Follow up best friend part 4

I woke up feeling a bad thinking about my crush lets call her tina(i love her so much she is same height as me with brown wavy hair and bubble butt and perfect sized tits)(i was feeling that i am cheating on her by fucking mariam and that i don’t deserve her) i spend half of the day crying in pain while looking at her photos

Mariam all the time knew about tina and how much i loved her she felt that she was wrong for letting me fuck her she wanted to solve things
So she called tina

“Heyyy” mariam said

“Hey girl” tina

“Look i know that it sound s crazy but steven has this big fat crush on you he has been crying over you for the past 5 hours”mariam

“Really I always felt the same way but why is he crying ” tina

“It is hard for me to tell but i might of sudiced him into fucking me ” mariam

“That is the most fucking hottest thing anyone has said to me

Tell me is it big was it good

You lucky bitch you lost your virginty before me” tina

“I have a plan how about we come over to your place and show him that you like him” mariam

“Good idea” tina

Mariam came in the bathroom were i was crying and i was sitting on the ground crying she crouched and sat infront of me hold my face gently and made me look at her eyes and wiped my tears and give me the cutest kiss on the cheek
“Dont cry please i cant see you cry belive me she is into you your cute and kind she can’t resist you how about you get dressed and we go over to her house”

I got up to get dressed and met mariam at the door (she was wearing this cute blue flower sundress ) she got us an uber and we sat together in the back seat she put her hand on my hand and held it when we arrived we stood infront of the door and mariam turned to me pulled tishues from her bag and wiped my face and blew me a cute air kiss then rung the bell few sec pass and tina opens the door in a slutty black lingerie her nipples were rock hard everything was showing as the lingerie was translucent she grabbed me by my belt and pulled me inside she pushed me on the couch and said

“Here is my apology for mzking you cry” tina

She licked the place of the tears on my face from down to up and from the corner of my eye i saw mariam taking off her sundress and reviling that she is wearing a red translucent thong with a matching bra
Tina got up and pulled mariam and started to make out with her they started kissing and tina was grabbing mariams boobs and playing with them

“Tina here is still a virgin steve how about we teach her the ropes” mariam

The both got there knees and tina started to take off my panth we cock springed out my panth when she pulled it down

“Wow is all dick that big” tina

“I dont think so our man is special ” mariam

Then mariam started to kiss my soft cock to get it hard

“Your telling me it grows” tina

“I will get it ready for you” mariam

Mariam started give me one hell of a sloppy blow job she then guided tina hand to play with my balls it was so hot tina then started to sniff my balls and that is where i lost it i cummed the biggest load of my life inside mariams throught
Mariam turned to tina while holding the cum in her mouth forced tinas mouth open and spat all the cum in tinas mouth and the bit dripping out she liked it
Tina swallowed all the load and sighed

“Can i have it inside me now “ tina

“Be patient you slut ”mariam
Mariam pushed tina on her back and pulled the panties apart and got on her knees doogy style and started to eat tina out tina let our the sluttyest moan i ever heared I couldn’t take it i got up andpulled mariams thong apart and thurested my cock in her ass mariam let out a small moan after short time tina squirted so hard it covered me and mariam we were drenched in whatever fluid squirt is

Mariam then moved apart and signaled me to fuck her tina was passed out on the floor i postioned myself missionary and with full power i thursted inside her tina screamed so loud and grabbed my hair so hard and pushed my head between her boobs
I could feel some the virgin blood on my cock
She kept moaning in pain and crying for a while and then let go of my head and started take deep breath trying to stop crying i then started to lick her tears mimicing what she did at first while still fucking her mariam then came now not wearing even her bra or thong shoved her ass in my face and her pussy in tinas

“Dont forget about me “ mariam

I started to eat mariams ass while fucking tina
And tina started to eat mariams pussy

After a few sec mariam got up and without warning started to rim my ass I immediately cummed but my cock springed out of tinas pussy covering her entire body head to stomach in cum
Mariam then got up and licked every drop of cum off tina

That night we had a sleep over at tinas all night me and tina flirted mariam seemed upset but my dumbass didn’t care

(Turns out mariam had the biggest cruch on me and liked all of me not just my dick like tina
I finally came to my senses and noticed mariam crush after 2 years and now we are happpily gf and bf for 5 years now)

This story ended but There is more stories tell me if you want more

NSFW: yes

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