[FM[ Me and a guy hooked up, to my shock, I found out he had been stalking me

So, here it goes. It happened a few months ago. I was swiping on dating applications as typical and came across this guy, he looked cute, his photos were nice & he dressed well.

I wondered nothing of it, and obviously swiped yes. A day went by and a notification came through that said we had matched, he was from where I live and I was surprised that I had never seen him around before. That night, I got a message from him, I did read it but honestly I was tired af so I forgot to reply.

I felt bad, but I soon forgot about the guy. A week or two went by, where me and the girls were getting ready to go out. We were all pretty smashed, partying, twerking, having a great time. Everything was as typical.

We went to the club, partied for a few hours and left. I was so drunk causing mayhem in a kebab shop & thats when it happened. I locked eyes with him, he was stood at the door, smiling. I knew exactly who he was and went over like I had known him for years. I threw my arms around his neck and said how you been?

We sat and talked for a while, i was really enjoying it, he was clever, funny, charismatic, idk if it was my intoxicated mind speaking but I was getting butterflys in my stomach. Just looking at him was turning me on so much, I wanted to rip his clothes off the more I spoke to him. We left the kabab shop and he offered to walk me home.

I stupidly accepted.

Were we laughing and talking as we walked home, all of a sudden I just grabbed his face and started kissing him. Anyone would think that I had been holding it in for hours, which I had. His lips were soft and his tongue being in my throat was making me so wet. We carried on kissing on the way home and I invited him in when we got to mine.

I lead him upstairs and he started to undress me, his actions were soft & gentle, but he oozed confidence. I was completely smitten. He started to kiss down my body and I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. It was some of the best head I had ever had, I was so loud…. I dont know how none of my family heard.

Then, it was time for him to enter me… His cock was long hard and thick, I gulped just before I went in hoping the alcohol would take away some of the pain. After a few attempts it went in smoothly, I grabbed the side of my bed & let out a enormous moan “FUCK” I remember yelling. From there it was a total fuck fest, we fucked in every position, all over my room…. It was some of the best sex I had ever had in my life.

We went to sleep pretty soon after we had both finished. In the morning we spoke up and spoke for a bit. He told me he had a confession, I said go on. What came next shocked me to my core.

He told me ever since he had matched me on the dating applications he had made it his mission to understand where I was. He told me he knew where I lived already, thats how he knew to how to get me home. (looking back on it, it makes perfect sense.) He got his phone up and started showing me all of my nudes… (from my secret reddit user account) I was shocked…

How the fuck has he found all this information? Who is this creep thats in my bed? I was a little panicked but tried not to show it, I made up an excuse that he had to go and quickly ushered him out of my home. I blocked every single one of his profiles and tried to turn all of mine to private as quickly as feasible, I have never heard from him since, and I hope i never do.

NSFW: yes

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