[FM] 138km bike ride. I also did a different type of riding

Me and my bf (jack) are really big cyclists and we quite often go on holidays for cycling. This week we have gone to the Spanish Pyrenees.

Today was a big long ride up some of the trendy climbs. Before we even begin we had to have some fun. I woke him up with a handjob and then I was riding him. It was only a quickie but was still amazing. After we both got changed. I was wearing my tight Lycra that shows of my body under my jersey I had this cute sports bra on.
We set off and the scenery was spectacular. About 45km in we got the top of the first climb and I was already feeling horny from this morning. I told jack and I saw his dick grow in his shorts. On the decent we pulled over and went up into the forest a little bit to stay hidden. We put the bikes down and we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. He reached in my shorts and started playing with my pussy. My mouth was still locked in his and was just moaning as he fingered me. I took off his jersey and then got on my knees and started to suck him off. I got him close then got up took off my jersey shorts then i wrapped my legs around him and we started fucking. I was moaning so loudly I pulled up my bra while he held me up by squeezing my ass. Didn’t take long for him to cum all in me. We got back dressed and carried on with our ride. All the cum leaked out and I got a stain on my shorts.
We were laughing the whole way till the final climb where we decided to race. I’m 5’5 and 52kg while my bf is 6’2 and 82kg. It was quite a fair race that he had more power but I’m a lot lighter. For most of the way I was in the lead because it was very steep. However once it became less steep linear the top my bf came flying past and smack my ass. I knew I was getting him back for that. We got to the top and he beat me by a little bit. I hit him in the dick and rode down the hill back to our lodge. We laughed the entire way down and when we were outside the lodge we were already all over each other making out. We got inside as I shut the door all our clothes started coming off passionately kissing basically licking each other we made to the sofa and my bf was already inside me. Moaning into his mouth i I rolled him over and got top of him riding so hard. I was incredible and it was probably best I’ve cum in a while. It went all over me. My pussy, ass, tits and belly. We definitely doing more rides soon.

NSFW: yes

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