow at first but quickly picking up speed and intensity. “Oh god!” she moans as I continue, “don’t stop, please….” she squeals.

I can feel her pussy clench around my throbbing cock. I know she’s getting close – as am I. I tease her nipples as I thrust and see her eyes light up as the pleasure builds. She inhales sharply and her eyes shut hard. “Fuckkk…” She moans loudly as I feel her shudder against the counter and my body. I slow down as she comes off her orgasm and tries to catch her breath.

In her daze, I manage to get her back on her knees, weakly she looks up at me and bites her lip as I stroke my cock over her. I begin to cum over her, spraying rope after rope on her tongue, face, and chest – groaning loudly as I do.

When we finally catch our breaths she stands up, close to me. “I’ve never let anyone cum on my face before… but I wanted to be a good girl for you…” she whispers with a wink.

This is gonna be a fantastic snowstorm.

NSFW: yes

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