First time doing anal19f

I just did got fucked in the ass for the first time. It was with a guy I met in Econ class. He’s about 5 inches long, so pretty average, but more than big enough for my first time taking it in the butt.

We were pretty wasted after a night out partying, and when we got back to his apt, the sex just kind of happened. He used a condom and made me cum by fucking my pussy from behind while rubbing my clit. That was when I decided that I wanted to try putting it in my ass. He used alot of lube but it still hurt a lot at first. I was able to take it faster and deeper over the course of about 5 minutes. I couldn’t cum again but it was a fun experience and really hot still.

He ended up pulling the condom off and plunging back into my ass to cum. I was dripping cum from my asshole and went to take a shower lol.

NSFW: yes

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