Free use moms (rape) Part 1

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NSFW: yes

Free use moms are a thing, but people look down on those who are free use. However, many sons do use their mothers.

“Hey mom, guess what happened at school today?” David sighed and leaned against the door. Lana was in the kitchen, fully naked and cooking.

“Oh. What honey? Did they make fun of you again?”

“Yeah. They said I was a weakling because I haven’t fucked you in the pussy and ass before.”

“Well did you atleast tell them I gave you good blowjobs?”

“Mhm. And you know, they even commented about your ass. ‘She has the best one, I would love to just take your mom in the ass and watch her scream.’l

“That.. “

“Mom, I’m sorry. I invited them over. They said they would stop making fun of me if you let them fuck you. I’ll be upstairs in the room.”

At that moment, the door opened and steve, Tom and jake walked in. They didn’t waste any time, taking out a rope and tying Lana’s hands. Lana didn’t even try to withstand. She knew this was her fate, and she even enjoyed it a little too.

She muttered one last “please don’t..” before being slapped square in her pussy. She yelped and a hand covered her mouth. Tom first bent her over the counter and took out a dildo and a vibrator. The dildo was 8 inches long. Without any warning he pushed it in her ass. Tears leaked out of her eyes and she screamed, long and hard. Steve’s hands muffled it and he stuffed the vibrator into her pussy.

“Let’s have fun. The dildo is only 2 inches in. Tom, why don’t you go first?” Tom grinned and picked Lana up. He made her sit on a chair, slowly helping her down. The dildo also slowly entered. Lana cried and screamed and the pain became too much. Finally, 6 inches was in. Steve picked up the vibrators controller and set it to level 1. It was fun watching her squirm and all their dicks hardened. Steve then set the vibrator to level 10. He tied a cloth and blindfolded her. He bent down and whispered in her ear “see you tomorrow you little slut.” Before leaving the room and turning off the lights. Jake first calculated where her urine would come out and placed a bucket there. “This was so fun. Steve, let’s cum first. The cum will dry up later and she’ll look amazing.” Steve sighed and waved his hands. “Fine, but I’m not joining in. I want to take a video though. “ he turned on the lights and pulled out his phone. Jake and Tom pulled their dicks out and released their cum all over Lana’s face and body. “Hah! She looks so beautiful. We can use this as blackmail.”

All of them smirked and left the room.

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