Free use for my work colleague

It started off with innocent hugs. Then he started complimenting me almost everyday. One day he whispered in my ear that “You do it for me” It made me giggle and he repeated himself, admitting that he was so attracted to me. I could already tell he felt this way, but it was good to actually hear him vocalize it. I also compliment him randomly. He’s got a kind soul and such a tall sexy man.

A little while ago he whispered in my ear “I really want to touch you”, I immediately knew he meant inappropriately. I looked at him for a second and said “You already know you can do that, you’re the only one allowed to in here.” He got visually happy and said “yes!” We both laughed.

He didn’t waste any time. I left before him that night. He was sitting down and I was standing up, leaning over to hug him and he laid his head between my boobs to casually motorboat them, wrapped one arm around me and had the other hand rubbing my vagina through my pants. I playfully moaned and he said “thank you”.

After that day, every time he hugged me, he grabs my ass. He’s also made it a routine whenever I walk pass him he either grabs/ squeezes my boobs, my thighs, arms or give me quick hugs. Whenever I’m standing close to him and he’s sitting down, he rubs my thighs and places his fingers on my vulva until the conversation is over or he hears footsteps approaching us. The sexy thing about it, is he holds eye contact the whole time.

NSFW: yes

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