Forcing Him to Watch, Her Perspective. – Part 3 [Long][FMM][40-50s][cuckold][bi][blackmail][cheat][cons nc][Fdom][light humil][creampie][cum eating][NSFW]

Please see parts 1 and 2…

Turning back to my husband, I continued, “Well ‘honey’, enough about you, I want to focus on me again. Mike’s got one more load in those big balls of his, and I want to have that big fat cock fuck me raw. I have never had a dick that enormous before, what do you say? Can Mike slide that huge cock into your wife’s tight pussy and fuck her like she deserves?

“Or,” Mike interjected, “since you did an ok job sucking my dick, and from your erection, appear to enjoy the gay stuff. I’ll give you a choice, you can stand in for your lovely wife and let me fuck your ass instead, what do you think, which will it be?” he asked.

A shocked expression flashed across Jeff’s face before he said, “I want you to fuck my wife”

“Good answer”, I said, “I was always going to fuck that big cock, but if you wanted a turn, I would let you go after me if Mike had it left in him. Maybe I’ll think about it. There’s always next time”

I pushed Mike back onto the bed, and climbed on top of him. The gorgeous enormous cock pointing into the air. I straddled his waist, reached down to grasp his thick shaft and placed it at the opening of my dripping pussy. I swept my hand across my wet, inflamed pussy, collecting some of my slippery juice to help me fit that thing. I gave him a few long, slow strokes to stiffen him again.

“Mike, take it slow baby, you’re so much bigger than my husband, and I have never had a dick as big as yours. You, Jeff, start stroking your penis. I want you to watch his big cock fuck me like you can’t. If you come before I do, or take your eyes away for any reason, we’re done.” I demanded.

Here we go, I wondered. My first new man in over twenty years, and by far the largest dick I have ever had. I rubbed Mike’s cockhead on my clit a few times, making sure he was lubed as much as I could, and slowly lowered my weight down, easing his huge prick into my waiting pussy. Oh. My. God. It stretched me so much, and as I eased more and more of him into me, I began to have this wonderful feeling of fullness that I had never experienced before. His enormous dick felt amazing, more amazing than I wondered it could feel. His girth pulled my pussy open so much that my clit was dragging along his shaft. The feeling was indescribable. I realized I was holding my breath, so I inhaled deeply.

I finally bottomed out, letting out a little “oooohhhh”, I could feel the pressure of the head of Mike’s long cock pressing against my cervix. His girth so wide, I felt so full. I didn’t want this to ever end.

I loudly whispered to Mike, “Fuck me, fuck me now”, as my pussy clamped around him.

Looking back over my shoulder, I looked at my husband and asked, “Jeff, are you paying attention? Watching Mike’s big, fat, cock fill my pussy like you can’t? I hope your whore has a small pussy so she can feel you like this, There is nothing like it. I know I told you your penis was the right size for me, but now that I know what being filled completely by a big cock feels like, I’m not sure you will ever be enough. I need more than just your little penis. I need a big cock to satisfy me.”

Mike grunted, and said “now that you are used to my size, it’s my turn to really fuck you kitten” he leaned forward, wrapping his hands around my waist and picked me up. He pulled me off his cock, and pushed me face down into the mattress. My knees were on the edge of the bed, and my ass was pointing to the sky. I arched my back to fully open myself to him. Mike was perfectly lined up, standing behind me. I spread my legs even wider, open and ready for his penetration. Between my legs, I could see Mike reaching down, grasping his dick in his right hand, placing the head again at my entrance. “Oh fuck, it feels so good” I moaned as he rammed into me, the force of his thrusts pushing my face into the mattress. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed as I felt his enormous cock go deeper and deeper. Unbelievably, he bottomed out perfectly on each thrust, his tip pushing hard against my cervix, and his balls slapping my clit. Give the man credit, he had prepared me well, I was able to take him all the way in. He pulled back out, and I felt a feeling of emptiness for a split second before that enormous cock pushed back inside in one long stroke. Mike had grabbed the sides of my waist for leverage, the felt so amazing to be handled that way. My screams were getting louder and louder. “Oh god, oh god I feel so full, so stretched, so fucking wonderful.” I panted.

Mike set a steady pace, pulling all the way out, then slowly pushing himself all the way in, he would do one fast thrust, followed by several slow ones, never the same for long, keeping me anticipating when the fast forceful one would hit. I was losing my mind with ecstasy. Every time he bottomed out, his balls would slap my hard clit pushing me closer to the peak of my orgasm.

I turned my head to look back at my husband in his chair, dick in hand stroking furiously. “do you like what you see? Another man’s enormous cock in your wife’s pussy. Do you like to see how wet he makes me? Do you want to see another man fill my pussy with his cum? Do you want to see me cum? Do you want to see me cumming while I’m getting fucked by another man? “Does this turn you on?”. I know Jeff had all the time wanted to see me touch myself, so I reached underneath myself and made a show of rubbing my clit, then cupping Mike’s enormous balls. I was teasing him now.

“Does this make you want me or your whore admin? Answer me!” I screamed

“Yes, I love it, it makes me so hard, I can hardly stand it, I want you more than I ever have, I’m so sorry I cheated, please forgive me” I choked out my reply.

“Do you want to see it happen? See him make your wife cum? See his massive cock dump his huge load in my aching pussy? Do you want to be a part of it?” I asked.

“Yes, I want to see it happen, I said, my voice cracking a little. “I want to be a part of it.”

“Then stroke faster, I want you to cum from watching me get fucked by another man”

I could see the lust in his eyes, the lust for me. I almost had him where I wanted him.

Mike began to increase his pace, the force of his thrusts beginning to hurt my neck, I rose up on all fours, full Doggystyle now. I used the extra leverage to push back against his thrusts now. My eyes were now locked on my husband, searching for the sign that I needed to see. The look of total submission, total lust, total devotion.

“I want you to tell Mike to cum in your wife, tell him to shoot his load deep in my aching cunt. Tell him to make me his whore. Tell him I am his to use as he needs. Tell him you are nothing to me, I am his dirty slut. Tell him his seed will make me his bitch. I need to hear you say it. I need you to give me up completely before you can have a chance to ever get me back” I yelled with every thrust.

Mike ceased to exist to me as a person, he was a toy, a enormous cock that was mine to command. It was my husband I wanted to want me, to love and desire me so he would never stray again, to appreciate my efforts. I would do better also, I had awakened a new part of myself tonight. I loved being a slut for my husband.

Mike pulled me up vertically, reached around, and roughly grabbed my breasts, tugging on my nipples. As one last bit of showmanship, I twisted my head around and gave Mike a hungry, sloppy kiss. Between breaths, I begged Mike to “fuck me harder, like the slut I am. I’m your whore and no one else’s, I want your cum in my pussy, let it go, fill me up and I’m yours.”

Turning back to my husband, his hand a blur on his dick, I panted “Jeff, look at Mike, and tell him what I want, what I need to hear”

“Cum in my wife, Mike, before I cum, please. I can not hold it much longer, Take her, she’s yours now. Fill her needy pussy with your load. She wants to be your whore, I’ve lost all claim to her. I’m so sorry for what I have done, who I was“

“I can’t hold back much longer, but I can’t stop either. I want her back, so you need to cum Mike, please, I’ll do anything” He begged.

Mike slowed down, and I saw every inch of his enormous slick cock sliding into my wife’s cunt. “You’ll cum when I say you will, both of you.” Mike growled.

“Honey, if you make him cum now, I will lick your pussy, I will lick his cum from you. I will suck his cock clean for you, I will do anything you or Mike want. Please cum for him, please…” quickly said my husband.

I finally saw everything that I needed to see in my husband’s eyes and said, “Do you really want to see that? Do you want to see him shoot his big thick load deep into my pussy, into –your– wife’s pussy? Do you want to release your claim on me as your wife, and give me to Mike as his whore?”

‘Yes, honey, I do. Please, I beg you, make him cum. Make him shoot his load, please. I need to see it, I need you to feel it, I need to taste it again. Please, baby, make him cum. Mike she’s yours, make her yours, cum inside my wife.” he whined.

“That’s the revenge I wanted, for you to completely give in to me, to know that you have lost me, that I am desirable, that I am lusted after by other men. You have to be better, do better to get me back” I panted.

“I’m close, where do you want my cum kitten?” grunted Mike.

“In my pussy, cum in my pussy Mike, fill me up while my husband watches, take me completely, make me your whore!” I screamed.

Mike grunted and pushed his cock deep into my pussy, pulling me back against him as I pushed to meet him, his balls giving one last slap against my aching clit. I could feel the pulses of his cum as he emptied every drop into my womb. I screamed “Oh god, I’m cumming, I can feel your hot cum spurt into me, I’m cumming, hold me tight baby, give me everything”, My orgasm washed over me as his hot load shot into me.

I quickly recovered and yelled “STOP” at my husband. I needed him to not cum yet. There was one more act needed to complete my plan.

“Stop stroking your penis right now, don’t cum, stop! I want to feel you inside me, my husband, I want you to reclaim me as your wife. If you can make me cum again, I’m yours” I said.

He pulled his hand away with a look of raw lust on his face, his orgasm ruined, I watched a glob of cum seep out of the tip of his penis. Good, I had stopped him in time. He would stay hard and be able to cum again for my plan.

I pulled away from Mike, his enormous cock pulling out with a plop sound. I could feel the rush of his semen flowing from my gaping pussy. I quickly reached down to cup my cunt, to hold it in. Still, some ran down my leg, but I managed to keep most of it inside.

Now I needed to show my husband how slutty I could be for him. I walked over to his chair, reached down, and scoped the glob of cum from his penis. I placed my finger in his mouth, which he sucked clean, as he did so, I whispered in his ear “share it with me”, and I kissed him on the mouth, opening my lips, searching for his cum. His mouth opened, and I slid my tongue into his mouth, and swirled it around, mixing our saliva, his cum, and sharing it equally between us. I pulled back, looked him in the eyes, and swallowed his cum. “That’s for entertaining me while Mike fucked me.” I whispered for only my husband to hear. “Now come with me”, she grabbed my dick with her hand, and pulled me over to the bed, pushing gently past Mike.

“Lay down. Before you reclaim me, you need to clean his cum from my pussy” I said, as I straddled his body, and climbed up over his face. I lowered my pussy to his mouth. I pulled my hand away from my pussy, allowing Mike’s seed to flow into his mouth. Oh god, that was so hot. Why am I making him do this part? Why such a focus on him eating cum, Mike’s, his own. Is it still a power thing, or do I now have a kink? I don’t really care right now, I wondered as my husband licked my pussy, pushing his tongue in deep to pull out every bit of cum he could discover. Oh, that felt so good, so dirty. My husband was licking my pussy after another man. I started to get closer to my own orgasm again, I clenched down and felt a enormous glob of Mike’s cum push out of my pussy into his waiting mouth. At this point, Jeff found my now enormous clit, and began to suck it like a small dick. He would pull it into his mouth where it felt like he was dipping it into fire, then out again, I moaned loudly, I was so close, but I didn’t want to cum yet.

“Swallow it, baby, then you can reclaim me before you make me cum” I said, my voice cracking.

Wait, I needed to show my husband we were now in this together.

“Don’t swallow that yet, come up here. I want to see it on your tongue” He slid up underneath me, and I said, “let me see”. He opened his mouth and I could see the pool of Mike’s cum and my juices. I leaned forward and kissed my husband, pushing my tongue again into his mouth, to collect Mike’s cum. I pulled back, and whispered quietly “together baby” and swallowed Mike’s load.

“Mmm, that was good. Mike you were right, pineapple works. Maybe, Like my husband, I am acquiring the taste “I teased them both.
“Mike, you can show yourself out. I’m going to call you again soon for another session to make sure my husband keeps his promises and remembers what he has at home, you ok with that?” I asked.

“Sure, baby, anytime.” Mike said as he gathered his clothes and left the room.

“Now, reclaim me. Fuck me like it’s your first time. Take me back, make me your whore, leave that other one behind where she belongs” I demanded.

I wanted to be his whore for now, so I resumed my face-down ass-up position on the edge of the bed, waiting for my love to reclaim me.

My husband lined up behind me and slid his dick inside me. It felt wonderful, in a completely different way than Mike. The fullness of Mike was an experience, but the knowledge that the penis inside me belonged to the love of my life made it so much more. Jeff started slowly, and worked to longer faster strokes, he reached around to tweak a nipple and rub my clit, I was in heaven.

“Oh god, you feel so good baby”, I whispered

His tempo increased, and I pushed back, matching him thrust for thrust.

“Baby, I want you on top of me, I want to watch you as you cum in my pussy” I said. Jeff gently turned me over, pushing me further up the bed, climbing between my legs. I reached down and guided his dick into my pussy.

“I love your dick, It may not be the biggest, but it’s mine, now fuck me as hard and fast as you want. Make me your slut. I want you to shoot your hot load deep into my pussy. Make me yours. Take me, own me, and never leave me again, I give you permission to cum now. Cum in my cunt”. I moaned.

I could feel my husband getting closer, all the signs were there, I knew for certain as he lowered his head to my breast, seeking my nipple, sucking on it. He gave one final deep thrust, and unleashed the biggest orgasm I have ever felt from him.

“Oh god, I can feel it shooting inside me, it’s so warm” I said into his ear. “I’m your wife again, I’m yours forever, I will be your whore, your slut, as long as you love me like I do you, and appreciate me, and never share this with another woman.”

He began to collapse on me, but pulled back at the last minute, lowering his face to my pussy. Ah, he has passed the final test. He is being considerate and making sure I have an orgasm. Acting dumb, I murmur “Oh, what are you…”, as his tongue flicks across my aching clit.

“You didn’t cum from me tonight. I can’t make you mine completely until I seal my end of the bargain,” he said, looking into my eyes from between my thighs.

My husband proceeded to lick my pussy from top to bottom, sucking on my clit, and collecting his cum in his mouth, I think he planned that clit dipping thing he did last time, but I had a better idea, we do it together.

“Baby, give me a kiss before I cum” I said. “Ok, but my mouth is full of my seed”, he replied.

“I know baby, I want it” I groaned. He slid up my body, and gave me a passionate kiss. I opened his mouth with my tongue and scooped the cum into my open mouth. Pulling away, I showed my mouth full of his cum, and swallowed it while he watched. “Now, I’m your slut, that’s what I am willing to do for you if you will commit to me, and all the changes”, she said

With a smile on his face, he slid back down my body, grabbing my legs and spreading them wide, he started sucking my clit like before, taking it all in, lapping it with his hot tongue, and then pulling back. I was getting so close, I lifted my ass to push myself into his mouth,

“Oh god, baby, oh god, keep doing that, exactly that, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum in your mouth, oh oh oh oh oh,,,,I’m cumming!” I screamed as I gave one final push into his mouth.

I was spent, I was sore, and I felt better than I can ever remember. I had my husband back, and I had the best time doing it I could ever imagine.

After a shower, we sat in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine.

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, but you seemed to enjoy having Mike and all the things we did together. Would you be open to trying that again?” I asked. I had been thinking of the evening over and over again. Had we been missing the passion that comes with new experiences? Do we need additional stimulation to keep the spark alive? I felt 20 years younger, I wanted to do more, see more, experience more.

“Sure, as long as it stays between us, I will do whatever you ask. I am committed to you, and want to make you happy” he replied.

“Good, because next time, I want to watch Mike fuck your ass while I suck your dick. I want you two to both be inside me at the same time, I want you in my ass, and him in my cunt. I want to suck you both off and swallow every drop. Your affair has awakened a beast in me. I want your dick, I want huge cocks, and maybe even another girl in the mix of my choosing. Maybe you can fuck her pussy while I lick her clit, and when you blow your load inside her, it will be my turn to clean it out and share it with you.” I brazenly said over the rim of my glass as my hand slid into my panties.

To be continued….

NSFW: yes

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