Food play with my boss/sugar daddy

I work at s bar and grill, but my boss pays me a lot more than he should for working maybe 20 hours a week bc I have sex with him a lot. He’s in his 70s, a vietnam vet (nothing cool he was a secretary or something) and he looks sort of like danny devito if he was a little taller and fatter. He gas big thick rimmed glasses too. He’s not conventionally attractive but I like him a lot cos he’s really sweet. He’s like a grandpa I can use as a sex toy/ATM machine. We have sex at work a lot, like whenever we’re bpth there. I’ve spent entire 8 hour shifts getting railed in his office. We also like to have sex anywhere else we get a chance, out back by tge dumpster, on the restaurant floor or tables or the bar after closing or in the dry store or walk in fridge.
One thing we both have in common is that we are freaks for food play. We love to eat stuff off each other or experiment with different textures or intensities, like one time I covered his dick in sriracha and had to suck it all off before it really hurt, stiff like that. Well, one day we were getting really out of hand in the walk in, the restaurant was closed so we were both butt naked in the walk in, he was fucking me with a cucumber and I was jerking him off using chantilly cream as lube and licking it off. I came but he was having trouble so I told him to relax and let me focus on him. He leaned against a shelf and I was like, leaning over him, braced on the shelf with one hand and jerking him off as hard and fast as I could with the other. He finally stsrted to leak precum and I knew by his face he was about to explode. Suddenly I got a really filthy idea. There was a catering jar of mayo behind him so I grabbed it and finished him off into it. Then I took a celery stalk and made a big show of dipping it in and eating it. This turned us on even more so we had another quickie and he came in the mayonnaise again. After that we had to open up the restaurant so we got dressed and cleaned up and went to work. Like 4 hours later I was in the walk in to get a bottle of wine when I noticed the freaking jar was still there and was now half empty. I knew I’d forgotten something. Turns out the line cook had seen that jar open and used it to prep all the ready made sandwiches in the cooler.

Tl;dr my boss and I accidentally fed his semem to a couple dozen customers

NSFW: yes

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