[FM] [F] My husband and best friend tied me to a chair and forced me to watch them fuck.

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NSFW: yes

I’ve known one of my best friends, Lindsey for about 10 years now. She is a year younger than me, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, ginormous boobs and an ass to die for. My husband, Lucas, and I have played with her multiple times and this is one of the experiences.

I knew that Lucas and Lindsey had planned out something together, I just wasn’t sure quite what it was when she came over last Friday night. Lucas opened a bottle of wine and poured 3 glasses which we shared while sitting on the couch as we kissed each other.

Lindsey took my hand and led me to my bedroom where Lucas placed a blindfold over my eyes. I felt two pairs of lips kissing the front and back of my neck as my shirt was pulled over my head and my bra was unclasped, causing it to fall to the floor. One set of lips began softly kissing their way down my body, kissing my clavicle down to my breasts where their tongue gently circled my areolae prior to taking the nipples in their mouth and sucking. At the same time I felt the button on my pants come undone and a set of hands pulled my pants and thong down to the ground and off at the same time. A hand took mine and led me over to sit on what I recognized to be the hard wood of my kitchen chair. My hands were pulled behind the chair and tied to the back of it with what felt like the silky material of my husband’s tie.

I heard the squeak of the mattress as both Lucas and Lindsey climbed onto my bed and the gentle sounds of them kissing as they undressed each other. A hand reached over and pulled my blindfold up so I could take in the sight. And what a sight it was. Lucas was standing beside me beside the bed and Lindsey was laying on her back with her head dangling off the bed as my husband face fucked her. At the same time, Lucas was leaning over and rubbing my best friend’s clit, causing her to softly moan. Lucas slowly picked up the pace until he was mercilessly fucking her mouth with his fat cock, causing her to gag with each thrust as her spit streamed down her face. Lindsey tapped his leg and Lucas pulled his cock out of her mouth. Lindsey spun around so that her pussy was close to the edge of the bed and Lucas knelt between her legs and buried his face in her pussy. He was flicking his tongue back and forth over her clit when he curled a finger up into her pussy causing her to scream and cum on his tongue.

Lucas lifted Lindsey’s legs onto his shoulders and entered her swollen pussy easily. Speaking of pussy, my wetness was dripping down onto the wood chair and had pooled beneath my thighs. I was aching to release the pressure but couldn’t do anything but rub my thighs together as my hands were bound to the chair. Lucas started fucking Lindsey slowly but picked up the pace until he was pounding her pussy and making her scream until she came.

Lindsey laid down on her front on the bed and Lucas mounted her from behind, pronebone. Lindsey reached out a hand, spread my legs and began to rub my clit with her thumb. Her hand was instantly covered in my juices and within 30 seconds I gasped as I finally came. The whole time Lucas had been slapping her ass as he fucked her into my bed. Lucas announced that he was gonna cum, grabbed Lindsey’s blonde ponytail and pulled her face towards him so he could kiss her as he grunted and came deep inside my friend’s pussy.

Lucas got up, untied my hands and laid me on the bed. Lindsey mounted my face and I stuck my tongue inside her pussy and scooped my husband’s cum out of her with it. Some made it into my mouth while the rest dribbled down my cheeks and onto my neck. Lindsey hopped off me, and licked the cum off my skin which she then kissed me passionately with.

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  1. Boatbloke

    That sounds like an awesome time was had by all. What an great relationship you all have. Congrats

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