[FM] I blew a younger guy in the bar bathroom while I was out with my mom and sister.

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NSFW: yes

We were out at a bar drinking one night last summer and we met some guys in their early 20s. We hit it off with them pretty good and they joined us and were having drinks with us in our booth.

Mike was sitting next to me. He was 22, about 5’10” with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was decent looking but at this point I had had more than my fair distribute of drinks. He started getting touchy under the table, first putting his hand on my knee before slowly moving it up my inner thigh under my skirt. He started slowly rubbing my pussy mound over my panties and carried on like this until I can’t take it anymore and whisper to him to meet me in the ladies room in 5 minutes. I excuse myself to the washroom and wait. A couple minutes later he showed up and we went into a stall. I put one leg on top of the toilet seat and he knelt down and started licking my clit and sliding two fingers in and out of me. I was in ecstasy and moaned that I was about to cum. He picked up the pace with his fingers and I came all over his tongue.

I pulled my panties back in place and adjusted my skirt and got down on my knees in front of him. I unbuckled his pants, pulled them down with his boxers and let his cock spring free. It was an okay size, definitely not the biggest I’d seen but more than okay to suck on. I licked the swollen head of his cock and started sucking on the tip of his cock. I took him deeper in my mouth and he responded by grabbing my head and setting the pace that he wanted. By this point he was practically facefucking me. I carried on like this for a couple minutes until without warning he pulled out and absolutely covered my face in cum. I was pissed off that he had cum so soon as I really wanted to be fucked. But I licked it up like a good girl, cleaned up and went back to the booth and joined the others.

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