Flying in to finally have her, I found myself. [MF] [M28, F28] [cheating]

She’s married. But it doesn’t matter.

All I could think about was her, from the very moment she started texting me, 3 months ago. It started with a roleplay, texting what we would do to each other if we were actually able to touch. A whole ocean is what separated us. Me, a 28 year old Welsh guy. Her, a 28 year old Texan. Married, mother of two. I found that out later, when I was deep into it emotionally. It did break me that she didn’t tell me, but I loved her. I didn’t care. I knew one day I’d be able to make her fall in love with me, leave that guy and be with me. Be mine.

We escalated quickly, sexually and not. Text became voice chats. I would get off to her voice, her moans on the phone as she called my name, fingering her tight pussy to orgasm. Wishing I was there. Wishing I could be there by her side to see her, to join in. To have her. We started thinking about our life together. How I would have moved, found a job, provided for us. A family. Everything I’ve ever wanted, it flashed before my eyes, like her body would do when from voice chats we went right to full on Snapchats of us masturbating for each other. We would do it together at the same time. We would do it separately, I would sometimes receive 3 or 4 consecutive snaps I’d be too embarrassed to open because I knew what it was. I would get hard just feeling my phone buzzing with the familiar notification. At work, driving, and being with my parents. Phone would buzz. A dumb smile would fill my face knowing she would have probably been touching herself at the wondered of me. I loved that feeling of being wanted. Craved. No other girl ever made me feel that way. She wanted me to be harsh, to dominate her, but I all the time was the insecure one of the two. I’d question her love for me, her true plans. I’d overthink, cry, want to walk away, need her, call, sigh.

Not now. Not now that I have her naked in front of me.

I spent a lot of money, I don’t care. 10 days in Texas, a holiday, I told everyone. I couldn’t take it anymore to just watch, hear, imagine, picture. I wanted her so badly that I took a 12h flight and a room with a king size bed close to her workplace. I invited her for dinner to a place I knew nothing about, but it looked cool. The connection we had online was stronger than ever, once in person. I could feel it.

I invited her into the room and closed the door behind us, quietly. I stepped forward, inches away from her. She put her arms around me.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a while..” she whispered, finally kissing my lips for the first time in our lives. My whole body shivered to the point she had to stop.

“Are you okay?” She worriedly asked.

“I just love you.” Is all I ever managed to say.

Our kiss continued, infinite, until we walked towards the bed at the same moment, like a well oiled mechanism that just does what it’s supposed to do, like hundreds of thousands of times before. Funny, we only wondered about doing it. It was our first time.

She slowly revealed her body to me, taking off her shirt and bra, continuing to kiss me as I was feeling the bulge in my pants get increasingly harder. The moment I separated from her, she pushed down her pants, revealing to me what I only just saw on a screen up until then.

And now I’m here, staring at her, as something inside of me finally snaps. I can almost hear it, a click that completely switches my brain off. I undress her completely, spread her legs wide open and dive, face first. My beard gently caresses her groin as my tongue explores her, giving love to every single millimeter of her pleasure spot. I can hear her moaning and moving, until she gets her hands on my hair, begging me not to stop. Time flies when I’m with her. It all the time did. Minutes became milliseconds, as her moans got louder and her pussy started to shake.

But I do stop. I stand up and stare at her. My right hand acts out of instinct and ends up on her neck, squeezing.

“You don’t get to cum just yet.” I hear myself say.

I place myself on my knees, next to her face.

“Take my cock out and suck it like a good slut”.

She’s stunned. The loving guy she fell in love with.. Different. Firm. Confident. As she all the time wanted me to be. As she was too afraid to tell me she wanted me, fearing I would have left her life. She shakes but she obliges, freeing my penis from my boxers. She spreads her lips, taking the tip inside of her warm mouth, just timidly.

My hands grab her face as I start thrusting, gags and moans not prompting me to stop at any time before I feel satisfied. When I pull back, she tries to grab me with her hands and get my cock to be inside of her mouth again. I take her wrists and pin her down to the mattress.

“Stop and turn around. Get on your fours.” Is what, again, I just hear myself say. It seems like I have no control over my actions, but my body is enjoying this so much that it doesn’t even dare to stop me.

Fuck.. Who is this… Who are you..” is the first thing she says to me in a long time. She looks confused, I’m not as she wondered I’d be. She looks concerned even.

But she does turn around. She cannot help it. She’s been dreaming about it. For months.

[Let me know what you think, part 2 may be coming soon! 😏]

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