First time 3some final – Short Sex Story

Whiskey dick, I think to myself. Yup, that’s what it is gonna take. I sip a little more bourbon, enjoy the four arms around me, touching, caressing, stroking. As I said earlier, I was extremely hard. The pause in foreplay had not subsided my ache in my cock. I move my arms up above both girls heads and begin pushing them down the bed. Time for more. They each kiss and lick down my ears and neck, my chest and nipples. Almost as if they had planned it, both each take one of my nipples in mouth and suck, lightly bite and pull. I’m not sure it’s efficient but I swear my 7 inches turned into 8 and my girth swoll an extra half inch. They move down to my belly, each moving their hands across my thighs, stomach , and chest. They meet just above cock at the base and kiss. A long sensual kiss, full and deep with tongue. Without missing a beat they move their kiss to my rock hard dick. A pair of lips both at my base and mid shaft, licking, kissing, nibbling. My red head starts to rub her hand across the head of my shaft.

This goes on for what feels, seems like forever. Can you place time on this? That familiar feeling of pleasure starts building in my balls. The extremeness of two women working my cock with their lips and hands is unbearable. I want to cum. I need to cum. But…..

This can’t end. Not until I fuck both of these happy little cumsluts. Taking command of the situation, I raise up my torso, against my want and will of the double oral blowjob being given. I grab my red heads hair and pull her up into a long slow deep sloppy kiss.

“Your now going to watch me fuck your friend from behind” I say. “God damn, it’s about time” my red head replies. I swing Blondie around on to her knees and elbows. Line up behind her. My red head has now maneuvered behind and reaches around to grab my still hard cock. I put my arms out the side, not touching anything, to allow my girl to help guide my dick into Blondies gorgeous pussy.

Part of the fun is my red headed slut can’t see over my broad shoulders where to insert my cock with her hands. My girl then leaves one firm grasp on my shaft and the other grasping around Blondies ass until she finds the treasure. Blondies pussy. X marks the spot! With almost expertise, my red head, guided my cock into Blondies honeypot. Good god it felt good. The warm velvety feel of those pussy walls clasping my dick as each inch moved forward.

Fuck her, fuck her hard. Tear her fucking wet ass pussy up. Now!” My red headed cum princess whispered in my ear. And I did. I thrust back and in. Back and in. My ass being guided by my girl. My red head set the pace, the tone. If she pushed soft and slow, then I slowed down, thrusting inside slowly and with a grind. If she pushed hard, then I picked up speed, ramming Blondie with all I had. It eventually picked up rythem. Everything I felt being directed by my red head was fast. Hard. “Make her cum! Make her cum!” My red head yelled!

So I did! I reach around Blondie and begin diddling her clit. And boom! That’s all it takes. Done. Blondie orgasms on my dick. I feel it. That warm tight feeling of a wet pussy that goes to a somewhat more wet, yet contraction of tight / loose feeling. This, this right here is what living is about. Nothing better than making a woman cum! Except…..making yourself cum! And that, now, is the goal.

You lean back as Blondies orgasm subsides. Staying in the same position, you tell Blondie to swing around and stay on her back. You pull your red head around of you and put her in doggy style. Blondie is now in 69 position of your red head, while you’re behind her. I slide in her tight pussy. Tighter than the blond. Better than the blond. Damn it. “You’re going to make me cum fast!” “Yes, that’s the point of all of this!” She replies.

Determined. That’s my next wondered. Bullshit. No. I’m gonna make you cum again ,on my cock this time. I tell Blondie to grab my balls at the base and squeeze. It hurts, but in a good way. And I pulled out, almost all the way, and moved my way back in. A second time, a third time, and again and again. And with each thrust I moved harder and faster until I had grab her hips to hold on. My fingers digging in to her ass cheeks. Hips grinding. And Blondie capped it, sealed the deal. From up underneath, Blondie lipped her tongue out, right onto my red heads clitty. One, two, three more thrusts of my cock, a nibble on the clit, and she is done!

There is my girl, squirming around , cumming on my dick, bucking, twitching, out of control. Blondie releases my balls. Game over for me too. Red head convulsing on my cock, Blondie now sucking at my balls with her tongue and lips. I cum and I cum hard. Finally. Best feeling ever. No protection, just a full cream pie.

We slow down. I fall to the middle. Both girls swing up into my arms. One on each side. And peacefully, immediately fall asleep.

NSFW: yes

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