First time having sex ever

My family comes from Croatia and one year we went there for vacation. I enjoyed taking long walks across the coast. One day during a walk I was walking on some rocks next to the water when I saw a small opening in the rocks with a small beach type thing. In there was a naked girl sun tanning. I was shocked. I stood there watching when she saw me. We got to talking and I found out she was year older and she asked me if I wanted to come tan with her. I had already been gone for a few hours on the walk so I told her I couldn’t right now cause my moms going to wonder why I was gone so long and get worried. She said see you tomorrow. I went back the next day around the same time ans sure enough there she was. She invited me down to where she was laying on told me tan with her. She looked at my swim trunks signaling for me to get naked with her. We were both laying there naked and she asked if I could put some sunscreen on her. I rubbed it on her everywhere but her tits. She told my I missed a spot and I rubbed it on her tits. Then we were both laying there and I asked her if she ever masturbated here. She said all time. I turned onto my side and my throbbing cock landeed on her leg. She giggled and kept it there. She sat up and started stroking me and I started rubbing her clit. She blew me and I ate her out. Then we started fucking in every position our young horny minds could think of.

NSFW: yes

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