First Time at a Swingers Club [M35, F30, M30]

Jane and Mike showed up at the swinger party not knowing what to expect. It was held in a large house that was repurposed for different events. The house had a main area with different sections, dance floor, bar, and lounges. Down the halls were an assortment of rooms.
They mingled and found the people they met friendly. But it was a bit of a new experience for them, so they mostly used it as an opportunity to talk to people in the lifestyle and see if it was right for them. Not that they were not interested in the people they met. They liked at least one couple they met and indeed Jane got the wife’s number even though she felt a bit jealous seeing the way her and Mike were looking at each other. A few single men made an impression on them. Any single guys at an event like this would have to be invited, so they were the sort of attractive polite gentlemen you would expect to get an invitation. But they felt reluctant to just jump in and go home with anyone. However, the evening had excited them both. Mike enjoyed seeing so many men interested in Jane. It got his imagination going. Jane enjoyed the attention. Of course Mike liked that some women showed some attention to him. Jane felt a bit jealous when she saw this, but it also lit a competitive fire in her. So even though they were not looking to play with anyone else tonight, they could not wait to get home to have sex with each other.
They found an empty room and left the door open. Jane had an exhibitionist side and liked the idea of people catching a peak of them. The atmosphere had gotten them both worked up. They kissed and sucked on each other’s necks as they made their way onto the bed. Mike caressed Jane’s body. They pulled each other’s clothes off until soon they were naked. Mike sucked on Jane’s nipples while she played with his. Around this time they noticed one of the guys they had talked to earlier standing in the doorway watching. They did not acknowledge him, but they did not ask him to leave either. Jane and Mike continued like this for another minute. Then Jane began to stroke Mike’s cock. She could feel it becoming hard in her hand. Mike reached down to rub Jane’s clit and he could feel she was wet. Around this time the man who had been in the doorway had entered the room and sat down in the chair next to the door to watch. The combination of this and having her clit rubbed excited Jane. She had Mike lie down then she sat on his face and sucked his cock. While she was going down on Mike she snuck peaks at the man in the chair. She could see him rubbing at his pants. No doubt he was getting hard watching the scene in front of him. This was getting her even more worked up, so she stopped sucking Mike’s cock so she could sit up and be in a position that was more likely to make her cum. Mike grasped her ass more firmly as she did this. It was then that she noticed the man in the chair had pulled his cock out and was sitting there stroking it as he watched them. Seeing how hard the guy got watching them excited her even more. Then Mike began to stroke his cock with one hand while he played with Jane’s nipple with the other and the experience heightened even further. Jane looked into the man’s eyes longingly as she watched him move his hand up and down his large cock. Being pleased by one man while another watched was something she could only stand for so long before she came. After she rested on Mike’s face for a moment, Jane got up and Mike directed her to get on her knees facing the man in the chair.
Jane was very wet and Mike entered her easily from behind. He began to fuck her, slowly at first. But he very soon picked up speed. He grabbed her ass and made her moan. By this time another man they had met earlier was watching from the doorway. Jane eyed him seductively and he took a seat in another chair next to the door. At this point Mike was pounding her quite hard. She looked up at the first guy and motioned for him to come closer. He stood up and walked over to Jane. The guy pulled his pants completely off and now that he was so close Jane could see he had a very large cock. She had never experienced a cock this big. The sight of it was alluring. She wanted to touch it and to put it in her mouth. The man positioned it right near her face, but waited for Jane to act. She placed her hand around it and felt its girth. Then she slowly started sucking it as she held the base with her hand. Getting fucked by Mike while she had this large dick in her mouth felt dirty, but amazing. Jane wanted to feel this big cock inside her. She had Mike pull out of her. She laid down on her back and directed Mike to lie next to her. The guy whose cock she had been sucking put on a condom and entered her waiting pussy. Even though she was rather wet, it took her a moment to take him all inside her. She exhaled deeply as he thrust inside her. Mike found this very hot and rubbed his cock as he watched more and more of this enormous cock fill Jane’s pussy. Once she had taken it to the hilt Mike began kissing Jane and rubbing her nipples. She kissed him back deeply. Then Mike began to suck on her nipples.
At this point they noticed that the other guy had unzipped his pants and was stroking himself while he watched from the other side of the room. A couple who was passing by had also stopped for a moment to watch and they were whispering to one another, obviously enjoying the scene. The guy with the big cock started to fuck Jane harder until she began to arch her back and cling to the sheets. She held Mike’s hand tightly as it became more intense. When it did not seem Jane could take anymore the guy came, his large member throbbing inside Jane’s pussy. He got up, got dressed, and walked out the room. Jane directed Mike to lie on the floor. She sat on his face so he could lick her freshly fucked pussy. It was so hot to lick her pussy after another man had just been inside her. Then she motioned for the guy in the chair to come closer. He dropped his pants completely and Jane grabbed his erect cock and put it in her mouth. He had a good size dick, but after the last one it was much more manageable. She sucked and stroked him. Before she knew it he was cumming in her mouth, this set her off and she came again as well.
Jane got off Mike and gave him a long deep kiss. At this point he took her on the corner of the bed and began fucking her. By now the guy had left the room and a couple had sat down in the chairs by the door. The woman had her hand in her pants and was rubbing herself as she watched them. Before long the man had removed her pants and was going down on her. This was so hot for everyone. Mike fucked Jane hard until they both came. Jane and Mike cleaned up then cuddled for a few minutes before they got dressed and went home (but not before Jane found a bathroom).

NSFW: yes

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