First time having sex with my (current Girlfriend) – Short Sex Story

When me and my gf went on our first date we kissed and called it a night. The second date we went to eat then immediately back to her house to get it on like donkey Kong ! We got naked and it was the first real tall BBW I’ve seen naked and I was amazed by all the ass in front of me . I immediately split her cheeks and ate her ass and she loved it , I prob ate her ass for 4 mins straight . She then sucked my dick and just like I imagined she swallowed my dick (not big ) it was time to clear her pussy pipe, I fucked her doggy style while looking at her bootyhole and just had fun playing with the biggest ass I’ve ever had in my hands, I felt like a pornstar fucking a Amazonian BBW . she changed positions and got on her back and I start sucking her enormous jugs,Each tit is the size of my head so I was motor-boating her breast while penetrating her in the missionary position . I felt my load coming so I just went as deep as I could and she was really enjoying that and she kept pulling me into her pussy then she would she grip my ass cheeks which made me hard , I continued digging away in pussy I’ve never been in and like all new pussy it’s just that good. I told her I was gonna cum in a very low voice and she told me to let it out and I told her I wanted to cum with her ! she licks her hand and begin rubbing her clit while I’m still in her in the missionary position and that was the icing on the cake for me . I definitely wanted to cum with her , I told her I was gonna cum and while I was releasing she screamed she was coming !! I was so focused on my nut I could care less who explodes first, I made sure to get it all out while I kissed her . I then rested my head on her gorgeous breast , We took a half hour nap until I got up and left home and the way home I was pussy whipped and wanted more of the pawg BBW

NSFW: yes

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