Found out my(21F) girlfriend(22F) can cum from me scratching her head.

Me and my girlfriend have been experimenting with sensual touch recently ever since I almost came from headpats, which, was quite eye opening for myself. As a result, we’ve been more open about talking about what we really really like. As we explored this topic, my girlfriend admitted that, she gets sexual pleasure from whenever I give her head scratches. Even though she’s much more dominant I still do this quite often during cuddling as I enjoy the sensation, I did not, however, realize how much it affected her. I then asked her if I could, in that moment, try scratching her head, and she agreed and laid down, resting her head on my chest. I started softly, leaving long scratches on the back of her head, stroking her hair in between scratches, her hair is perfect, thick and short and wavy which makes it even easier to scratch, I then moved up, going straight up her scalp, which is when she let out her first, small moan. I was a little surprised but hid it, going up and down for a little while until she started to squirm a little, biting her lip. I then moved my hand to the side of her head, scratching more quickly in small spots along her temple, she quite liked that, there were little distinguishable movements from pleasure every time my nails touched her head. I moved my other hand up, scratching behind her ear with my other hand at the same time as scratching her temple. She then started moaning louder, holding onto the bed a little as I kept going, I pushed a little deeper in her, sending her over the edge as she came. It wasn’t a weak orgasm either it was pretty strong, we’ll likely be doing more of this soon.

NSFW: yes

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