Forbidden sex, my beginning [MMF][Cheat][Real]

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NSFW: yes

Forbidden sex, my beginning [MMF][Cheat][Real]

This was my first “forbidden” sex relationship and adventure with my husband’s best friend when he visited us.

My story took place many years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday, because it was my first experience into the side of “forbidden” sex, if you want to look at it in that way.

I am a happily married woman with a tall and very handsome man. For me, he is an excellent lover, as well as a good friend and partner. I am brunette, dark hair, tall, with a quite acceptable body, good enough for many men who turn around to look at me, checking my booty and legs carefully.

When this story happened, I enjoyed a relatively full active sexual life with James (my husband), and contrary to my friends with partners sexual life, it has been increasing until today.

At that time, I was only practicing simple and classic sex, just with my partner and using basic positions: Missionary, doggy style and cowgirl, but… something happened that changed that vision forever.

My way of dressing never was excessively provocative, except for some occasions when I put on tight leggings, which sensually marked my pelvis and my booty, especially revealing my small underwear, which my husband loved. 

Although the shirts that I usually wear are tight, they also show the appearance of my breasts, whose size is regular, but very well formed.

I want to detail my common underwear. As I said before, James all the time liked me wearing lace thongs, and my way of sleeping was all the time wearing a T-shirt and a small thong, which did not last long, because almost every night, he ripped it off to fuck me, sometimes very carefully and others like a beast. I love when he hits me very hard in that way.

One day, Sunday, if I remember well, I woke up very agitated, and totally wet between my legs, caused by a dream, where I saw myself having sex with a man who wasn’t James. That dream had a truly real feeling, and I remembered each one of the sensations. I was a little ashamed, and I also felt guilty, since I have all the time been faithful to James and at this time, I don’t even know how such attitude crossed my mind, because it seemed something wrong and out of my principles, due this, I never told my husband about the dream.

Time was passing, and one day, James told me about a career friend coming to visit him from New York; he was gonna stay in the city for almost 2 weeks. James suggested he could stay with us at home during that time.

Truly, I have all the time disliked sharing our living space with other people, but despite that, I agreed and accepted it without much objection.

I don’t want to go into more detail and I will jump to the day Peter arrived. My husband James went to pick him at the airport. He was a tall, dark, strong guy with a very nice character.

The first four days were totally typical, at night, we went out to show him the city, from time to time we went out to dinner and on other occasions we went out to dance and have a few drinks to enjoy the nightlife.

Peter had his bedroom next to ours and very close to the bathroom. I make this clarification so you can imagine the house distribution.

On the fifth day of Peter’s stay in the house, James told me he had to be absent for the weekend, because of a work trip outside the city, but things were not gonna change and Peter still could stay with us, and he only would be absent until next Monday morning.

James left on Friday afternoon, I took the opportunity to visit a friend’s new house, since Peter was gonna visit another nearby friend, I gave him the keys of the house, because I didn’t know who was gonna arrive back first.

Around twelve o’clock at night, I returned home, I went in without making too much noise to avoid waking up Peter. When I went to my bedroom, I noticed the door of Peter’s room was open, and with a little light coming from the corridor, I could see Peter who was lying down completely asleep, but only covered with the sheets up to his waist, with his body apparently completely naked, and, in the lower part, between his legs, his bulge was perfectly noticeable.

Well, obviously I moved to my bedroom, but surprisingly, when I went to bed, I noticed that my underwear was totally wet, and although I refused to believe it, I was a bit aroused.

It was hard for me to fall asleep, in my mind I saw Peter’s half-covered body again, the bulge between his legs covered with the sheets, and from time to time I also remembered that dream having sex with a stranger, the way how I did it, the sensations came to my mind very clearly, all that set of thoughts disturbed my sleep.

The next day, Saturday, I woke up hearing the shower noise, since Peter had entered the bathroom, I decided to get up to go to the kitchen and prepare the breakfast. I was dressed only with a t-shirt, when I left the room I inevitably passed in front of the bathroom, the door was half-closed, I don’t know if this was by mistake or not… our shower has totally transparent glasses, and, like possessed by some strange force, I hid to look, being able to contemplate with the visibility allowed by the steam, Peter’s completely naked body, who was beginning to soap himself, at first I saw him from behind, his butt facing me in all its splendor, along with his firm legs.

Peter began to soap his head first, which made him close his eyes completely, at that moment he turned to receive the water on his back, now leaving his cock under full view to my careful look, although flaccid, it had a considerable size, looked quite thick, and very hairy, my mind wandered for a moment, imagining it erect and firm, especially when he began to wash it, since he touched it and moved it from side to side.

I quickly left the scene for two reasons, the first was Peter was starting to be able to open his already washed eyes and notice my presence, but the main reason: I was aware of the situation I was living in, spying on a naked man… 

I went to the kitchen and prepared some breakfast, after that I went back to my room and waited for Peter to finish taking the shower, but this time I closed the door very well, I did not want to be the victim of prying eyes myself.

That morning I put on a very short dress, due to the hot weather we were starting to feel, without a bra, when I sat at the table with Peter, we talked about everything, but I tried not to say or find anything about the shower scene.

Every time I stopped to look for something, I noticed Peter looking directly to my legs and booty, those looks provoked in me, although I did not want it, a certain degree of sexual excitement, an inevitable situation that started the involuntary erection of my nipples, making them stand out very noticeably in my thin dress, of course, Peter noticed it, and on several occasions, I surprised him looking directly at my breasts.

So the day passed, Peter went out in the afternoon, and I stayed at home. That day was very hot, a situation that I took benefit of at night. As Peter told me he would be late for bed, I took the opportunity to go to my bedroom early, I tried to read, but I couldn’t concentrate, since my mind wandered with the memory of Peter in the shower, his cock in the air, his looks at my legs and breasts, also adding the memory of my dream having sex with a stranger, that sea of thoughts did not leave me alone, and a crazy idea crossed my mind, I thought, how Peter would be under  sexual action. The truth is those things was going round on my mind, causing an intense and involuntary sexual excitement, which led me to begin touching myself over my underwear, realizing that I was totally wet.

Those thoughts were growing more and more, and I decided to try an idea. I searched for a semi transparent underwear set, which only covered me up to a couple of centimeters below my breasts, leaving my entire belly visible.

Calculating Peter’s arrival at the house, I brazenly left my bedroom door open, and the light of the lamp dimmed to low intensity, I layed down and half covered myself with the sheets, exposing my leg, located at the edge of the bed with a view of the door and part of my pussy without any clothes on it, but all the time with my tiny thong on, pretending to be asleep, with a book lying on the bed.

After a short time, I felt the sound of the keys at the front door. Peter was coming into the house, I heard his footsteps approaching his bedroom, but he stopped in front of my door as expected… There was silence for a long minute, then he continued on his way up to his bedroom. For a moment, I wondered he went to sleep after just watching me on the bed, but I had a surprise incoming, because in a couple of minutes, I felt his footsteps heading to my room, but this time not with the sound of shoes, but, totally barefoot, I couldn’t tell how he was dressed, since I preferred to keep my eyes closed, still pretending to be asleep.

I felt how he leaned gently on my bed, next to me, and very subtly placed one of his fingers on my leg, then two, until he gently placed his entire hand, perhaps in a gesture of trying not to wake me up. He began to move his hand up over my leg, until he reached my pelvis, which he touched very carefully. My heart started to beat faster and faster, perhaps because of the arousal I was feeling. Also my skin was noticing it, although I didn’t want it, gave me goosebumps, and my nipples were erect.

Peter ran his fingers over the small triangle on my thong, feeling my pubic hair on it, then he descended between my legs, all the time without separating his touch from my skin, feeling the entire entrance of my pussy, which at that time was totally soaked while his fingers were running up and down my throbbing lips.

Surely he noticed the erection of my nipples, since he gently touched them with his other hand, and then proceeded to raise my short nightgown to expose both of my breasts completely. The truth is I was dying to look at his cock, and see the  dimensions it had reached so far, but I still felt a certain fear of what I was doing, so I kept my eyes tightly closed.

Suddenly, I felt how both hands touched my thong, proceeding to take off it very slowly, since it was tiny, it didn’t cost him too much to do it, besides, I didn’t put up much resistance. Finally he took it off completely, leaving my pussy totally exposed and my legs in an open position. Peter placed his fingers again, but this time on the pubic hair, he began to go down towards my vaginal lips, going over them gently, the truth is that sensation made me shudder, when he reached the small opening of the pussy, which of course was totally wet. Peter, very delicately, began to introduce one of his fingers, first just a little, until he got it completely into, that drove me crazy, it was hard for me to hide my arousal, even more when he began to move it inside me.

One of my hands rested on the side of the bed, suddenly, I felt something touching it, I slightly opened my eyes, and I could see his bulge with a big cock wanting to come out from his underwear. Peter was beginning to touch his bulge with increasing rhythm under the palm of my hand, which until now had remained motionless. My arousal began to rise. At that moment I couldn’t take it anymore, and my fast and sonorous breathing began to be noticed, I simply opened my hand and took that bulge squeezing it, Peter groaned and looked me straight in my eyes. I took my hand out of his bulge and with a single pull I took off his boxers, exposing a hard cock, large, very thick and quite veiny, the head of his cock was super wet, I began to masturbate him, while he continued doing the same work at my pussy.

His other hand pounced on my tits, which he began to touch desperately, as I could I moved to reach his cock with my mouth, sucking it very delicately.

My tongue traveled around that veiny cock from top to bottom, and Peter’s gestures made it clear he was having a lot of fun, the masturbation I gave him with my mouth made me shiver. With an almost athletic movement, Peter positioned himself in such a way that we did a perfect 69, his sex was located in front of my mouth and my pussy on him, at the same time, we began to give each other a lot of pleasure, I felt his tongue moving around the lips of my pussy, inserting it inside me from time to time, rubbing my clitoris, I did the same with my mouth and his penis.

Very soon, Peter couldn’t take it anymore, and coming out of that position he threw me on the bed, opened my legs, and placed the tip of his gigantic cock at the entrance of my little pussy, he began to rub it lightly, from top to bottom, my arousal grew, and I felt that cock perfectly at the entrance of my sex, then he stopped, he took my hips with both hands and with a single pull, he inserted it very deeply, at that moment we made a joint moan. I felt his member really hard and veiny inside me, he began to move with energy, my hands instinctively reached his butt, which was really powerful and hard, our bodies began to sweat.

After a few minutes, he took out his cock, grabbed me, lifting and turning me, to continue banging me in doggy style, his rhythm increased and I was near climax, I asked to mount him like a cowgirl, he agreed, it was the moment in which I felt his deepest penetration inside me, his breathing increased, he told me he couldn’t take it anymore and he was gonna cum into me. At that moment I began to feel my orgasm, an intense fluid inside me announced he had already spread all his milk on me, I fell slumped on his sweaty body, and so we stayed resting through the course of the night. I couldn’t believe it, I had sex for the first time in my life with a man other than my husband, but the truth is that I really enjoyed it.

The next morning, Peter was already in his own bedroom, and I was resting nude only with the sheets, when my husband James arrived, he greeted me with a tremendous kiss on the mouth.

The day continued typical, though all the time hiding the special night with Peter.

There were only a few days left for Peter to leave us and return home, when one morning James told me about a strange dream he had, he saw me having sex with another man, that opinion scared me, but he told me, the strangest thing was himself getting aroused because that, seeing me horny and also, at one point in the scene, he got into the game with me and that stranger. I just looked at him very fixedly. This idea was beginning to arouse me, since it would be only sex, I asked him with a little fear of his reaction if he would like to try it. James agreed and we fastly planned to include Peter in this new adventure.

We agreed to go dancing and begin some friction with Peter during my dancing time with him.

So we did, I put on a short dress and we left the house. We arrived the place far from the city and entered, the whole atmosphere was appropriate, sexy music, low lights, and few people. We began having some drink at the table, then I did the first dance with my husband, we danced very sensually, he was taking me at the waist and I was very close to his body, after a few minutes James suggested to Peter doing some dancing with me, he agreed and between movement and movement, Peter was touching my breasts, he grabbed my hips, but with his hands a little lower, heading near my booty.

After a while we went to sit down, but this time I sat between Peter and James, during the conversation, I began to rub my leg next to Peter, as we had already had a previous encounter, it was not very difficult for me to make Peter enter the game, especially when I lowered my hand and placed it over his bulge.

In a reflex action, Peter hugged me and began to caress my back in front of my husband’s eyes, his caresses were increasingly sensual, until he began to move his hands along my sides, bringing them closer and closer to my breasts, which very blatantly he began to grope me through my clothes.

While this was happening, James stared at me, winked, and told me he knew everything about last night’s adventure. Peter and himself prepared it and that scene aroused him as much as being the husband of a really bitch and horny woman.

He suggested leaving the place and gonna another more discreet location, the message was clear for us, we would continue with the adventure at home. That night was fantastic, I had never felt any sort of sex so strong being banged and possessed by two men at the same time, each one was in charge of a nipple, while one was doing a great work on my pussy, the other put his veiny and hard cock in my mouth.

It was a very exciting adventure that we repeat every time we have the opportunity.

After this adventure I was able to differentiate between making love and having sex, the first one is something that you only do with your partner, the second is only limited by your mind.

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