Free use Sunday Morning.

I was leaning against the island that morning waitng for him to wake up. I know he wouldn’t miss Sunday. Free Use Sunday morning meant that anyone one that was home had to come downstairs at 10 on Sundays for free use hour. I had actually planned to be here when it was just the three of us for this reason. I know that other guys wearn’t gonna be there that weekend, but also that my Step- Aunt would be.

I was wearing only a pair or running shorts and a tank top. Leaning on the island looking at pictures of girls on my phone and biting my lip. Then looking over at my Aunt who was on her laptop. In her yoga pants and a tank top as well. I heard his door open and I stuck my ass out a little more. Hoping that he would do me first.

I didn’t even have to wait. He came up behind me and pushed his semi against my ass and reached down to check if I was wet. “Mmm.” He moaned and pushed my head down, as he pulled my shorts down with the other hand. Then he worked it in. Filling me up with his 7 in as he stretched my opening. MY eyes rolled, my mouth dropped open. Looking at my Aunts face who was looking at me and smiling. I watched as she reached down and pulled her G cups out.

He pumped me fast, then slow. Then told me how much he loves it when my Aunt watched me get fucked. He pulled my hair and rode the waved of my ass telling me over and over again not to come until he says. Looking at my Aunt who was now fingering herself and watching. I was moaning uncontrollably. My Aunt was moaning too. Then it happened.

My legs started to shake, my eyes rolled way back, I was pulling my tit with one hand, holding my ass open with the other. He told me not to cum as he fucked me harder. I started leaking piss, then pushed him out of me. Moaning and shaking uncontrolably, I squirted all over his cock. He left it in the stream fully erect. I couldn’t move, except shake, and leak more piss.

Then he went over to my Aunt, pushed her face into mine, but pulled her hair back, then fucked her from behind as she said “Blow your load in my fat ass, omg I need a load in my fat ass so fucking back. Mmm yeah. Fuckit it yesomg. Yeah. “

Then they both locked up in the extasy of orgasm. “Omg are your still coming, there is so much.” MY Aunt said as, he pumped a few more hard times still emptying he balls inside her.

NSFW: yes

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