Friends wife (part 1)

So I was invited Matt(m28) to a weekend away with my friend Brad(m32) and his wife Lexi (f27) for their anniversary of 1 year she had invited a friend Kelsey(f25)for me. We went to a bigger city as we were from a small town and all split on a hotel with two beds we get there we’re getting settled in and getting ready to go to the bar.

A few hours later we go and have a nice dinner and we’re all talking Kelsey and I we weren’t really hitting it off it seemed more like friends. After dinner we go out to a bar and we’re feeling pretty buzzed from dinner we sit and have a few whiskeys Brad is getting pretty drunk by now as he never drinks and his wife Lexi is getting drunk and ready to party. Kelsey and I are getting closer and we had a make out and I could see Lexi staring.

I mentioned I needed to use the washroom Lexi said she needed to as well and so did Kelsey, Brad said he would stay to make sure we didn’t lose out seats so I went to the washroom and came out I seen Kelsey was at the bar getting a drink and I was looking for Lexi and she comes from behind me and grabs my hand and takes me to the dance floor we’re dancing and I noticed Lexi started to grind.

I did mention to Lexi that we shouldn’t be doing this she responded with Brad doesn’t like to dance so I’m all yours. With the drinks I gave in I started to push back while she was grinding, then she turned and put her arms around me and started to make out with me.
I was in heaven this was a bucket list thing for me. I reached up underneath lexis short dress and started to finger her on the dance floor, she reached down my pants and grabbed my dick and whispered I wish I could have this right now then she said better get back.

NSFW: yes

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