[FM] Drugs make me do such slutty thing, but I cannot remember most of it afterward x)

I went to a costume party with some friends the other night. It was so much fun, I dressed as Jinx because I’m such a basic bitch ^^

I had too much cocktail and weed. And when I so that my ex was here too with some girl, something inside me flipped, and I started to act really slutty and flirty why the guys at the party.

Long story short, I woke up in one of the bedroom, with a headache, barely seeing anything. My mouth was dry and tasted weird, and when I felt that my pussy and ass were sore and dripping. I was like, “Yep, that’s the taste of cock and cum”.

I wanted to move to discover something to drink, but I was between two dude that I barely remembered.

They weren’t too bad looking, and when I woke them up, one went to grab me something to drink. I thanked him by sucking his cock and jerking his friend, then went home not walking straight and feeling weak in the legs.

It was a good night.

NSFW: yes

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