Flirting with a work colleague turns into sex at the office part 2 – Short Sex Story

Check out part 1 if you haven’t already. Again sorry about spelling and punctuation.


I quickly flip her over onto her back and tell her this is her time,just lay back and relax. I slowly work my way down her body stopping off at her nipples again making sure I cover every inch of them. Flicking my tongue and circling her nipple making sure she feels everything.

As I make my way down her stomach she lifts her hips up so I can pull her skirt down. I pull her skirt down and notice that she’s had no pants on this whole time. As I carry my way down I get a first glimpse at her beautiful pussy. It’s cleanly shaven and she has a cute little outie.

I split her lips aside with my fingers and I can see she’s already really wet. I lean forward and begin licking her clit with a nice circle motion. I then slowly insert two fingers in her and I hear a little moan coming from her as it takes her breath away. I make sure I’m sucking on her clit whilst also licking it. I begin getting a little harder and faster with my fingering. She’s really starting to get wet now it’s dripping out. Her moaning is getting louder and louder. For a second I remember where we are and worry that my boss could walk in any second. She runs her fingers through my hair and pulls my face into body. This make my thoughts disappear and I focus back on her. She can barley get out the words “I’m about to cum” because she is breathing so heavy. I can see her body wanting to crunch up and spasm out. I carry on sticking with the same motion and speed. She lets out this one big scream and I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers. I pull away and make my way back up her body as she catches her breath. She pulls me in for a kiss and gets her tongue right down my throat trying to taste all of her left over juice in my mouth.

I lift my body off of hers and sit down on the couch. She gets down on her knees between my legs and helps me take of my shirt. She undoes my belt and pulls my trouser and boxers off. She pushes my legs as far aside as they can go and slowly starts making her way in. She has this look in her eyes like she needs this cock more than anything else right now. Nothing is gonna stop her from getting what she wants.

She grabs the bottom of my shaft and she starts sucking on balls. Her hand is slowly going up and down with a little twist. She knows what she is doing. Next her tongue runs all the way up the back side of my shaft and she gets to the head. She does a little circle motion for a couple of seconds with her tongue to tease me and then she puts it in. She starts off slow with her hand moving at the bottom and her lips round the top half. All of a sudden her rhythm changes. She begin going deeper and deeper and before I know it she’s got me all the way in the back of her throat. Her nose is touching my stomach and she’s gagging on my dick. She pulls back up for a second to get the air she’s just denied her self off. She spit all over the head and gets straight back to it. Hand on the bottom half again and lips on the top half. Her other hand is massaging my balls.

After about 5 minutes of heaven I run my finger in her hair trying to grab it all as I do so. I grab her hair in two separate place and hold onto her head. I begin to thrust as deep as I can, I see her eyes look up at me begging for more. I face fuck her as hard as I can making sure I go as deep as I can. Spit it dripping down my balls as she’s gagging on the throbbing dick that is in her mouth.

I pull my dick out of her mouth and let her get her breath back. She wipes away the tears that come from her eyes from all the gagging and she made her way climbing back up my body. We slowly begin to grind are bodies together. I can feel my penis go in between her fanny lips. Sucking me off must have really turned her on as she is dripping wet. I lift her up by her waist and I thrust forward as my penis slides into her pussy. She takes a deep breath in as it stretches her tight wet hole open.

We begin off slow. I grab her beautiful tits and push my face in the middle of them, biting trying to make sure I leave my mark. She begin to slap that arse down harder and harder making sure she taking all of it. After a while I grab on to both of her boobs and lift her up. It’s my turn to begin working. I begin thrusting my hips as hard and as fast as I can. I see her eyes rolls in the back of her head as my penis is ripping her open.

I then slow down and we just take a minute to just feel the energy of each other’s bodies. She then gets off and bends over. She puts her head down, arse up with a nice arched back and grabs onto both of her cheeks and pulls them open. I get to see it all, her cute little arse hole just asking to be licked. I grab on to her hips and pull her arse into my face as I insert my tongue. She then grabs the back of my head and pulls my face right in. After about 15 seconds I have to pull away as I literally couldn’t breath. I grab her by the hips and push my cock inside of her juicy wet pussy.

I make sure I put my best work in. I’m hitting it as hard as I can making sure she’s feeling every inch. Every once in a while I spank her arse as hard as I can. The first one already left a hand print, by the 4th blood was coming to the surface of her skin. I lean forward and put my hand around her throat, I lift her up so she is just on her knees with me still inside. I squeeze my hand and as see starts to turn red I begin thrusting as deep as I can. I’m not going fast I’m just taking it slow but I’m making sure there is power behind each thrust. She starts to moan louder and louder with each thrust. I let go of her throat and she drops forward back onto her hands. I pick up the pace again holding her hips so she can’t run away from me. After a while I hear her say please keep going,I’m gonna cum. Hearing her say that gets me all excited and I feel my self about to blow as well.

She moans louder and louder until she lets out a scream of joy. Just as she does that ,I climax as well. I let of the biggest load and with each pump it just kept going. I could tell she has a breeding kink as she screamed even louder with every big of cum I pumped in her.

We grabbed some tissues and cleaned are selfs up and just laid down on the sofa to process what just happened. I sat there and just admired her gorgeous body covered in sweat thinking I must be dreaming right now.

NSFW: yes

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