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I used to have a guy friend during college. We were both single and sat together in the back of class. I’m sure you can imagine where I’m going with this, haha, but anyway. One day during class, he asked if he could touch my thighs, and I agreed. His hands moved towards my thighs slowly under our desk, I could tell he was nervous and gently took his hands in mine, placing them on my thighs. Nerves melted away as he began to explore and caress my thighs more, I couldn’t believe how horny this was making me I wanted to touch him in return but didn’t only guiding his gentle hands every now and then. Needless to say, I was distracted the whole lesson drowning in lust and worrying that we would be caught.
I could feel his wandering hands moving further and further up towards my wet cunt and even though I desperately wanted his touch I stopped him moving his hands back down.
The rest of the lesson his hands squeezed and glided across my thighs as he looked at me with knowing eyes.

These simple caresses soon became routine with no need to even ask permission, I’d get to feel his touch every day. This went on for weeks, and every day, I went home wet and aching for his touch to the point where I was almost at all times fingering myself, imagining it was him and softly whispering his name.

As usual, once we sat down in class, he began caressing my thighs. He smirked at me, knowing how much this affected me and just how badly I wanted him.
I decided to wear a skirt today just to make it easier for him. What a pathetic little slut I am. Clearly, it was working because his hands inched closer and closer to my throbbing cunt wandering from their usual spot. This time, I didn’t stop him. He looked into my eyes, asking for permission, and I simply smiled and guided his hands.
His hand explored me clumsily in an almost endearing manner as he touched me over my panties, feeling the wet spot he had caused. “I didn’t think you’d be so wet just from me touching your thighs,” he whispered, and I instantly felt the blood rush to my face.
He grazed over my clit again and again teasing me, I wanted to feel more. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side, and his fingers eagerly explored me, rubbing my clit and circling my entrance. I noticed his bulge through his trousers.
I wouldn’t be the only one to suffer.
I palmed his erection and simply smirked when he looked at me in shock, but his eyes told me he was just as desperate for my touch as I was his.
His fingers entered me, and I let out an embarrassing noise, almost forgetting where I was. Luckily, no one had caught on to what shameful acts we were committing.

There we were fingering and jerking each other off, as if we couldn’t be caught in a moments notice. But I think that just turned me on even more. Just the wondered of being caught filled me with fear and excitement.
I could tell he was close he was trying to be quiet, but I could hear his soft panting. I was just as close, as he fingered my desperate cunt slow and deep. Just then he let out a deep grunt and I could feel his cock pulsating within my grip. I slid my hand beneath his trousers, feeling the cum he had just released all over himself. He grabbed my hand, preventing me from teasing him any further. His fingers moved faster inside of me as he circled my clit, I clenched as I reached my climax and I swear my vision went fuzzy for a second.

NSFW: yes

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