Friends sister

My friend from high college had a hot sister. A really hot sister. They were on the wealthier side and had an in-home gym. One time I was at his house I saw her walk downstairs to the basement to go the gym wearing some tight yoga pants. I had the perfect excuse to go down there. The other bathrooms in the house were in use. So I went to the basement bathroom. When I got downstairs I saw her but she didn’t see me because she was facing the other way and she had headphones on. I went to the bathroom and I started jacking off. A few minutes in the door opens up and I panic thinking it’s my friend. It’s his sister. Standing there mouth wide open in shock. “Omg I’m so sorry” she said. “It’s oka-“ she cuts me off and says, “why is it so big.” She shut the door and walked over and knelt down next to me and took off her bra. She put her hands on it and started looking at it. “You’re bigger than my ex” she said. She asked how big I was and I responded “like 7.5” her eyes were hypnotized to my cock. “ she looked up at me and slowly started sucking. After a few minutes I pushed her off and pinned her against the wall and tore her pants off and fucked her. I made her legs quiver. I came all over her face.

NSFW: yes

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