Forced to Watch – Part 3 [Repost][Long][FMM][40-50s][cuckold][bi][blackmail][cheat][cons nc][Fdom][light humil][creampie][cum eating][NSFW]

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Please see parts 1 and 2..

Turning back to me, my wife continued, “Well ‘honey’, enough about you, I want to focus on me again. Mike’s got one more load in those big balls of his, and I want to have that big fat cock fuck me raw. I have never had a dick that enormous before, what do you say? Can Mike slide that enormous cock into your wife’s tight pussy and fuck her like she deserves?

“Or,” Mike interjected, “since you did an ok job sucking my dick, and from your erection, appear to enjoy the gay stuff. I’ll give you a choice, you can stand in for your lovely wife and let me fuck your ass instead, what do you think, which will it be?” he asked.

There was no way I was gonna let him fuck me, and my wife wanted to have her special experience. “I want you to fuck my wife” I replied.

“Good answer”, my wife said, “I was always going to fuck that big cock, but if you wanted a turn, I would let you go after me, if Mike had it left in him. Maybe I’ll think about it. There’s always next time”

My wife pushed Mike back onto the bed, and climbed on top of him. Straddling his waist, she placed the wet opening of her dripping pussy over the tip of his gigantic cock, she swept her hand across her wet, inflamed pussy, slickening her palm and gave him a few long, slow strokes to stiffen him again.

“Mike, take it slow baby, you’re so much bigger than my husband, and I have never had a dick as big as yours. You, Jeff, start stroking your penis. I want you to watch his big cock fuck me like you can’t. If you come before I do, or take your eyes away for any reason, we’re done.” she demanded.

I was so turned on again, I couldn’t stop myself from touching my dick. I was so hard and I was so ready to cum. How could I be this depraved, this horny? I had never been able to stay this hard, or cum so many times in one session before. So many unspeakable things had happened so far tonight. I would never be the same again, I have so much to find out about how I have behaved, how I am feeling, but all I could think about in this moment, was my wife, the love of my life, who I have treated so badly, was gonna take another man’s cock into her pussy. The place where only I have been for over twenty years. This act would take her away from me, she would be his now. Not only was she gonna do it, she wanted it more than I have ever seen, she was in control now, and she wanted an audience.

I watched as she slowly rubbed the enormous head of Mike’s cock across her pussy, circling her clit for a minute, letting her juices coat the head. She placed his head at the entrance and slowly slid down his pole, as she engulfed his enormous cock, I could see it stretch her pussy, pulling her lips inside as she sank further down. I heard her moan a low gutteral ‘ooooooohhhhh’. She was dying for his cock, I could see it in her eyes. As she bottomed out on his enormous dick, I could hear her beg, “Fuck me, fuck me now”, and I saw her pussy clamp around his cock as she said it. He was filling her completely, she was happy, I was enthralled.

“Jeff, are you paying attention? Watching Mike’s big, fat, cock fill my pussy like you can’t? I hope your whore has a small pussy so she can feel you like this, There is nothing like it. I know I told you your penis was the right size for me, but now that I know what being filled completely by a big cock feels like, I’m not sure you will ever be enough. I need more than just your little penis. I need a big cock to satisfy me.” she said, looking me in the eye.

Mike grunted, and said “now that you are used to my size, it’s my turn to really fuck you kitten” he leaned forward, wrapping his hands around her waist and picked her up, pulled her off his cock, and pushed her face down into the mattress. Her knees were on the edge of the bed, and due to Mike’s height he was perfectly lined up, standing behind her. My wife’s legs were spread wide, and her cunt was open and ready for his penetration. Mike reached down, grasped his dick in his right hand, placing the head again at her gaping entrance. “Oh fuck, it feels so good” she moaned as he rammed into her cunt, the force of his thrusts pushing her face into the mattress. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed as she felt his enormous cock go deeper and deeper into her. Unbelievably, he bottomed out, his large balls swinging forward and slapping her engorged clit. His preparation had been successful, she was able to take him all the way in. He pulled back out to the tip, and started taking long deep strokes, while holding her tightly around her waist for leverage. Her whole body seemed to be on fire, her mouth was open, and her screams were getting louder and louder. “Oh god, oh god I feel so full, so stretched, so fucking wonderful.” she panted. Her whole body was electrified, and her tits were getting a real workout as they were forced to sway with each thrust.

Rebecca looked over at me in my corner, penis in hand, and said “do you like what you see? Another man’s enormous cock in your wife’s pussy. Do you like to see how wet he makes me? Do you want to see another man fill my pussy with his cum? Do you want to see me cum? Do you want to see me cumming while I’m getting fucked by another man? “Does this turn you on?”, she said as she reached underneath herself and made a show of first rubbing her clit, then cupping Mike’s enormous balls.

“Does this make you want me or your whore admin? Answer me!” she screamed

“Yes, I love it, it makes me so hard, I can hardly stand it, I want you more than I ever have, I’m so sorry I cheated, please forgive me” I choked out my reply.

“Do you want to see it happen? See him make your wife cum? She his massive cock dump his huge load in my aching pussy? Do you want to be a part of it?” she asked.

“Yes, I want to see it happen, I said, my voice cracking a little. “I want to be a part of it.”

“Then stroke faster, I want you to cum from watching me get fucked by another man”

Mike began to increase his pace and force, he was now slamming his dick into her pussy in long fast strokes, there was a solid line of grool hanging from my wife’s cunt. She rose up on her hands, now full doggy style, she placed her arms out in front, Mike’s large balls slapped her clit with every stroke, eliminating her need to play with herself. She used the leverage to push back to meet every thrust from Mike. This whole time her eyes are locked on mine. Searching for something, searching for the response she wanted, needed.

“I want you to tell Mike to cum in your wife, tell him to shoot his load deep in my aching cunt. Tell him to make me his whore. Tell him I am his to use as he needs. Tell him you are nothing to me, I am his dirty slut. Tell him his seed will make me his bitch. I need to hear you say it. I need you to give me up completely before you can get have a chance to ever get me back”

At this point, Mike had turned into a tool for my wife, he continued to slam his enormous cock into her pussy, reaching around to pull her up to her knees, and cup her breasts, tweaking the nipple like he did so long ago when this all began. She twisted her head further, planting a wet kiss on his hungry mouth, telling him between breaths to “fuck me harder, like the slut I am. I’m your whore and no one else’s, I want your cum in my pussy, let it go, fill me up and I’m yours.

Turning to me, she panted again, “Jeff, look at Mike, and tell him what I want, what I need to hear”, Her eyes locked on mine, drifting down to watch me furiously jack my dick in time with each of Mike’s thrusts, then back up to watch me say the words. She was still searching my eyes for something.

“Cum in my wife, Mike, before I cum, please. I cannot hold it much longer, Take her, she’s yours now. Fill her needy pussy with your load. She wants to be your whore, I’ve lost all claim to her. I’m so sorry for what I have done, who I was“

“I can’t hold back much longer, but I can’t stop either. I want her back, so you need to cum Mike, please, I’ll do anything” I begged.

He slowed down, and I saw every inch of his enormous slick cock sliding into my wife’s cunt. “You’ll cum when I say you will, both of you.” Mike growled. He was trying to control me, I knew it, and he could. I was so close, but if I came, she would end us.

My words tumbled out, as I begged, “Honey if you make him cum now, I will lick your pussy, I will lick his cum from you. I will suck his cock clean for you, I will do anything you or Mike want. Please cum for him, please…”

She looked back at me, smiled, finally seeing what she was looking for in my eyes, and said, “Do you really want to see that? Do you want to see him shoot his big thick load deep into my pussy, into –your– wife’s pussy? Do you want to release your claim on me as your wife, and give me to Mike as his whore?”

‘Yes, honey, I do. Please, I beg you, make him cum. Make him shoot his load, please. I need to see it, I need you to feel it, I need to taste it again. Please, baby, make him cum. Mike she’s yours, make her yours, cum inside my wife.” I whined.

“That’s the revenge I wanted, for you to completely give in to me, to know that you have lost me, that I am desirable, that I am lusted after by other men. You have to be better, do better to get me back” she panted.

“I’m close, where do you want my cum kitten?” grunted Mike.

“In my pussy, cum in my pussy Mike, fill me up while my husband watches, take me completely, make me your whore!” She screamed.

His balls tightened, lifted, and his cock twitched, and I could almost feel his cum starting the journey from his balls, through his enormous cock and shooting into my wife’s cunt. She was so tight, so perfect, so gorgeous.

Mike grunted and pushed his cock deep into my wife’s pussy, pulling her back against him as she pushed to meet him, his balls giving one last slap against her clit. I could see the pulses of his balls as they emptied every drop into her womb. She screamed “Oh god, I’m cumming, I can feel your hot cum spurt into me, I’m cumming, hold me tight baby, give me everything”, I could see her pussy clench around the base of his cock, and her whole body seemed to spasm.

I was right on the edge of shooting my load, I made it, they came before me, I can finally release now…oooh god….

“STOP!” yelled my wife,

“Stop stroking your penis right now, don’t cum, stop! I want to feel you inside me, my husband, I want you to reclaim me as your wife. If you can make me cum again, I’m yours” she said.

I pulled my hand away from my dick immediately, just before I reached the point of no return. Even stopping, a glob of cum seeped out of my slit.

Rebecca pulled away from Mike with a plop as his enormous cock pulled out of her. His cum started to rush out of her full, gaping cunt. She reached down, and pushed her fingers tight against her opening, holding the cum inside. She walked over to my chair, reached down and swiped a finger across the tip of my dick, collecting the glob from my ruined partial orgasm, and placed her finger in my mouth for me to clean off. She then whispered “share it with me”,and she kissed me on the mouth, opening her lips, searching for her prize. Our tongues swirled around each other, mixing my cum equally in our mouths. She pulled back, looking me in the eyes, and swallowed that little bit of cum while I watched. “That’s for entertaining me while Mike fucked me.” she whispered for only me to hear. Now come with me, she grabbed my dick with her hand, and pulled me over to the bed, pushing gently past Mike.

“Lay down. Before you reclaim me, you need to clean his cum from my pussy” She straddled my body, and climbed up to my face, lowering her pussy onto my mouth. When she was directly over my mouth, she moved her hand, and let Mike’s seed flow from her pussy into my open mouth. I raised my mouth to meet her gaping cunt, as the first glob fell into my mouth. The taste of her pussy mixed with Mike’s cum was overpowering my brain, setting off fireworks in my head. I was ravenous, I couldn’t get enough. I devoured her pussy and the cum that continued to leak from her. I licked her clean, pushing my tongue deep into her pussy to search for my rival’s sperm. Needing it to be cleaned, needing to taste their passion. As she moaned and screamed, her pussy started to clench, forcing the last remnants of Mike’s load into my mouth. My mouth was overflowing with their mixed juices.

Feeling every bit of his hot cum on my tongue, I could only wrap my lips around her erect clit. Her clit was so engorged, it pushed out of the folds of her pussy like a little cock. I couldn’t take my lips off it, sucking on it like I had Mike’s dick just a short time ago. Pulling it into my mouth, swirling the hot load there around the head, and then pulling back. My wife moaned in pleasure, sounding like she had for Mike, making my cock jump and slap against my belly. She could feel me swishing his cum on her clit. “Swallow it, baby, then you can reclaim me, before you make me cum” She said, her voice cracking as she tried to control herself.

I did as she told me.

“Don’t swallow that yet, come up here. I want to see it on your tongue” I slid up her body, the cum in my mouth, and she said, “let me see”, I opened my mouth for her to see the pool of Mike’s load, and she leaned forward and kissed me again, pushing her tongue into my mouth and collecting the sperm, pulling it back into her mouth. She pulled away, swishing it around, opening to show me the puddle on her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed it in one gulp. “Mmm, that was good. Mike you were right, pineapple works. Maybe, Like my husband, I am acquiring the taste” I was stunned to see her do that with a whole load, and my dick ached even more.

“Mike, you can show yourself out. I’m going to call you again soon for another session to make sure my husband keeps his promises and remembers what he has at home, you ok with that?”

“Sure, baby, anytime.” Mike said as he gathered his clothes and left the room.

“Now, reclaim me. Fuck me like it’s your first time. Take me back, make me your whore, leave that other one behind where she belongs”

She flipped over, face down, her sloppy, stretched-out pussy dripping more of their combined juices. I had just watched another man, with a enormous cock fuck her like this. I wanted to claim her, show her I am her man. I needed to impress her, make her want me like she does Mike.

I grabbed her hips, lined up my dick, and in one stroke, slammed it home into her pussy. The wetness and Mike’s cum made it almost frictionless. I felt every bit of me going into her, and I felt her tight pussy squeezing around me, reshaping to grip my much smaller manhood. I slowly worked up a tempo of long strokes, while I reached around to rub her protruding clit with one hand, and squeeze and tug on her right nipple with my other. Her moans started low and increased in volume as I kept up my pace, my previous orgasms giving me a stamina I didn’t deserve. “Oh god, you feel so good baby”, she whispered. I continued to slam my cock into her waiting pussy, and she started matching my thrusts, pushing back against me to push me deeper than I had ever been. “Baby, I want you on top of me, I want to watch you as you cum in my pussy” she said. I gently pulled out of her, and she turned over on her back. I climbed between her outstretched legs, and she reached down, guiding my dick into her waiting cunt.

As I slid in, she moaned in ecstasy, “I love your dick, It may not be the biggest, but it’s mine, now fuck me as hard and fast as you want. Make me your slut. I want you to shoot your hot load deep into my pussy. Make me yours. Take me, own me, and never leave me again, I give you permission to cum now. Cum in my cunt”. I reached down and took her left nipple into my mouth, sucking on it like I never have before. Her words and the passion she said pushed me over the edge, I buried my dick to the hilt against her pussy, arched my back, and unloaded the biggest orgasm I have ever felt into her waiting pussy. “Oh god, I can feel it shooting inside me, it’s so warm” she said into my ear. “I’m your wife again, I’m yours forever, I will be your whore, your slut, as long as you love me like I do you, and appreciate me, and never share this with another woman.”

I collapsed on her, but just for a second. Realizing that she hadn’t cum yet. I can’t be the asshole lover she resented me for, so I pulled out and slid down between her outstretched thighs. “Oh, what are you…: she inquired, as my tongue flicked her clit. “You didn’t cum from me tonight. I can’t make you mine completely until I seal my end of the bargain.” I said, looking into her eyes from between her legs. I began to swirl my tongue over all of her pussy, collecting my cum as I did so, probing deep inside her to pull out what I could gather, all while teasing her clit. “Baby, give me a kiss before I cum” she said. “Ok, but my mouth is full of my seed”, I said.

“I know baby, I want it” she groaned. I slid up her body, and gave her a passionate kiss, as her tongue opened my mouth and scooped my cum into her open mouth. Pulling away, she showed her mouth full of my cum, and swallowed it while I watched. “Now, I’m your slut, that’s what I am willing to do for you, if you will commit to me, and all the changes”, she said

I slid back down her body, and gripping behind each knee, spread her legs wide. I buried my face in her pussy, and remembering how close she was when I was sucking her clit before, I pursed my lips, spread her folds wide with my fingers, and wrapped my lips around her now very swollen clit. I sucked on it again, like it was Mike’s cock. Taking it all in, swirling my tongue around it in my mouth, and then pulling back, letting it fall out of my mouth. She began to moan again, and arch her back, pushing her clit as deep in my mouth as she could. “Oh god, baby, oh god, keep doing that, exactly that, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum in your mouth, oh oh oh oh oh,,,,I’m cumming!” she screamed as she gave one final push into my mouth. I could feel her spasms on my face as she came. She slowly lowered her pussy, away from my face, finally relaxing into the mattress.

“Baby, I love you. I’m so sorry, I will never leave you again”, I said.

“I know,” she replied.

Several hours later, we sat across from each other at the table, having a glass of wine.

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, but you seemed to enjoy having Mike and all the things we did together. Would you be open to trying that again?” she said

“Sure, as long as it stays between us, I will do whatever you ask. I am committed to you, and want to make you happy” I replied.

“Good, because next time, I want to watch Mike fuck your ass while I suck your dick. I want you two to both be inside me at the same time, I want you in my ass, and him in my cunt. I want to suck you both off and swallow every drop. Your affair has awakened a beast in me. I want your dick, I want huge cocks, and maybe even another girl in the mix of my choosing. Maybe you can fuck her pussy while I lick her clit, and when you blow your load inside her, it will be my turn to clean it out and share it with you.” She brazenly said over the rim of her glass as her hand slid into her panties.

To be continued…

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