[FM] Gym encounter with a older man[48]

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NSFW: yes

Around when I was 20 I was a usual gym go’er, trained 4 times a week to keep myself from being bored and what not. The gym was at all times busy with men and women of all ages so felt like a comfortable environment. I normally train on my own and on Fridays I tend to try push myself that little bit extra. I at all times try to go heavier than ordinary on the dead lifts and bench press but I tend to struggle on the last few reps. I noticed a man staring at me every now and again while I was bench pressing but wondered nothing of it as you do and carried on. I’m wearing slim fit gym shorts and a matching slim fit long sleeve btw so nothing to distract others. Anyway I started to struggle on my bench pressing and the man saw my arms wobbling so he rushed over and helped me with the bar. I let out a big puff and my arms flopped and we both giggled. He asked if I was ok and if I needed a spotter, no harm in that so I agreed. He kindly helped me push through my last few reps and then left me too it.

I headed back to the locker room to wash off in the shower and jump back into my comfies (sweat pants and jumper). Walked out the room and almost bumped into him. He turned around and laughed and let me past. The following few days after I didn’t see him there until Friday as I was half way through my workouts, I was doing dead lifts as he was walking in and saw him look at me again with a little smile and wave. I just smiled back as I was in the middle of the workout. It was particularly quiet that night so was a bonus for me. I started doing squats with the bar and he asked me if I needed a spotter again. I agreed, bare in mind I’m 5ft1 and he was around 6ft maybe 6ft2 I dunno but he was alot bigger than me. I felt him gentle put his hands on my waist which made me jump a little as it caught me off guard but tried to focus on pushing the reps. Took a little break and he introduced himself to me and we shook hands. He was broad shouldered, toned chest with a nice dad bod sort of body and big legs and toned arms. Almost a salt and peppered hair colour and clean shaved, not going to lie he was pretty yummy in my eyes. To my surprise he asked me out for a coffee and I agreed as he seemed very nice and had a deep yet soft toned voice.

Saturday around 10:30am I met him at a local coffee shop in town and he gave me a cuddle and we sat down. We did small talk like about our workouts, what we do for a living, hobbies etc, then he asked me about massages and if I’d ever have one, I paused for a min and stared him in the eyes with a grin on my face and gently said yes. I saw him grin and then asked if I’d have one of him at his place. I knew straight away that we was going to end up having sex. Even though going off with a stranger is dangerous, the feeling you get when you know sex is going to happen kinda takes over but I went ahead with it and walked with him to his car. He didn’t live too far from town so was a plus. Then we pulled up to his place and made our way to the door.

Now inside I’m a little nervous but he had a cosy home which felt welcoming. He put his hands on my shoulders and led me to his bedroom. I saw a towel on the bed and he told me to take my clothes off while he grabs me a water from downstairs. While he’s downstairs I start to get naked and lay on the bed on my stomach with the towel over my booty. I look at his desk next to the bed and see baby oil (which is a turn on for me) and a full bottle of lube. My heart was racing from excitement as I knew this man was going to have his way with me. He comes in and eyes me up and down and said how I look so good. He then sat on my legs and began to squirt the oil over my back, I felt his big man hand run up and down my for a while before he moved the towel off me. He poured a bit more over my booty and felt his hands run between my cheeks. I let out little moans whenever I felt his fingers glide over my booty hole. He then stood up and began to take his clothes off. He has a thick cock and big heavy looking balls which made my fanny flutter. He turned me over and sat on the bed as I got on his lap, his hands grabbed my ass and my back as I wrapped my arms around his head and we passionately locked lips and deeply French kissed. I could feel his cock throbbing so I grabbed it and slowly pushed it in my tight pussy. He let out a deep moan and pushed himself down so I was on top cowgirl style. As he was playing with my firm soft breasts, I started slowly grinding his cock feeling it deep inside me from the oil and my own juices. As we got into rhythm I started bouncing on him hearing my oiled up ass smacking against his smooth meaty legs. After a while he put me on my back and put his hands around my neck and started to dig deep inside me feeling his cock in my stomach. My legs all weak were just flopping around as he was throwing his heavy body into me. After what felt like forever he then flipped me over once more on my stomach and I felt his cock push it’s way into my booty hole which made me moan loudly and he used his legs to spread mine aside and put his arm around my neck and put pressure on, he went to town in my ass as I could feel his balls smacking my pussy as well as his big vein on his dick gliding in my hole. His grip around my neck tighten as I felt him pick up the pace and force himself harder in to me. Instead of trying to pull his arm away I just let my arms hang above my head. I started to feel dizzy but then felt his cock expand and then felt like several ropes of thick cum fill my ass up. We both let out loud pleasurable moans before his grip loosened. I felt him do a few more pumps before he pulled out. I remember the feeling of all this goo just flow out my booty hole as he pulled out and saw all his cum on the towel and hanging off his cock. I finished off by sucking the remaining cum off and out of his dick.

I stayed for a few more hours as we got dinner and then he dropped me back to my place and we exchanged numbers. My legs were like jelly so I ran myself a bath to wash all the sweat, cum and baby oil off my body.

Hope you enjoyed ?

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