[FM] So I broke my promise to myself

I promised I would hold off until my move out was complete. Until I could have my own place and lovers back. But some opportunities you just can’t pass up. Like when a silver fox you vaguely know through work suddenly slides into your RHP dm’s, not knowing he knows you.

The little tease of throwing out that I knew who they were, being as anonymous there as here, then sending them to my reddit page to have a good look 🤭

The anticipation of a fast lunchtime meeting, and the lack of a need to meet and assess. Passing the small talk and getting naked. Arriving with no panties was a bonus. Hair pulling, dick in mouth, thrown down and thoroughly fucked. Nipples pinched, flipped , ass slapped, throat fucked again and again. Good girl. Ass in the air, rub your clit, make yourself come, sliding back onto one, two then three fingers. Put it in your mouth again. Good girl. Hard and fast. Can I come in your mouth? Good girl.

Can’t wait to see what next time brings.

NSFW: yes


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