[FM] My friend’s ex fucked me in front of her

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[FM] My friend’s ex fucked me in front of her

(So this is a continuation from the night I gave my friend’s bf a handjob in the taxi, for which we ended up fucking the next night after he broke up with her for entertaining other guys during our night out)

Despite their breakup, they both ended on mutual terms and remained friends. He and I never really spoke of all the fun we had, following the breakup as we didn’t want to cause unnecessary tension within the friendship group. But, there was a part of me that did want to shove it in her face that I got to enjoy his cock while he got to enjoy my tight pussy.

The three of us enjoyed each other’s business on a chilled night out, so on occasion, we would go out to bars/ clubs. My friend all the time got excessively drunk and was all the time putting on a show for everyone. It came to a point where he and I would constantly be babying her, for which most nights ended with us taking her home and putting her to bed. But on one occasion, he decided to have a second round of fun with me, while she was passed out on her sofa.

When we arrived at her place, we laid her down on the sofa, we agreed that we would just stay the night at hers as it was too late to get a ride back to our homes. After laying her down on the sofa, he gave me a look, the same look he gave me when I first had my hand down his pants. I drew closer to him in response to his intent stare. He put his hands around my waist and went to kiss me. His lips were so soft and at this point, my pussy began to drip.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he then began to dig his face into my neck and kiss it. His tongue and lips felt so good against my skin and my pussy was throbbing to have his cock again. As he kept kissing my neck, I looked at my friend asleep on the sofa and cheekily smiled and hoped that she would catch us fucking.
He then laid me on the floor beside the sofa lifted my skirt, pulled down my tights and started licking my pussy through my panties. I pretended that I was trying my best to keep quiet, but I purposely moaned a bit loudly in an attempt to wake up my friend. I’m an awful person I know, but I like to do bad things when I get horny. He muffled me a little bit while going down on me as he had one hand on my tit and the other one in my mouth. But I didn’t take any attention to his hand and moaned as loudly as I wanted. I really wanted to show him how good he was making me feel. He was enjoying himself too much to continue with his efforts to silence me as he then pulled down my underwear.

I whispered to him that I was ready for his cock again and reminded him that I have all the time been the better friend. He took out his cock and massaged his tip against my clit, I wrapped my legs around him in response and begged for his cock. He slowly put the tip of his cock in at the opening, each time I begged more he would give me more inches of his cock.

He told me that I was such a good girl for him as I continued to beg. Finally, I had every inch of his cock inside of me and I drew him closer with my legs so that I feel his cock deep inside of me. I looked up at her a few times to see if she was still asleep, he paid no attention to her as he was so focused on my tight pussy wrapped around his cock. I told him I wanted to ride him, that way I could also get a better view of her while I fucked him.

He agreed, and I straddled on top of him. I grabbed his cock and put it into my pussy, my pussy grinded on his cock for some time while I exchanged looks between him and them. I then began to slide my pussy up and down his cock, so it could really enjoy my tight pussy embracing every inch of his thick cock. I was hoping that the sound of our juices mixing would wake her up too. He witnessed the enjoyment on my face as I was fucking him in front of her and I think he enjoyed it too, almost as if he was seeking revenge on her and my pussy and bouncing tits were there to aid him through it.

We continued to fucking and we were both panting and moaning loudly to the point that we didn’t care if we woke her up as we were enjoying each other’s bodies. She did toss and turn a few times and murmur a few things in her sleep and that built up adrenaline in both of us. We kept fucking until I finally squeezed all his cum inside of me with the walls of my tight pussy as he shot his load. We both panted in relief and I went down on him to clean him up. I then wiped my mouth while staring at her, hoping that she witnessed a glimpse at least.

She apologised the next morning for being off her face once again and we thanked her for her hospitality.

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