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I came to realize that I had a fetish for giving guys footjobs. It was with my friend from high college. Somehow during our senior year he talked me into giving him a handjob at first. We both were virgins

Then one afternoon we were laying in my bed. I had just my panties and a shirt on while he was naked from the waist down. I was laying on my stomach while he was sitting behind me on the bed.

I just casually started to stroke his dick with my feet. Plus hung with his head with my toes and rubbing all the sensitive places I knew about. To my surprise my pussy got really wet. I was so turned on. Especially when he started to cum all over my feet! He couldn’t hold back and said my feet felt so good.

After that day I gave him regular footjobs. He has a nice average circumcised dick

Then in school I decided to hook up with a guy from my biology class. He’s kinda nerdy but totally my type. I was hesitant to give a footjobs at first because I didn’t want him to think I was weird so I had sex first. I was surprised to see he is uncircumcised! Was my first uncut one I’ve seen. The sex wasn’t bad but you could tell we are both still new to sex

But then two days after I decided to give him a footjob. When a guy is uncircumcised it makes giving a foot job so much better! Feeling all that extra skin glide up and down. Massaging his head. He eventually grabbed my feet holding them together and started to fuck them. My pussy was so wet.

As I laid on my stomach on the bed he fucked me feet resulting in him shooting his cum on my butt. There I laid with a black thong in my ass and a massive load covering my cheeks. Totally made a guy aware of his foot fetish.

We have already been making plans to see each other again

NSFW: yes

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