[FM] He was eager to do ANYTHING to give me a facial. I tested out how much he wanted it. In the end, he got what he wanted

He had a thing for facials. We watched a few BJ & facial videos and I could see the sexual intrigue and how his eyes lit up. The wondered of oozing his warm cum all over my (reading) glasses and face was his biggest sexual desire.

He told me “I will do ANYTHING.”

I wanted to test this. Whilst delicately jerking him off, I suggested a few ideas. I asked if he’d be eager to take a finger up the ass. He took a gulp and agreed. I wanted to push further. How about my dildo up the ass? He began panting, nearly losing his breath. He pleaded for a another option. A dildo seemed too much, apparently.

He was putty in my hands with a raging hard-on and balls so firm and full. He was reaching peak levels of sexual frustration.

“There must be another option, instead of the dildo?” he pleaded.

“A facial, huh? You’re going to cum on your own face. In the morning, then, I’ll let you cum on mine.”

He asked for option 3. I said no. I suggested flipping a coin. Heads or tails. He agreed. Heads – the dildo. Tails – cumming on his own face.

It was tails. I couldn’t help but feel it was a lose-lose for him.

I got him closer with my hands and judging by his body language, breathing and penis pulsations, I angled his meaty cock at his own face. He started to screw his face up whilst bracing himself for the unknown. A first. A face full of cum.

As he came, I suddenly angled his cock towards my face. I took the facial, glasses included. I will forever remember his surprised and euphoric face. The load was enormous. He laid back on the bed repeatedly saying “omfg. Omfg.”

I was never gonna let him cum on his own face. He couldn’t believe what just happened. It drove him crazy.

NSFW: yes

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