Friday Night at the Purple House [FMMMMM

It was a Friday night in 2007, there was a party at the Purple House and Amy was in her apartment getting ready.

She had moved off campus after sophomore year to Allston, a student neighborhood filled with battered apartment buildings and houses, hosting constantly changing configurations of students as they moved every year. On weekends it was chaotic no matter the season, with house parties, loud drunk students everywhere.

Amy finished her dark eyeliner, and examined her outfit in the mirror. Denim skirt, ripped lingerie tights, a black halter top showing a lot of boob, chuck taylors. Everything except for the chucks had come from the dollar a pound pile at the Garment District in Cambridge. Her mother had bought her the chucks before she left Los Angeles. Her mother definitely would not approve of the booby halter top, but her mother wasn’t there.

She grabbed a black hoodie, her bike helmet and purse and was out the door. Her bike was locked to the railing with about six other bikes, she unlocked it and carried it down the stairs and set off.The Purple House was only a five minute ride away, through the streets of Allston. It was only 9pm, but sounds of school parties seemed to be coming from every other building she rode by. The buildings were familiar, she had definitely been to parties in most of them during her freshman and sophomore years.

Recently though she had begun hanging out at the Purple House more. It was occupied by a loose group of friends from the art college at BU. At the moment it was five guys, and one girl. Amy had no idea how the girl, Mary, managed it, but Mary had also dated or slept with at least four of the guys, so it was more like Mary’s home than anything else.

Pulling up to the house Amy locked her bike on the porch and said hi to a few people smoking on the porch. The party was starting to gather steam, and the front door was open. She walked in, through their chaotic living room, filled with furniture rescued from the street during the yearly moving day free for all known as Allston Christmas. There were bottles, bike parts, and stuff everywhere. People lounged on the couches and chatted over a loud indie pop playlist coming from the speakers. M83, The Strokes, Bloc Party, MGMT, Deerhunter, The Futureheads.

She walked through the kitchen, down the stairs to the basement. The basement was also packed with bodies, a band playing in one corner, people dancing. It was dark, and despite being cold outside, sweaty and stuffy. She spotted her friends in the corner, and went to say hi.

She accepted a beer from a friend’s purse, and then stole another friend’s red solo cup, filled with something sweet and extremely alcoholic. The music was too loud for talking, so she let herself be swept up in the crowd, grabbing on to her friend Ben who seemed to appear from nowhere. They danced for a while, close, he was in a baggy t-shirt, ripped jeans, and she could feel heat radiating from his body. He was grinning wildly, face bright in the darkness. They had all the time been flirtatious and she wasn’t surprised when suddenly his hand was cupping her face, and then they were making out, standing in the mass of bodies, getting bumped and jostled, his hand now on her ass, pulling her roughly toward him. She could feel all of him pressed against her, his skinny frame, lean and muscular from biking everywhere. He tasted like vodka. He pressed her up against him, and over the music said into her ear


She had forgotten that he had moved in recently. She nodded, and he took her hand, and led her through the crowd to the stairs. She turned back and got her friend’s eye, and pointed upstairs so someone would know where she was. The friend grinned and then made a humping motion and a thumbs up.

They moved through the house, which was even more crowded now, the halls crowded with people who they had to push past. They reached Ben’s room, an open attic space on the top floor, bed on the floor, ratty couch and armchairs also rescued from the street.

Unfortunately, at the moment, all occupied. The current house occupants, minus Mary, were taking a smoke break, passing around a lit joint. Their faces turned towards Amy and Ben as they came up the stairs, but they seemed too stoned already to find out what they were there for. Seemed like she wasn’t gonna get to fuck Ben. He looked at her, apologetically, and then said, “Well, do you want some of this joint?”.

They both squeezed onto the couch. Amy sat in the middle with Ben next to her, and a couple of the other roommates, Chris and Pat to her left. It was a tight squeeze, and Amy found herself sitting partially on Ben’s lap. They sat, and chatted for a while. She accepted the joint as it came around. Ben’s hands were drifting over her body, surreptitiously tracing paths over her skin. She shifted a little, and his hand dipped under her shirt, tracing a path along her stomach where her skirt stopped. She pushed herself back against him, and his fingers dipped cautiously under her skirt, but it was too tight for them to go much further.

The room was dark, and no one seemed to be paying attention as they chatted and smoked, so she reached down, running her fingers over his wrist and strong large hands, and popped the first few buttons of her jean skirt. She could feel his heart beating against her, as his hand slid slowly downward, over her tights, down gently cupping the mound of her pussy, his middle finger sliding down the crease formed by her pussy lips. She bit her lip to stifle a moan and tried to press herself against his hand, thrusting her hips against his hand, slowly, secretly, so no one would notice.

She let out a moan, before she could realize what she was doing.

“What are you guys doing over there?”

The two other roommates on the couch were looking for them.

Ben’s hand didn’t move. She wondered about what they must be seeing. From her black stocking toes, resting on the nearest one, Chris’ lap. Following the run of her legs, up to her skirt, hiked up almost to her ass, the obvious bulge of Ben’s hand under her skirt.

Ben said “Well, we were hoping there wouldn’t be anyone in here, and instead you guys were all here.”
The others in the room had noticed what was going on. Chris and Pat were on the couch, and then Lucas and Anthony were sitting in the chairs.

“Oh shit man, you should have said something, we’ll go.”

Anthony spoke “I definitely do not want to go if I’m honest, seems like the best part of the party is right here”.

The others all looked at her. It didn’t seem like they wanted to go either. It seemed like they wanted to see what would happen next.

Amy wondered about it. She had already slept with Anthony, and things were obviously already going that way with Ben, and she had all the time wondered Chris and Lucas and Pat were cute. One of her favorite fantasies was a group of men, all fucking her, and here was a group of men and why shouldn’t she live out her fantasies?

And Ben’s hand was still pressing against her clit, and she didn’t want it to stop, and it was warm and cozy in the attic, the sounds of the party muffled by the closed door at the top of the stairs.
Amy removed Ben’s hands from her body and sat up and looked at all of them.

“You can stay, but I don’t know where this is going, and I’m not promising anything and I’m in charge and you ask before you do anything and if you don’t I’m out of here. Everybody agree to that or get out”.

She looked at each of them in turn. It seemed like it was taking a second for their stoned brains to catch up, but each of them said “okay.”

“Okay. Ben, you can keep going.”

She laid back on his chest, and grabbed his hand and guided it back under her skirt. Her heart was pounding, and she was aware of every set of eyes in the room on her. She felt Ben’s hand slide hesitantly over her stockings, his middle finger against grazing down the crease. It pressed on her clit and she pushed her hips against it. She shut her eyes, her dark hair falling back and revealing the line of her neck as she pressed herself back into Ben so that she could raise her hips.

“Press harder”. He pressed down on her clit and pleasure shot through her, she didn’t bother restraining herself and moaned loudly. She spread her legs, pointing her stocking clad pussy towards the roommates. She pressed herself against Ben’s hand, rubbing her mound and her clit against him. She felt so dirty, so sexy, putting herself on display on display like this. She didn’t want it to stop, she wanted to bare herself for them, to show them her body, show them her pleasure. She felt her orgasm building. She was humping Ben’s hand, like humping her pillow to get off in her apartment, alone, imagining being surrounded by naked men, stroking themselves, watching her. But here she was, surrounded.

She opened her eyes, pressed her head back more so she could nip at Ben’s neck. He shuddered.

“Keep pressing, right there Ben, keep going.”

She looked at the others. “You can play with yourselves, if you want, if you like this. I want to see…”.

They glanced at each other. Anthony didn’t have to be told twice. He got up, quickly unbuckling his pants, pulling down his underwear. His cock flopped out. He was already hard, his circumcised cock thick, his pubic hair neatly trimmed, his cock bobbing as he sat back down. The other guys stared as he lightly stroked it.

Lucas was next, scooting his pants down, grasping his cock as she stared. She watched closely as the guys at the other end of the couch both got rid of their pants and underwear. Her feet were now resting on Chris’ bare thigh, close to his cock. Soon she was staring at a ring of dicks. Each guy was definitely alert now, and looked hungrily at her.

“Anthony, because you were so enthusiastic, you can come over and take my skirt and underwear off.”
Anthony stood, dick proudly erect. He crossed over, leaned down, and then stopped. “Can I kiss you first?” He looked first at her, and then at Ben. Amy reached up and grabbed Anthony’s face, and pulled him towards her, he pressed down on top of her, and suddenly she was sandwiched between the two men, and she could feel the other two on the couch shifting under her legs. She was surrounded by four men, warm and horny and erect. Anthony kissed her, roughly, biting her lip, and then she pushed him away.

“Take off my skirt and tights and underwear.”

He knelt next to the couch, hooked his fingers under the layers of skirt and stockings and underwear, and slowly pulled them off. She straightened her legs and allowed him to peel them off, and then rested one leg on the back of the couch, and one on the ground, presenting her now bare pussy to the group. She didn’t like shaving, but was glad she had trimmed recently. There were five pairs of eyes glued to her pussy, which was wet, lips slightly spread in arousal.

She reached down, firmly pressing against her clit, rubbing up and down. Anthony leaned in “Can I kiss your neck?” He knew from past experience what that would do to her. She nodded.

She arched her head, and felt small shocks as Anthony licked and kissed up her neck and behind her ear. She concentrated on rubbing her clit, feeling an orgasm building. She was pressed between the two men, so much warmth and skin, she could feel the bulge of Ben’s hardening cock against her back. She counted herself lucky that she could cum multiple times, and the sight of so many cocks and the feeling of exhibiting herself had her extremely turned on, she wanted this to last.

She watched as the guys played with themselves, watching her. Gently tugging their foreskins, stroking up and down. She wanted to feel each cock in her hands, in her mouth, in her pussy. She wanted each of them inside of her. She wanted to be fucked, used by these men, she wanted their sticky cum.

She moaned, louder, and louder, and let out an explosive gasp as her orgasm ripped through her. Everything was suddenly overwhelming and she pushed away Anthony and sat up from Ben.

“Holy shit I just came so hard.”

Anthony sat back “That was so fucking hot”.

She looked around at the others. They looked like they were barely restrained, like they wanted to ravish her. They would have to wait their turn.

She turned back to Ben, getting on her hands and knees on the couch, provocatively raising her ass in the ass, showing off her pussy and asshole to the rest of the guys.

Ben hadn’t been able to take his pants off with the others, and now she quickly shucked them off, revealing a large uncut cock, pre-cum coating his head and foreskin. She lowered her head, and took it into her mouth. Ben gasped and sat back as she began to bob up and down, then peeling back his foreskin and lightly licking behind the head, then gently taking both his balls in her mouth, one by one.

She heard a whisper in her ear, it was Anthony. “Can I eat your pussy?”. She nodded, and she felt hands tracing her ass, down the backs of her thighs, up her inner thigh, tracing lightly around her pussy, until they gently dipped into her wetness, lightly coating her labia. And then hands on her thighs, spreading her wider, and the feeling of a tongue on her clit, lapping up to the opening of her vagina, and back down again, making her already wet pussy a slippery mess. She moaned against Ben’s cock, and pushed back against the tongue. Ben grabbed her head, and started fucking her face with his cock. “I’m gonna cum Amy, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna…”. He exploded in her mouth, and she desperately tried to swallow, until, shuddering, he withdrew.

She sat back, and looked back at the group. The guys had gotten up, except for Anthony, and were now standing around the couch, hard cocks out, a circle of dicks, exactly like her fantasies.

Pat said “Would…would you do that, for me?”

She grinned and nodded, and pushed Ben off the couch. Pat replaced him, his cock smaller and thinner. She back looked at Anthony “I need you to fuck me.” and then got back on all fours, lowering her head to Pat’s cock. As she took it in her mouth, she felt Anthony’s cock press against her hole, and she pushed back. He filled her, slowly, and she deep throated Pat’s cock at the same time. She was so full of cock and felt so slutty.

Anthony began to fuck her, slowly, and she bounced her ass against him, and then looked up “I need you to fuck me harder”. He grabbed her hips roughly, and fucked her hard and fast ,his balls slapping her clit, as she moaned against Pat’s cock. She couldn’t concentrate, and soon Pat was holding her by the hair and fucking her face. Her face was dripping with cum and spit as Pat fucked it, and she could feel another orgasm building, Anthony was right on her g-spot, she was gonna cum, until Anthony let out a loud groan and thrust deep into her and she could feel him pumping cum deep inside of her pussy. He pulled out, leaving her on all fours, his cum leaking out of her sloppy pussy. She so close and she said, without turning around “Someone else fuck me! I’m gonna cum, I dont care who it is, just fuck me”.

Another set of hands grabbed her hips, she felt the tip of another cock rub up and down her messy slit, slick with arousal and Anthony’s cum, before roughly sliding into her, pounding her. This one was larger, thicker, stretching her, pushing deep inside. She lowered her head back onto Pat’s cock, supporting herself with one hand and grabbing his shaft with another, warm soft skin over his rock hard shaft, sliding up and down, pulling his cum out of him, until he let out a grunt and her mouth was again filled with hot cum. This time she didn’t bother trying to swallow, and it spilled out over her lips and chin, dripping down onto his saliva-covered cock as he collapsed under her.

She couldn’t pay attention though, the pleasure was too much as she was rammed by whoever was fucking her, she was pushed into the rough fabric of the couch, the pleasure overwhelming as she was roughly fucked. She didn’t even care who it was, she just needed a cock, just needed to be filled. Another orgasm washed over her, and she let out a cry, riding the wave, until again, hands clutched her, ramming themselves deep inside of her, cock filling her pussy with cum again, and then pulling out.

Another set of hands, another cock slid inside her. By now she was riding a constant wave of orgasms, each crashing down on her. She felt hands on her ass, and then a finger massaging her asshole, which was wet and lubed up from the cum and the spit and her wetness. The finger pushed against her, and slipped inside and she was fucked, she was moaning “More…more, fucking, fuck me, more”, she desperately wanted something in all of her holes, the finger fucking her ass, in and out, and then a loud grunt from who ever was fucking her, and a final orgasm washed over her, her pussy clenching the cock inside of it, pulling out the cum, filling up her pussy again, before withdrawing.

She collapsed on the couch, and turned her head to look up. The guys were standing around her, breathless, cocks at half mast. The room smelled like sex, and cum, and sweat. She could hear the party going on downstairs, no one had noticed. She turned over, sat back on the couch, spreading her legs, showing the guys what they had done. She was a mess. Face and pussy covered in spit and cum, her pussy shining, dripping with the combined cum of all of the guys. A truly excellent Friday night at the Purple House.

NSFW: yes

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